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Finished Castle

I’m really pleased with my final outcome. With the addition of the foliage it looks a lot better than before, and the blueness of the raku glaze makes it look like it’s just rained. 61 more words



The skirt had a great deal of problems- the wire was too soft to hold the weight of all the plastic, and until I had sewn it in around the waistline, every time I so much as nudged it pieces would come off. 171 more words


500 word reflection; FIELD

I was pleased to find out that we were able to choose from a vast array of options, riverscapes and sequences was one of my first choices along with information is beautiful. 532 more words


Other Ways of Wearing

Freja offered to model the bodice for me. It works well as a crop top, and the reflective qualities, while not exactly day to day wear, would be suitable for clubbing or a rave. 37 more words


Bodice Complete

After a lot of finagling I managed to make the two different lines integrate. I’m not too pleased with the way the back hangs down like regency coattails, but it was the only way I could make it a straight line along the bottom rather than a jagged line. 43 more words


Woven denim

This piece was designed to show the variety of denim. It was inspired by my denim research on Pinterest. I used left overs and off cuts of denim that I had from previous work. 46 more words