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Friday night sofa snuggles

So it’s Friday night, we’re staying in, snuggled on the sofa, me with my head on Master C‘s lap, watching whatever shite is in the TV. 533 more words

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Zoe Goes After a Story

Zoe, was inquisitive… so much so that some people applied the label ‘snoopy’ to her. This didn’t bother her, because her nature made her a good freelance investigative reporter. 8,071 more words

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Suck whenever you want…

So, apparently, once again, it is “Steak & Blow-Job Day”. It’s not really a concept I understand. Master C and I are both foodies, and steak is a fairly regular meal in our house. 325 more words

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Daily Prompt: Grasp

Grasp the idea

Grasp the notion

Grasp the shaft

Set it in motion

Grip and stroke

Grip and squeeze

Grip it suck it

Swallow if you please… 34 more words


x-Box Challenge

So, with the game installed and running on the x-Box, Master C settled back on the sofa, and I took my position kneeling between His legs. 411 more words

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Coffee and cream

I bring a coffee through from the kitchen and set it down on the small table beside the sofa. “Does Sir’s cock require sucking?” I ask. 728 more words

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Thoughts on Oral Sex

I was asked a question by a Domme friend today about whether or not I thought fellatio was a submissive act or not.  She had read a blog from a newer Domme that is ecstatic at the prospect of never having to do it again and felt that giving fellatio was submissive.  691 more words