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Female Athlete Triad and the Consequences of Sub-optimal Fueling

Female Athlete Triad Defined

Women who participate in high levels of physical activity combined with negative caloric balance are at risk for developing a low body-fat percentage and therefore experiencing a condition known as the female athlete triad. 2,226 more words


birth controlled no longer

For many years I have not only struggled with an eating disorder but I have also struggled with amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation brought on by low body weight, low body fat, over activity, disordered eating, and sometimes non-functioning hormonal related activities. 778 more words

Nutrition For The Female Athlete: To Win And Avoid Injuries

Poor or sub-optimum nutrition is more common in female athletes than in male athletes. Proper diet is of the utmost importance in order for active individuals to maintain adequate energy during intense bouts of exercise/activity and for recovery afterwards. 1,950 more words

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The truth of this summer’s goals

I never thought this would happen to me. I never thought I would ever train hard enough or be strict enough with my diet, and that that person could be me. 1,032 more words

Balancing Life

Gymnastics: A Book Review and Guest Blog Post

I have the privilege of working with several excellent pediatric sports medicine specialists at  Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  I’ve hit up a couple of them to write guest posts for this blog, including… 801 more words

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Disordered Eating

Last week I spoke to a woman who described how she had nearly fainted recently because she hadn’t eaten enough. This woman was very active in her lifestyle but was terrified of putting on weight. 702 more words

For The Love Of Running

The Challenges Facing Female Athletes

Female athletes have challenges to face with their sports that males often do not. Here are some tips to help females stay healthy and allow them to remain in their sports. 319 more words