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Female Athlete Triad

What is it?

The female athlete triad is a syndrome characterized by 3 interrelated conditions:

  1. Poor energy availability
    1. Poor energy availability is the result of a mismatch between the energy that is absorbed into the body (from food) and the energy that is expended (through physical activity).
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Athletic Wellness & Performance

LINK: Is it OK for an athlete to not eat "clean"?

I was recently approached by one of the writers at http://www.strongrunnerchicks.com for their “Ask an RD” segment. For part of it, I was asked to choose a reader question to answer. 81 more words

Sports Nutrition

It's not a goodbye...

Running and I are taking a break.

Not breaking up, not divorcing, no one is moving out.

We are just going to be giving each other some space. 1,738 more words


NEDA Week Day 7: Lane 9, a Project

NEDAwareness Week Day 7: Welcome to the Ninth Lane

I wanted gloves. It was a cold Saturday morning when we came together, and my fingers were pressed tightly within my thin sleeves. 887 more words

My experience with disordered eating

This week, as I was logging food into My Fitness Pal, it hit me: I’m at a calorie level I’ve never been at before (while being in control of my food). 759 more words

A Female Athlete Triad Podcast

I watch the news while I’m getting ready in the morning but this morning, after about 10 minutes, I decided if I heard “Trump”, “Conway”, “travel ban” or “ethics” one more time I was gonna LOSE IT! 613 more words

Optimal health: including female athletes! Part 1 Bones

It is hard to dispute that women are underrepresented in medical research and certainly there are not many studies that include female athletes. Does this matter? 831 more words