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Claude Monet

Monet’s most popular genre of painting is Landscapes and leisure activities, most commonly in Paris and the Normandy coast. As a key figure in the impressionist movement, he changed French painting in the second half of the 19th century and was important in the development of modernism by developing his unique style and his ideas of preserving nature. 182 more words


Paul Gauguin's illustrated menu

While Gauguin was living in Tahiti in around 1900 when it was a French colony he held a banquet, he illustrated the menus for the banquet. 104 more words


A Dinner Party Around the World: Migration in the City

  • Using a narrative to layout the menu
  • Using the place setting to tell the story
  • Less popular- using the napkin as the menu
  • Adding facts about cultures onto the menu- to help tell the story…
  • 43 more words

Emma Dibben: Food Illustrations

Emma Dibben combines illustrations, table wear and crockery. For our crockery we will make and use in our table layout, we want to paint patterns and illustrations onto them. 162 more words


Synesthesia: Wassily Kandinsky

I wanted to look at how what you see relates to what you hear and the reverse. Do the stereotypical things you hear make you see stereotypical objects, landscapes and buildings ect. 215 more words



They were all across the mall. The geese. You could hear them from a block away as they ate. Little warbling sounds, and bills snuffing in the grass that was all muddy from the melting snow. 73 more words


Our Final Piece

On Monday the 23rd of February we had our work finished and on show to our first year, here’s an image of how we had presented in on the wall: 164 more words