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Why Clarke Griffin is the best female character on TV right now

I understand that with this title you might already want to debate me, but hear me out. For a while now I have dedicated countless hours to the tv show, the 100. 754 more words


Before the Island: Lothlorien

This week involves another song post, so let’s get right to it! 1,445 more words


Climbing Into the Palace - Final Act

If you go to buy a dress, it means that you are poor. Rich people call people to their homes to take their measures and make a dress. 2,776 more words


Climbing Into the Palace - Second Act

Getting a special letter is a huge bureaucracy. Actually, I feel that they give you the opportunity, but you won’t get without making some people happy. 2,401 more words


Climbing Into the Palace - First Act

At Uistlend, the land of the perfection, we anthropoids live the best life and we rule robots, not like those trash people that are ruled by robots. 2,437 more words


I Will be a Killer - Final Act

My name is Int76 and I am investigating the relation between Jason and Meryam. My goal is to stop any potential crime, if it comes to happen. 3,337 more words


I Will be a Killer - Second Act

My name is Jason and I will suffer an attempt of murder. I don’t blame her, I really don’t. I asked myself about what I did and surely this situation could be avoided. 2,250 more words