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A Female Athlete Triad Podcast

I watch the news while I’m getting ready in the morning but this morning, after about 10 minutes, I decided if I heard “Trump”, “Conway”, “travel ban” or “ethics” one more time I was gonna LOSE IT! 613 more words

Optimal health: including female athletes! Part 1 Bones

It is hard to dispute that women are underrepresented in medical research and certainly there are not many studies that include female athletes. Does this matter? 776 more words


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea Treatment

A lot of you have been asking to read my research paper on HA, so I decided I might as well do a blog post and paste the paper onto my site! 7,483 more words

Sophomore Year Cross Country

Hi everyone! I’m sorry I missed so many blog posts but I’ve been pretty busy with school and cross country. I would really like to start posting once a week though. 456 more words


Four words that wrecked my life

Here’s an open book into the last two years of my life.

Only four words? How can that be possible? Must be something absolutely terrible. Something earth shattering. 3,640 more words


The Female Athlete Triad (Guest Post - Andy Bruce)

For this post, we invited Andy Bruce of ACB Coaching, a strength and conditioning coach specialising in eating disorders to write about a particularly pertinent topic in female athletes – The Female Athlete Triad. 1,868 more words

Youth Strength And Conditioning

The Dangers of The Female Athlete Triad

The Female Athlete Triad is a health concern for active females who are driven to excel in sports.  It involves three distinct and interrelated conditions: 496 more words

Body Composition Analysis