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Predictive Programming: In the TV show "Jericho" a Nuclear False Flag is Blamed on North Korea

Watched a video by TruthMediaRevolution titled “Forget Gotham Shield….Operation Jericho is in full swing” where he talks about a video he made in 2015 about the really popular TV series “Jericho” that aired in 2006. 426 more words

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FEMA Trains and Coffins-Debunked!

There are multiple photos floating around the internet showing thousands of these plastic burial vaults in highly visible, outdoor storage facilities. Some of these vaults are along major roads and highways, and are very easy to find and access. 574 more words

FEMA Camps

Is that a FEMA... trunk?

By Thomas Proffit of Is “That a FEMA Camp”

Recently on a Facebook skeptics group that I belong to someone posted a very “curious” looking photo, along with the commentary by the person whom posted photo the somewhere else on Facebook: 732 more words

FEMA Camps

States that are not claimed to have FEMA camps

By Thomas Proffit of “Is that a FEMA camp”

According to many “Patriot” websites, most states of the 50 states of the United States are alleged to have FEMA camps located within their borders. 553 more words

FEMA Camps

Obama ordered $1 billion worth of disposable coffins for use in FEMA camps? More BS fear mongering.

By Thomas J Proffit of “Is That a FEMA Camp

Recently the old FEMA camp myth has once again reared it’s ugly head around internet, this time making it appear that President Obama has ordered $1,000,000,000 worth of “disposable coffins”, as you can clearly see from this screen shot below: 387 more words

FEMA Camps

NDAA conspiracy theories: Debunked!

NDAA, what it really means.

Claim:   The National Defense Authorization Act would allow “the U.S. Military to arrest American citizens in their own back yard without charge or trial.” 691 more words

FEMA Camps

FEMA Stickers: Debunked!

FEMA mail stickers? Nope.

By Jeffrey Newell

In this article I am going to debunk the myth of FEMA mail Stickers. This is a basic summary of the FEMA mail stickers. 2,596 more words

FEMA Camps