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El Poeta - Full Documentary

“Both heartbreaking and inspiring, “El Poeta” tells the story of Mexican poet Javier Sicilia, who ignited mass protests and an ongoing international movement for peace after the murder of his 24-year-old son Juan Francisco — collateral damage in a drug war that has left more than 100,000 dead or missing since 2006.”


Drug War

Mexico's drug war: New cartel has weapons of an army and is willing to fight government

It has the drugs and distribution system of a traditional cartel – and it has the modern weapons and audacity of an army. After attacking federal forces, downing a military helicopter and shutting down streets in Mexico’s second-largest city this month, New Generation Jalisco cartel is now the main enemy in the country’s fight with drug cartels. 580 more words


13 Disappeared Per Day During EPN Tenure...Proceso

A new study of reported disappearances in the official statistics in Mexico shows that during the EPN administration (Dec 2012-present) there have been 13 disappearances each day–a total of 9,384 people in 22 months. 91 more words

Ciudad Juárez

Glipse of Mexico

The other day I came across an article about the previous Mexican President Felipe Calderon is and has been a professor at Harvard University.  This is news to me and I was unaware but it just seems really weird that a man who has held the highest office his country can offer, the presidency is teaching in another country.   314 more words


We didn't do it, and promise never to do it again

The Peña Nieto administration has launched a strong legal offensive against a possible trial of Felipe Calderón by International Criminal Court, which has received numerous accusations of crimes against humanity arising from the previous administration-s prosecution of the U.S. 180 more words

Crime And Punishment

Après l’Onu, le Club de Madrid se prononce pour des élections en 2015 - Le Nouvelliste

Le Club de Madrid a mis fin mercredi à une visite de 24 heures à Port-au-Prince. L’ex-président mexicain Felipe Calderon, qui a présidé la délégation avec son homologue bolivien Jorge Quiroga, affirme quitter Haïti avec le sentiment que les principaux protagonistes de la crise politique sont favorables à l’organisation des élections en 2015. via Le Nouvelliste.


Calderon's Design For US Immigration Policy

Calderon’s wisdom now available on the world stage…a little late to the game. This is precisely the phenomenon described by Roberto Saviano back in 2005: … 72 more words