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Swimming Update

So, tonight was my last swim class for the winter session, and I have to say I went out on top!  I put on the swim cap and kept it on for the entire class.   469 more words


In the News: Hijab, Hijab, Hijab. Why Are We Obsessed With a Head Scarf?

In the past week, I have come across more articles on hijab, the head cover worn by some Muslim women and others, than any other news story. 518 more words


It Sucks To Be A Female Athlete

It is difficult to be a female in settings that are predominately male. For me this is most evident when I play soccer. At a young age I played soccer on all-girls teams and only when I hit middle school did I first play with boys. 1,305 more words


Now, About the Bike...

This face appropriately describes how I feel about any bike, not just a bike with a bucket.  However, the bucket does seem like a good solution for how to carry all of my nerves.   642 more words


Oh, the Swimming...

I have never been a strong swimmer.  Nor have I particularly enjoyed swimming.  Between wearing contacts and never really being taught the proper way to breathe while swimming, being in the ocean or pool was sometimes a struggle.   737 more words