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The plan

this is the real conspiracy it’s all a set up from FEMA camps fluoride in the water to population control, the death panel, martial law The media they control at all The powers in the shadows cause confusion and provoke violence to again to depopulate the planetif they can keep us fighting with each other we get distracted and they get to go running to the bank George Carlin was right about this so I’ll break it down for you… 364 more words

FEMA Camps Debunked-Arkansas

Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

The claim: Little Rock, 11,373

What it really is: The only C-130 training base for the Department of Defense.

While the base contains several large buildings, none of them are large enough to hold thousands of people, and appear to be for housing or plane maintenance. 412 more words

FEMA Camps

FEMA Camps Debunked-Arizona.

Author’s note:  I apologize for the pause in posts…. was taking a quick break…. Onto the article!

Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

The claim: Tucson, 11,000

What it really is: A… 601 more words

FEMA Camps

Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006. 426 more words

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FEMA Trains and Coffins-Debunked!

There are multiple photos floating around the internet showing thousands of these plastic burial vaults in highly visible, outdoor storage facilities. Some of these vaults are along major roads and highways, and are very easy to find and access. 574 more words

FEMA Camps

Is that a FEMA... trunk?

By Thomas Proffit of Is “That a FEMA Camp”

Recently on a Facebook skeptics group that I belong to someone posted a very “curious” looking photo, along with the commentary by the person whom posted photo the somewhere else on Facebook: 732 more words

FEMA Camps

States that are not claimed to have FEMA camps

By Thomas Proffit of “Is that a FEMA camp”

According to many “Patriot” websites, most states of the 50 states of the United States are alleged to have FEMA camps located within their borders. 553 more words

FEMA Camps