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A Decent Day for the Democrats and a Good Day for the Rest of Us to Deal With Other Pressing Problems

Some annoying automotive and home repair chores and a much-needed dollar-night home game by our Wichita Wingnuts over at the local ballpark kept us preoccupied through most of Tuesday, so we were mostly spared the more irksome task of watching the Democratic National Convention. 1,130 more words


Sex Shaped Me; Snow Angels & First Fellatio (Part 3)

The first experience for me wasn’t full sex… there are stages to this obviously! But looking back, I don’t even think it took place because of any attraction… just going through the motions I assumed I was supposed to. 742 more words

Insatiable Appetite

When my search began, I was quite timid.
Unsure of what I wanted, unsure of these feelings.
The appetite began to grow like a raging force… 171 more words


Medieval Dogs, Runaway Boys

The incompetence we embrace
In every artificial trajectory
Signs of the uneasy portal of the Cadillac misfit
Affectionate temple of mind-readers

Trends to finish the cityscape pattern… 81 more words

Creative Writing

Single Dad

It started out so innocently.

It elevated so insidiously.

Mike met Fleur in high school, and they fell in love. They became exclusive right away, so exclusive that Fleur knew the baby was his, when she got pregnant at age 20. 7,734 more words


Submitting to Milord - 1

I can here willingly. I am not afraid do be here, I do not feel subjugated. I am certainly no captive. Nonetheless, I am bound. In one way or another I will remain bound in some physical way as a reminder of my psychological binding to Milord. 726 more words

Female Submissive


Sit back and enjoy another “Conversation Borne of Extreme Misunderstanding of Terms and Conditions” or “Brian’s Wishful Thinking, A Ride Through Old Town on a Holiday Weekend” Edition: 336 more words