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Women in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

The other day I came across this article, published earlier in April by The Guardian. It’s well worth a read. The central point is that for the first time women are rivaling men in science fiction and fantasy, both as writers and as fans. 683 more words

2016: The Year I Plan to Read a Lot

Hello, Beautiful Creatures.

Today, we’re discussing my 2016 To-Be-Read list. What, already? you ask. It’s barely May, you say. Yes, but the months are just zooming by! 364 more words


You Can't Tell Me This Isn't A Great Press Release!

Now, this is some good stuff! I had a press release done for my book, “Flesh of Stone”. I can’t wait to get more done for my other books. 106 more words


Book Review: The Clockwork Dagger by Beth Cato

Octavia Leander is a healer, and a talented and blessed one at that. A graduate of Miss Percival’s school for the training of Medicians, those who can not only use herbs and other remedies to heal the sick, but draw upon the power of the Lady to do wondrous feats of healing, even wounds and conditions that threaten the victim with death. 698 more words


Badass Reads

My current reading situation: Tiny Bones by A.M. O’Malley.

A compiled list of what to read around the internet by Rios de la Luz. 90 more words

Delectable memoirs by chefs and food writers

Whenever I find myself in a reading rut–when I have picked up and put down several books without getting drawn in, when I am going through a stressful or unusual time and I need something to sink into that isn’t too taxing or difficult–I go looking for a particular kind of book that rarely lets me down: the food memoir. 819 more words

Book club: "Trade Me" by Courtney Milan

Hello! I’m helping relaunch the Geek Feminism Book Club, with a bit of a tweak in the interests of getting us going again swiftly (details at end). 450 more words