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Video from Field Project

The main outcome from the field project was an animation mostly made by the Graphics Design student, here is the video for it on youtube. 82 more words


Reflection on Multidisciplinary groups

From the first week I was excited to see how our idea would turn out, we came up with something that came from the product designers idea which was about using rain as an energy source. 266 more words



when you begin to explore ideas about the city, the umbrella is a symbol of city life and is common in many paintings or images of the City. 47 more words


Work For Disciplinary Group

Here I will post images of the work I have completed for the field project

I have done images of the skyline of Cardiff, the first image will be used as a back drop for the animation and on show for the presentation.



During the field project I want to take advantage of working with different creative disciplines as the project intends. Ceramics is something I have never tried, so I was keen to give throwing a go as someone in my collaborative group is on the ceramics course this was easily accessible to me to try. 75 more words


Field - The City Speaks - Part One - Finding A Pathway

“I confront the city with my body; my legs measure the length of the arcade and width of the square; my gaze unconsciously projects my body onto the façade of the cathedral, where it roams over the mouldings and contours, sensing the size of the recesses and projections; my body weight meets the mass of the cathedral door, and my hand grasps the door pull as I enter the dark void behind. 1,137 more words