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Waking Up With Trauma Shock

Greetings fellow PTSD sufferers, is there a technical term for not having consistent sleep, but constantly waking up early with fear, anxiety and shock of your trauma? 74 more words

Inside The Jeepney: Finding Hope In Humanity

Whenever I ride a jeepney where myriad of people with different faces come to ride for transportation, my tendency in every moment is to observe the people I see – for I know that every person I meet has his own story. 684 more words


Graduate Assistantship - Fall 2015 at Humboldt State University

The Department of Forestry and Wildland Resources at Humboldt State University is offering an exciting assistantship for students interested in pursuing graduate studies in Forestry, Watershed, and Wildland Resources. 65 more words


Mt Mountain, Dream Rimmy, Space Mananantics, Hyla - The Odd Fellow

Fremantle did the right thing in hosting some gems at their much-loved venue, The Odd Fellow, with a line-up of up-and-coming psychedelic dream pop acts. … 375 more words
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What Am I Doing Here? (Literally)

After a lovely month back in the US, which included a family reunion for Christmas in Hawaii, quality time in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, and a week in Chapel Hill to see college friends, a recurring question I received while I was home was, “So…..what do you actually do?” I realized that even though I send out a (somewhat) monthly newsletter, a lot of my friends and extended family still didn’t really know at all what life was like for me here in Malawi. 959 more words


Keep getting a flat tyre?

Hi all fellow riders could someone please help me I keep getting a puncture on my rear wheel on my mountain bike and it seems to be always just around the bottom of the valve stem? 23 more words

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Gilman International Scholarship Info Session & Workshops

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship is open to US undergraduates who are Pell-Grant eligible. The next scholarship deadline is March 3, 2015. Generally, 1 in 3 students is nominated for an award. 136 more words