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My April Life!

Hey everyone! I have had a pretty good April, not too wild, but with some really exciting stuff. Here we go! 1,422 more words


WoRd PoW! #2

Hello friends and welcome to the second installment of WoRd PoW! Let’s talk about what we’re Writing, Reading, Doing, Playing and Watching this week.

Writing: To be totally honest, this blog is the most writing I’ve done all week. 661 more words


Happy Day!

Oh ho ho ho. You’ll see what I did there with the title later on in this blog. I mean, it’s nothing that fancy or anything. 652 more words


Peace out, bitches

I started watching Supernatural about a year ago and I’m just about to begin season 11. In all this time, it’s never occurred to me to write about it. 855 more words


Check Out Places In Alabama Where You Can Celebrate International TableTop Day 2016

On Saturday April 30th, the 4th annual International TableTop Day takes place!  What is TableTop Day?  It’s a day to celebrate board games!  From classic board games, card games, RPG games, and many more.   307 more words

Geeks And Nerds Stuff

Boardgaming For the Win podcast episode #9

A Fantastic Friday everyone! On today’s podcast I wanted to highlight International Tabletop Day. This will be the third year that this board game holiday will be celebrated. 47 more words


"Con Man" The Series

One of the stars of a cancelled science-fiction television show yearns for a career apart from going to conventions, dealing with the thousands of fans who worship the show, even ten years later, and doing lousy voice-work or starring in low-budget/low-quality science-fiction movies. 638 more words