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Futher Investigation

A trip down Koomin university i had a brief discussion with evion who is a professor at Koomin University, he was originally from wales but has lived and worked in south korea for a couple of years, we got on to the discussion of plastic surgery, he was telling me how i will probably see a lot of women with plastic surgery work done from a fairly young age i researched further and found out that the most popular surgery done is eyelid surgery, which is a procedure which makes ur eyes rounder and wider. 28 more words


Cultural awarness

Interacting with  different cultures can be intimidating and frightening,  stereotyping can get in the way of being open-minded on both sides. Our pre-conceptions can make feel as if we should act and behave in a different manner. 89 more words



         A growing industry which uses advertisement to increase customer spending

companies are also branching out and spending more for internet ads. In fact, internet advertising revenue  generated 12.2% of the gross avenue from the Korean advertising industry, which is 6 times the amount from 2001.

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Advertising in South Korea

South Korea : what is different?


  • buildings built upwards
  • overcrowded stores                        – merchandise is cluttered
  • merchandise stored on the street – example: high quantity of paper stacked on the side of the pavement outside the workshop…
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Day 1 & 2

The flight to south Korea was long and I got very little sleep- just one hour- so by the time we landed I was pretty delirious. 253 more words


Finished Castle

I’m really pleased with my final outcome. With the addition of the foliage it looks a lot better than before, and the blueness of the raku glaze makes it look like it’s just rained. 61 more words