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Digital Animation 1

The creative process of animating a character seems like a straight forward process in theory. Design a character that you can redraw consistently and change its position based on where you want it to go, however it isn’t nearly as direct as it sounds. 397 more words


Sunday (nerdy) list: top five cyborgs.

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by cyborgs in science fiction. When cartoons started gearing more towards the sci-fi bent cyborgs started showing up everywhere. 793 more words

Home Decorating

A few months ago, New York Magazine quoted award winning architect and designer Gaetano Pesce as saying “An apartment is a portrait of a person … “ 566 more words


Fire, fire

Right now something called the Sand Fire is raging up in Santa Clarita and the sky here some thirty miles away is filled with smoke and ash and the sun looks like an angry red eye. 54 more words

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This is our newest family member, Felix the cat. He is fluffy, soft and not terribly clever. But thats ok. I guess you could say that we keep him around for his looks. 193 more words

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