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Into the Empty Spaces

I heaved a harsh, dark inhale and dug my nails into my straining quads. The air was crisp, but not quite cold enough to see my breath. 1,257 more words

Goodbye, for now.

So our Doctor explains Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (which Doctor Google had led me to diagnose myself with as well), and gave me two options in regards to treatment: 265 more words

A Step in a New Direction

Well, well, well.  Here we are.  It has been TWO years since I have posted here on this space.  I initially created this because running became a big part of my life and I wanted to talk shop with others that shared this interest and passion.   501 more words


Female Athlete Triad

What is it?

The female athlete triad is a syndrome characterized by 3 interrelated conditions:

  1. Poor energy availability
    1. Poor energy availability is the result of a mismatch between the energy that is absorbed into the body (from food) and the energy that is expended (through physical activity).
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Athletic Wellness & Performance

LINK: Is it OK for an athlete to not eat "clean"?

I was recently approached by one of the writers at http://www.strongrunnerchicks.com for their “Ask an RD” segment. For part of it, I was asked to choose a reader question to answer. 81 more words

Sports Nutrition

It's not a goodbye...

Running and I are taking a break.

Not breaking up, not divorcing, no one is moving out.

We are just going to be giving each other some space. 1,738 more words


NEDA Week Day 7: Lane 9, a Project

NEDAwareness Week Day 7: Welcome to the Ninth Lane

I wanted gloves. It was a cold Saturday morning when we came together, and my fingers were pressed tightly within my thin sleeves. 887 more words