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The Old Odd Elm Tree

The Harpers Ferry Camp Hill Elm Tree was probably over 140 years old.

Photo possibly showing the Elm Tree (or parent tree) during the Civil War. 600 more words


The Beginnings of My Project

Hello! This week was my 2nd week working on my thesis project with Dr. Vicki Helgeson. Over the last two weeks, I have devoted hours upon hours to reading various books, research articles, and people’s personal stories regarding the difficulties that come with living with a type 1 diabetes (T1D) diagnosis in order to bolster my knowledge on the subject. 495 more words


What Should the Fellows Read?

One of the things that I’m most proud of from the school year that just concluded is our hire of the first teaching fellow at our school. 208 more words

Starting a Documentary

Chronic pain is extremely misunderstood. No, it doesn’t just affect older individuals. No, there is not one straightforward treatment. No, its not just in the individual’s head. 298 more words


Keeping Track of Discussions with My Thesis Adviser

Now two full weeks have passed since my research for the Dietrich Honors Fellowship started. Doing independent research over the summer struck me as an inspiring and stimulating responsibility, as it may be one of only a few opportunities that I have to conduct research about my own interests, and not for a class project. 281 more words


Where to Begin?

Coming into this research project, I knew it would be a daunting task since the project would entail many different layers. I would first need to define some key terms, like what exactly an imperial presidency is. 300 more words


It's a Good Summer To Be in Pittsburgh

I love Carnegie Mellon and I will be the first to add that I love Pittsburgh as well. Coming from the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh has always felt like an improvement on home, being more walkable, having better restaurants (although nothing can compare to my mom’s cooking) and at the risk of stating the obvious, … 578 more words