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I really like the contrast between the man made boundaries and nature producing its own kind of boundary in the form of fog.


Making more of these small pots with the intention of filling them with soil from five different sites, like my house, the taff trail, Roath Park etc etc. 52 more words


Creating Small Environments

I made this in response to the photos I took at The Neath Waterfalls, I filled several little ceramic pots I had previously made with plants I found outside. 17 more words


Grass Videos

I’m not really sure how successful any of these videos were – I hope to take some more when I’m at home over the Christmas break and see the contrasts between these.



Trip To Pembrokeshire

For me this project allowed me to step back into a familiar landscape similar to my home in Northern Ireland, after having spent a few weeks in an urban environment again I found it really refreshing to return to the countryside / the sea for a few days. 478 more words


Global Perspectives: Chair as a Vehicle of Status

During my trip to South Korea I shared a meal in a traditional Korean BBQ restaurant, seated on small cushions around a long table. I subsequently became more interested in Korean culture in daily life, and this interest was cemented after a trip to the Korean Furniture Museum where I learned about the intricacies of traditional palace life, floor culture, and ondol: an underfloor heating system. 481 more words


Through the eyes of an innocent 8 year old

There are 6 homes in a compound.. Definitely, not the congested ones as in todays residential villas.  It may take around 1 to 2 kids’ minutes (they won’t walk, no.. 160 more words