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I Blew It

I didn’t enter 8th grade with a triumphant tan, but I did relish in the glorious fact that I was no longer a 7th grader. 1,099 more words


Marketing Plug

29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35.

Missy’s bottom was now bright pink and, I’m sure, tender to the touch. That was just fine. Four days when she was at the outdoor market she had seriously disobeyed our agreed upon rules. 593 more words


My Oral Torah: A Priestly Prolegomena To Any Future Efforts At Performing Fellatio

This collection of haikai was originally composed as a supplement to my third chapbook ¡MACHISMO! (RGV1/575xM), but I later reconsidered its inclusion…the haiga are too clumsily wrought and the content is too Sadean, not in the light of it being perverted and profane rather that it tries too hard and sacrifices literary potency for numbing overkill. 203 more words


Welcome Home

God, I’ve missed Him. He’s been gone for two but today he came home. I wanted to show Him, really show Him, just how much I missed him. 372 more words


Getting Lazy & the CB6000 cure.

It happens all the time. Kids can take over a couple’s life and then it’s easy to be too tired and to promise another night. My entire life is dedicated to these kids and my home but I know as a mom and a person I need to look out for myself or I won’t be able to do the mom gig for too long without blowing up. 604 more words


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Why do so many men seem to have an interest in having their dicks locked up? They want to be denied the ability to jack-off and to have an orgasm? I cannot imagine playing with my pussy at least two or three times daily! But if that's what they want, then more power to them! Maybe I should find a submissive slave of my own. Mistress Valiant seems to love it, and she's been at it 24 years, if I am not mistaken! Here's to the men who don't want an orgasm, but who will give us numerous orgasms! xoxo

87 Followers, 3657 Pages Viewed, And A Message From WordPress!

Wet Pussies & Hard Dicks are thrusting my numbers higher, and making me more popular! You know how WordPress sends you these little messages, such as “Hooray, you just posted your fifth post!” and things like that? 138 more words


Anatomy of a Blow Job

Giving head, blowjobs, sucking cock.


It’s one of those things I can only do with the right guy. I know girl friends who love it, love their man to force themselves into their mouths, love the taste of semen. 1,713 more words