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Field Reflection

Both field projects provided a lot of material for me to think about within my own practice and my general day to day life. Seeing the beauty of both the city of Marrakesh and the surrounding area and the Pembrokshire coast gave me a whole new perspective on the world we live in the contrasts between the two showed just how unique every place in the world is. 34 more words


1500 Words, Level 5 Field

The Internet of Things

As a BSc Product Designer, the field group ‘The Internet of Places’ seemed relevant to my subject area, this could be a positive thing although a part of me wished that I had been put into a field group which was a little more obscure to my subject area so that I could explore something new. 1,458 more words

Field reflection.

After both field projects this year I still have mixed feelings about it all and I can’t say I really enjoyed either of the projects from this year. 260 more words


Day 178

White and Brown Cows amid Lush Greenery

Photo A Day