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On White Guys Talking About Reading Women


I’m a white guy, and prone to getting unfortunately navel-gazey and introspective. I heard about this piece from Jezebel on the 3% Podcast (books in translation, check it out) and spent some time thinking about how it applied to me and my project of reading 50 books by female authors this year. 311 more words


Review: Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles

Christina Goering and Frieda Copperfield are going all out. Christina, who is a little too obsessed with religious habits and washing away other peoples sins (“Do you want to be forever condemned?”) is embarking on late night visits to men she has just met, which makes her question the moral framework of her upbringing: 456 more words

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Quote: Two Serious Ladies by Jane Bowles

“Mrs. Copperfield hated to know what was around her, because it always turned out to be even stranger than she had feared.”

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Review: Jean Rhys - Quartet

Paris in the 1920’s. Rainy and cold. Smoke filled cafes and run down hotel rooms. This is the bohemian setting for Jean Rhys’s Quartet. The novel tells the story of Marja, a woman who worked as a chorus girl and has no stable income or security in her life. 549 more words

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Book Haul #12

Books books books. I can’t stop with the books! I’m trying to keep up with my book clubs this year after taking a bit of a break from “forced” reading last year. 351 more words


Quote: Jean Rhys - Quartet

“She spent the foggy day in endless, aimless walking, for it seemed to her that if she moved quickly enough she would escape the fear that hunted her.

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A New Deadline Appears!

It’s been a while since I updated.  I do not have a whole lot of wisdom about Rucinta or Nessa and Astrid’s adventures.

My progress has slowed as I work on the last parts of my young adult manuscript.   228 more words