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Molly Molly's Feet

That’s right, post is dedicated solely to my feet. I swear that was not on purpose, and I’m not going to do anything about it. While hiking the AT I learned so much, and improved my technique and gear in almost every way: I adopted poles, got an air mattresses, learned about the magic of stuff sacks instead of just keeping everything in dirty zip lock bags, reduced my 30 pound base weight to 18 pounds. 927 more words

Foot care important for people with diabetes

(WTNH) — For the 29 million Americans who have diabetes, maintaining healthy feet is a must. One of the most common complications from the disease is nerve damage, or neuropathy. 106 more words


Worship My Cherry Toes

Classes can be so boring, I am such a horny little coed making the guys cocks ache. Today, in the middle of another boring lecture, I caught the hottie sitting next to me staring at my legs and at that moment I stopped paying attention to what my instructor was saying and more attention to this guy. 369 more words

Kinky Kaylan

Focus on Feet, 1st March

Foot massage. It’s one of the body parts that first springs to my mind when you say “massage”, but I’ve found it’s a tricky area of the body to actually “sell” to clients. 347 more words

Body Messages in Your Dreams

This month’s column is dedicated to dream’s meanings in regards to our bodies. Does it really mean we are having health issues? Or do these dreams mean something else? 126 more words

Personal Growth


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