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Wall Tests

Made some small test pieces out of a different clay than I used last time. I much prefer the way I built these to the last castle because the brick sizes are all different. 157 more words


Ceramic Artists

Marga Janmaat

Angela Weigl

Two different artists who made castle-like structures and used raku glazes.

I really like the aged effect that it gives them both, and in the case of the image on the left, by Marga Janmaat, I love the way she has left the steps unglazed, as though millenias of feet have stepped on them. 97 more words



Because the last time I made my castle, I didn’t fire it, the whole construction fell apart fairly quickly. It also absorbed water so quickly that the plants living in it dehydrated, and shrivelled up. 110 more words


Actrylic laser cut

Using the test piece of the acrylic cut, I made some larger experimental pieces. My main goal with these was to see how feasible making something to fit the human form would be with each shape. 131 more words


More prototypes

I lasercut some tests for the patterns- it took an hour and a half to print 1 sheet at the maximum size just in card, and the acrylic test sheet took over 2 hours. 147 more words


Castle Remake

In order to have a more refined outcome for my archaeology project, I will try to remake the bricks and rebuild the entire structure from scratch using a more efficient method that is less likely to fall apart. 115 more words



The laser cutter will only fit a maximum of 400mmx600mm.

Looking into the purchase of acrylic sheets to use for my dress. There is a range of colours on… 268 more words