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The Theory of Everything (James Marsh, 2014)

Strangely enough for a film’s in many ways crucial inciting incident, the crashing descent to the floor of Eddie Redmayne’s Stephen Hawking, with all the drama and sensory overdrive intended by its slow-motion capture – every fibre of pain felt dwelling by audience and character alike, is of little direct consequence. 1,107 more words


Authentic acting and storytelling launches "The Theory of Everything"

Whenever a quintessential biographical film is in the works my ears perk up, not because they are my favorite kind of film (Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” was a drag for my taste), but because it will act as a historical remembrance of the figure being represented. 358 more words


"True Story" (2015)

Overall Grade: (6.5/10)

This one had the appearance of a well crafted psychological-thriller but with a thin script the story-line felt more like a ‘cliff notes’ version of what could have been a deeper film. 579 more words


Film review: True Story

If you see that Jonah Hill and James Franco are in the same film, you’d be forgiven for assuming it would be a lightweight comic affair, given their mutual associations and previous work. 468 more words

Filme da semana: A Teoria de Tudo

Gênero: Drama / Auto-ajuda / Superação
Elenco: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones e Tom Prior.

Baseado na biografia do renomado astrofísico que mudou a teoria do tempo, o filme retrata a história de Stephen Hawking. 125 more words


Oscars 2014 (sort-of) Round-up

Have not seen: Whiplash, Into The Woods

*Disclaimer: It has been months since I saw these films, so I’m really basing my thoughts purely on memory. 1,147 more words


"So I read your thing. It's good."

So who is this person?

Umm, it’s… it’s someone that is…
is very close to me.
And… um,
he’s been quite an inspiration in my life, 138 more words