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Magnificent Mahoney

After tearing her ACL for the second time on March 12, 2017, Kristin decided she was going to get surgery in order to be able to play her senior season that started in late November. 497 more words


Committed Kristin

Kristin Mahoney was a junior in high school when she tore her right ACL. She always dreamed of playing Division 1 basketball, so this bounce back was something she was not going to joke around about. 358 more words


Flower Power

Flowers bounce back was so not easy. As mentioned before, she thought she would only have to take a couple months off, but unfortunately that turned into a year and half due to complications of her fibula healing.   450 more words


Fighting Flowers

“I couldn’t run without my legs going numb. They would fall asleep and feel like I was being stabbed in the calves, so they had to cut open the fascia muscle on each leg.” This cringing quote was stated by graduate student Erika Flowers who just finished her collegiate soccer career at Iona College.  390 more words


Charlotte's Charged Up

Recovering from  Brostrum surgery was not easy for Charlotte Stuart, a senior at Iona College . The recovery time was five to six months. The first three weeks she was put in a cast, and then for three months she had to wear a boot. 378 more words


Stuarts Setback

Ankle injuries are the worst! Especially sprains, because the recovery time could vary from the severity of the sprain. It’s a day by day situation.  Ankle sprains are categorized into degrees first degree, second degree, third degree. 354 more words


Model or Role Model

By Kendra U.

In the book Women, Media and Sport (1994), there is a section that focuses solely on reflecting gender values. Pamela Creedon’s purpose throughout this chapter is to expand insights on how the playing fields in sports (rinks, fields, courts) serve as a metaphor for gender values. 1,067 more words

Women And Sport