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Female Athlete Triad

I wanted to talk about the female athlete triad today.  The triad is a serious condition composed of three related health conditions that can affect active women. 363 more words


Parallels with the Female Athlete Triad in Male Athletes.

Participation in sports offers many health benefits to athletes of both sexes. However, subsets of both female and male athletes are at increased risk of impaired bone health and bone stress injuries. 309 more words


Competitive Sport and Eating Disorders

Years ago, I managed a provincial Eating Disorder Awareness Week campaign themed, “Fitness or Fat Phobia?” I had long been concerned with the growing numbers of athletes – amateur, varsity and professional – who had been contacting the Eating Disorder Resource Centre of British Columbia with concerns of disordered eating, over exercise and/or body dysmorphia. 1,255 more words

Eating Disorders