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Another drug free week for me but I have to admit that I have a chest infection and have not even been smoking burn as it makes me cough up a lung, lol. 525 more words


Conspiracy Theroies = Bad Science Fiction

  • Okay, so I write science fiction. I try to come up with fantastic yet plausible futures to say something insightful or funny about the human condition.

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Clayton J. Callahan

fema camps?

President Obama explains prolonged detention camps. I know several folks who are afraid FEMA camps are being built across the United States and “they” are going to “round up all the Christians and put them in camps.” 108 more words


FEMA/Gunderson/Greenbrier Execution Cars (AUTO-MAX) from Portland, OR

FEMA Human Cattle Cars From Gunderson, Portland, OR off of “Killingsworth Avenue” and Greenbrier Companies in Lake Oswego, OR.


4350 NW Front Ave, Portland, OR 97210… 33 more words

Bush Nazi Crime Cabal

Homeless In America

This man’s talents place him in a league that far exceeds any self-ascribed BOSS I’ve ever had the displeasure for which I have had to work… 332 more words

FEMA Camps