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And in dreamland

I traipse with leaden feet

Frightened of my reality

Awake when I’m asleep

 © Kait King, 2015

Kait King

Beating The Dreaded Athlete's Foot

For the most part, working out and getting sweaty has its perks.  Your body gets leaner and more attractive.  Your bones and muscles get stronger, and you feel happier.  659 more words

Healthy Living

Risk Assessment

The amount of love felt for someone will determine the amount of compromise you are willing to give in order to keep the love of that someone.

All In The Hands To The Feet

I popped my feet up on Beloved’s legs.  Clearly I deserved and needed a nice foot rub, however his crystal ball was out for a steam-cleaning so I had to help him out with a huge hint.   277 more words