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DIY Holidays

Creating handmade cards, ornaments, decor, and gifts for the holidays is an ambitious undertaking every year. I won’t lie. It is much easier to go out and buy everything – where the biggest challenge is just choosing (and maybe being able to afford those choices.) 220 more words

Paper Arts

Completed projects # 85 -92

I don’t much like making the drool bibs (possibly related to my experience of having a shop quit carrying all my bibs because a customer complained that an infant drool bib didn’t fit her toddler), but made one anyway, and it went immediately as a gift. 32 more words

365 Projects

Dryer ball frenzy

You can’t live in the UK without a tumble dryer – unless, of course, moist clothes are your thing, and mould is your favourite fragrance. Since neither happen to tickle my fancy, I had to do a little happy dance when Better Half decided we should get said appliance, to stop making me walk ten minutes each way with bags of clothes to the nearest launderette, and sit for half an hour for them to dry (on very uncomfortable wooden benches). 440 more words

Fibre Related

Felted Flap Purse with Retro Tree

I knitted this purse and then felted in the washing machine. I came up with the idea of the design from a vintage wall hanging. I used my ball felter for the larger balls and needle felted the smaller ones. 94 more words

Brother Knitting Machine

Woollen Dryer Balls

With three kids, one of which is in cloth nappies, we have a lot of laundry to do pretty much every day. We try to hang our washing out on the line as much as possible, but when it is cold and wet, we sometimes have to resort to using the dryer. 634 more words


Stashbusting without sewing

Once upon a time I was told to keep any piece of fabric bigger than my thumb, and being the compliant sort, I did! What I finished up with was a bag like this absolutely overflowing with tiny pieces of fabric. 387 more words