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Wash it down with some wine

     When I first took my son to the therapist, there was a questionnaire that I had to complete which is standard of any licensed agency. Among the numerous questions was one about family history.   400 more words

Reality is a hard pill to swallow

I first saw the pictures of dragons.  Then I started noticing 203 more words

Women on the Page: Then, Now, and Next

I often find blogging inspiration at unlikely times.  The idea for this post – Women on the Page – came when I was researching Virginia Woolf’s essays for my dissertation, and stumbled across the aforementioned pages on the Penguin website.   361 more words

Black Women Writers I Need to Read

I have long promised not only will I read more, but I will read more books from one author. I have my favourites, like Maya Angelou’s autobiography, I own and have read the entire set, 2 of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie novels, plus several of her magazine articles and essays. 117 more words


Sensational Snippets: My Sister Chaos, by Lara Fergus

I was reading the award-winning novel My Sister Chaos by Lara Fergus, when I came across a superb evocation of loss…

The unnamed cartographer, like everyone else, was unprepared for war.  479 more words

Sensational Snippets

All The Good Parts

All The Good Parts: a novel or just another case of art imitating life?


Leona is approaching 40 and figuring out whether she wants to have a baby in her fast-closing window is giving her something new to obsess about. 301 more words


Turn Back Time Book Review: The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas

‘The End of Mr. Y’ tells the story of Ariel, a university student who is researching the works of an obscure Victorian novelist whose book ‘The End of Mr Y’ has, throughout history, been rumoured to be cursed. 512 more words