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Viral Video: Kicker Nails Referee AND Field Goal

A high school football player kicked a field goal that hit a ref in the head BEFORE in went through the uprights!

A high school football player in Texas recently kicked a line-drive field goal that hit one of the referees in the HEAD then bounced off and went through!


The Truth Of the Evils, in Sport Teams building plans!

The Truth Of the Evils, in Sport Teams building plans!.

1st ,, it can be there TV endorsements, and merchandising items of importance and not novelty items. 652 more words

Summer Colors

There’s a new regime of flowers cropping up in my field this month – I think they’re black-eyed-Susans. They certainly make the place look summery. It’s hard to believe I’m saying this, but, in spite of the heat, I think summer might actually be the best time to paint Texas – the colors are better. 81 more words


Summary of Field

At the start of the term the Tuesday afternoon group project, Photo City with Chris Short, helped me to use a lot of photography within the city which gave me some really useful ground work to start on with the City brief. 1,069 more words


PDP - Constellation

Constellation was a session we had every Thursday to help us with our skills in writing and the academic side to my course – Fine Art. 668 more words


Video from Field Project

This blog post is showing the animation made by the graphics design student, which was the main outcome from our multi disciplinary group. The animation shows an advert about the umbrella concept we had designed, we tried to include as much relevant information about the umbrella. 170 more words