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Living Single - Why it's a Better Show than Friends!

Remember that show about 6 strong, successful, beautiful black friends – 4 females and 2 males. The show followed these 6 single people living in New York, trying to figure out life, work, love and friendship. 897 more words

A Lovely Merchant Girl

Eunice Alexander

Eunice is the daughter of the former high priest of the Holy City Dunbar. Since her father’s passing, her mother became very sick and bedridden, forcing her to work as a produce merchant in order to take care of her. 136 more words


Friday's Feature: Strong Female Character?

I’ve mentioned before that I am a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s work. As a teenager in the 90’s it was more or less impossible not to get on-board the Buffy bandwagon, and it was such a great bandwagon to be on. 1,170 more words

Priestess of Energy

君の闇私の光 (Your Dark My Light) © 2015 Gerald E Nigma

Faith, the Necklace Priestess

One of the six protectors, this priestess is the bearer of the necklace that binds a portion of Lilith’s powers. 125 more words


A small tribute to Tallie Lintra

My first post here.
Let’s start with a serious one, this time.

Sounds quite ambitious, after all… Even if nobody will ever read it.

I decided to start my small Blog with a tribute (which will maybe sound more like a little rant) to a character of the last Star Wars installment: … 810 more words

A-Wing Fighter

This Is Sadie: A Review

This Is Sadie, Sara O’Leary & Julie Morstad, 2015

The reader follows Sadie as she enjoys all that the world has to offer- cake, books, and birds. 183 more words

Book Review

Not her first Coon-Hunt

In True Grit, Mattie Ross is a feisty fourteen-year-old girl living in the Wild West of the late 1800’s. Compelled by the news of her own father’s death, Mattie rides off to the scene of the crime for answers and justice. 836 more words