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"Some people say that being competitive is acting like a man. I think it's acting like a person."

Why are many girls and women unwilling to step into leadership roles? Naomi Wolf interviews Cindy Watters, a female athlete and student body president, for more insight. 1,495 more words

the term 'athlete' has no gender.

In 2009, 18 year old track star Caster Semenya won the gold medal in the women’s 800 meters event. On the same day, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) ordered Semenya to undergo gender verification testing due to her “deep voice, muscular build and rapid improvement in times”.  2,324 more words

Can 'athlete' and 'sexuality' exist side by side? Should they?

Local athletes Tiffany Teo and Nurshahidah Roslie are making their mark in mixed martial arts and boxing. Today, female fighters are still sexualised in a largely male-dominated martial arts industry. 628 more words