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Exhibition display ideas

We had a group session with the fine art technician which taught us about what to consider when hanging and presenting work for the final exhibition. 453 more words


Bringing the Outdoors in: 500 words

I was excited to begin the ‘Bringing the Outdoors in’ module as it sounded complete different to my previous field project. I could clearly see how I could benefit from the module as is was based around design development and human centred design which is essential in product designer. 444 more words

Bringing the Outdoors in, Week 5: PEL & Final Submission

We developed out prototypes using the feedback collected from the trip and PEL and then got a different group of people to test them in PEL for the second time. 32 more words

Bringing the Outdoors in, Week 3: Idea Generation

After market research and consideration we decided on 5 final ideas.

  • An easy access food pouch
  • A slim head torch
  • LED bred crumbs
  • Anxiety helper…
  • 24 more words

Bringing the Outdoors in, Week 2: First Aid workshop, how to use PEL, & Ideation

Clara held a first aid workshop today, I am not first aid trained so it was essential in order for me to be educated on whats already out there. 55 more words

Magical Objects PDP

During the course of this field module I have learnt more about foreign cultures and traditions through the education of their superstitions: for example the Dogon who use their masks purely for functional use, not for fun like in western culture Venetian the masks are specifically for one purpose, and only that, and the wearer need permission to wear a certain type of mask from the person in charge of allocating roles for festivals. 410 more words



Inside a lot of the boxes there were small instruction leaflets detailing how to use the soap, sometimes with prayers to deities that supposedly they represented. 93 more words