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Further Mysteries of Felix

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: If you’ve been reading my blog over the past year, you realize that Felix worked his way into all sorts of walks of life. 192 more words

Felix, the Sporting Life

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post:  At first glance I thought these were sisters gathering around their Felix toy, but closer examination shows some strange items at the bottom of the photo – anyone know what the heck those are? 115 more words

Vintage 1983 Felix the Cat Pin

Isn’t this a great piece of vintage jewelry?

Lining up for Felix

Pam’s Pictorama Photo Post: I guess this camera man gets slapped on the wrist for cutting the top of the one kid’s head off, but everyone having such a good time, why quibble? 125 more words

Skeletons of Famous Cartoon Characters

Get ready to have your childhood ruined.  Some sadists concocted the imagery of famous cartoon characters….as skeletons!  Bug Bunny (above) looks like something out of Pan’s Labyrinth! 36 more words

General Geekery

Oliver: How to please your cat companion

Hi everyone,

Your favourite tuxedo cat has an important message for all your humans today from my cousin Felix. :D

Surely you must see our resamblance? 277 more words