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Cable television in our apartment in Delhi may have a hundred channels, but none of them allowed us to view the Rio Olympics. I was gutted. 264 more words


Team USA, Women and the Olympics

With the Olympics officially coming to a close this past Sunday, a reader contacted me and asked about the performance of the female athletes of Team USA. 585 more words

Reader Questions

The Rise of the Modern Sportswoman

Smithsonianmag.com covers the battle for equality for women in sports.

As a female who has always been predisposed to sports, I can tell you first hand that women and men are often not on equal playing ground. 182 more words


Contextual Body Images

To be a female athlete, one has to take into careful consideration their caloric intake in order to sustain the nutrition needed for their body and all the physical activity they are participating in. 323 more words

Golden Girls

It’s been a long, hot summer full of tragedies and triumphs. Just when you feel like you can’t take another day of the latest presidential election news, scandals and lies told by politicians and their political cronies—along came the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio like a cool breeze off the water on a stifling hot day. 637 more words

Faith/ Inspirational

Black Women Make History at Olympics

When I played basketball in college there was no WNBA. There were no endorsement deals with women gracing the cover of cereal boxes. The ability to see someone like me on television, someone I could look up to and emulate, was sparse. 425 more words