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The Toe Nail

Ok I don’t get this one at all, it’;s just plain fucking weird.

So I’m a watch repairer by trade. Exciting I know. Well in my dream I was taking the back off a watch. 84 more words


Without hands there is no trap

Without hands there is no trap as without feet there is no kick as without eyes thus darkness does not exist. But the eyes are not to see darkness with but the eyes are to see the light with and in the light recognize or acknowledge a greater existence so that that greater existence in return recognizes or acknowledges one as the light and one can now see existence’s glory through one’s light.


Need to serve

I imagine there were a few moments in the life of Jesus that He said, “God, help me.” Let’s think about it. In some of the most serious moments of discussion and conversation His followers were debating their own importance. 292 more words



The path between you and I
Was made up of fallen stars
That helped us find our way
Towards each other

Now, the shards of our hearts… 84 more words



I was practicing my turns and was wondering why my foot hurt more than usual…..

only hurts a little….many people don’t notice the pain and work behind ballet. 78 more words


Evil Footwear

I’m an idiot. I thought wearing some rugged shoes would have been a good idea in Alberta. I was wrong.

Standing on my feet for the last six hours has pained me. 126 more words