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"I Just want to be BIG!"

Being an athlete and topping out at a giant 5 foot, 5 inches, I was typically one of the shorter players on ANY team I’ve ever been on. 241 more words

Eye Of The Beholder

One day, not too long ago, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few items.  As I got out of the car I spotted a woman with beautiful, long hair wearing a tank top going in ahead of me.   255 more words

Yashmeen Chauhan: India's Female Bodybuilding Champion | Unique Stories From India

This Woman Of Steel is redefining standards of female beauty and strength, one benchpress at a time. She’s won the Ms. India Bodybuilding Championship twice, and even earned India a Bronze medal at the Ms. 181 more words

Ladies Who Lift

That’s me in the crystal ball.  More than 25 years ago, I saw a magazine with natural, female bodybuilders in it and my life changed.  I loved the look of all that beautiful muscle and that’s what drew me to the gym.   132 more words

Muscle Shower

You can have her for yourself! All 6 ft tall in her bare feet Natalie Lyle with the water running down her sculpted muscle body. A special print selection I am making available with her. 21 more words

Worlds Fittest Grandma Body Builder Just Celebrated Her 80th Birthday

Ever felt like you’re too old to do something? Well, you’re not. And Ernestine Shepherd is proof of that. She’s the world’s oldest female bodybuilder, and believe it or not, the iron-pumping grandma recently turned 80. 161 more words

Female Achievements