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Data Collating

The first chunk of data I came across was a project which was trying to measure the trail as a green corridor for wildlife in the city, they attached motion sense cameras in 3 spots on the trail and recorded all the sighting the camera saw and all the different species using the trail as a green corridor. 233 more words


Significant Information

For this new brief we have to develop an outcome using information we perceive to be significant and that has meaning to you, using the skills we have learnt over the past few weeks. 202 more words



On Tuesday 19th we presented the posters we had made for this project as an assessment, here are the posters we showed to our field group. 123 more words


Information is Beautiful.


Now we had to put the data we had created into some sort of visual format poster, we had ideas about using the actual CO2 molecules in the poster and I thought about how I could incorporate fine art into this. 62 more words


Information Is Beautiful.


For my field project I am working in the graphics studio, our brief states that we need to collate any kind of data and transfer it onto a set of three posters showing the data in a visually effective way. 244 more words


New on 500px : Clouds & Windmills by cawilliams1987 by cawilliams1987

Renovated windmill just outside of Usk Wales, taken as the sun is about to dip bellow the horizon. via Tumblr http://ift.tt/1R9Llx8


Play and Creativity - The Song Of Wandering Angus

With a background in print and spending the past year primarily working in ink drawing and painting I would consider myself a two dimensional artist. This project has given me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of my discipline taking it into a new dimension, the third dimension. 433 more words