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Who was Elizabeth Bowen?

“I wrote my first short story when I was twenty. From the moment my pen touched paper, I thought of nothing but writing, and since then I have thought of practically nothing else.” 210 more words

Female Authors

Samanta Schweblin

Samanta Schweblin (1978) is an Argentinian writer.

She studied Image and Sound at the University of Buenos Aires. Since 2012, Schweblin lives in Berlin. 58 more words


"Hardcore Twenty-Four (A Stephanie Plum Novel)" by Janet Evanovitch

Another romp through Trenton, NJ, and the wacky life of Stephanie Plum, bail bond enforcer and woman on the loose. Stephanie and her sidekick Lula are always tracking down miscreants, some of whom are dangerously antisocial. 39 more words

Who was Isak Dinesen?

“I began to write in the rainy season. My native servants took a great interest in my work, believing I was attempting to write a sort of new Koran and used to come to me and ask me what God had inspired me to write.” 149 more words

Female Authors

Christine Angot

Christine Angot (born 7 February 1959) is a French writer.

She was brought up by her single-parent mother. She went to university in Rheims, specialising in English and Law, but dropped out after a year to pursue her writing career. 126 more words


Who was Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette?

“What can we be certain of, except what we hold in our arms, while we hold it in our arms?” -Colette

Colette was the author of… 188 more words

Female Authors

Jane Welsh Carlyle

Jane Welsh Carlyle (née Jane Baillie Welsh, 14 January 1801 – 21 April 1866) was a Scottish letter writer.

As a child, she was given private tuition at home, and later attended a school in Edinburgh. 252 more words