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Hollywood corruption Weinstein ducking, still no arrests carry on sex pests. That is the message coming out from police that protect, why no action yet? Fema camps all over Hurricane Irma, victims going missing, citizens guessing, government letting, killer cops go free at every opportunity. 141 more words


Avoiding Disinformation from the New World Order

The video displays useful information on how to protect yourself and others by avoiding disinformation and its agents. Believe only Half of What you SEE …and NONE of what you HEAR! 10 more words


The Alien: Riders on the Storm Invasion Discussion ~ Mr Cati

Note: Interestingly enough, this discussion describes the premise of the most profound dream I ever had, back in 1994. Mr Cati describes the circumstances and conversion process from his perspective. 220 more words

The Matrix

With tighter surveillance in sight, mainstream in Aus has been talking about the 'new world order' again ... they've been transitioning us since 1983

We have now from Australia, mainstream talking about the New World Order. I do not as yet have a link to that but FaceBook is abuzz with it, and at any rate, just google ‘Australia, New World Order’ and you’ll see they’ve been talking about it in mainstream as far back (from my quick search) as 2014. 752 more words