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The Party

Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is hosting a dinner party to celebrate her recent promotion (her husband Bill – Timothy Spall – is quite useless). The guests include a couple, Martha and Jinny (Cherry Jones and Emily Mortimer), who’ve just found out they’re expecting triplets, another couple, April and Gottfried (Patricia Clarkson and Bruno Ganz) having one ‘last supper’ before they break up forever, and half of a couple, Tom (Cillian Murphy) who brought his own cocaine and gun. 212 more words


Pitch Perfect 3

The Barden Bellas from the first 2 movies are back, but they’ve been replaced. Having finally graduated from college, a new crop of girls is singing acapella at their alma matter and the old Bellas are feeling obsolete. 303 more words



This movie is deliciously familiar.

Manhattan, 1995: a time when people still smoked inside, while sitting on their plush, wall-to-wall carpeting. Personal phone calls were made on the street corner, on a dirty pay phone, and it cost a quarter. 338 more words


Featured Female Filmmakers - Part 2

So far already I have seen an increase in my own news feeds of images and projects from female filmmakers and so to continue this ever-growing saturation it’s time to feature yet another talented female filmmaker. 735 more words


Sunlight, Jr.

Melissa and Richie have a pretty humble existence. They live in a motel room. He’s disabled, she works at a gas station where she’s stalked by her drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. 308 more words


Featured Female Filmmakers

So I was a little inspired by #femalefilmmakerfriday last week and felt like I needed to do more to continue sharing the work of these amazing women who were fighting against the inequality to do what they love. 749 more words