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Women Take the Helm of Horror in “XX”

XX is a delightful, horrific variety pack — four risky and irreverent short films that pay homage to the tropes and traditions of horror filmmaking. It’s nuanced storytelling and solid genre filmmaking that also passes the Bechdel test, severed hand over bloody foot. 6 more words



This film by Joanna Hogg features a very young Tom Hiddleston, probably the first of several they have done together. It’s an unusual take on relationships – 2 families are on summer holiday in Tuscany, when a 40something friend of the mother arrives. 143 more words


To The Bone

The first image from the film is a trigger warning and believe me, take heed. To The Bone is a serious, unflinching look at eating disorders that will absolutely be upsetting to each and every one of us, but particularly to those suffering from or recovering from eating disorders themselves. 487 more words


Pollen Pictures Teams Up with Satu Runa for 1/2 Hour Comedy Series

LOS ANGELES, July 17, 2017- Producers Amanda W. Timpson  and Andrea M. Reyes of Pollen Pictures have teamed up with actress-writer Satu Runa to develop a 1⁄2 hour comedy series,  407 more words


Wonder Woman (2017)

This groundbreaking superhero movie says a lot about the agency of women in what it contains and what it omits. My eyes welled with unshed tears of pride every time Diana (Gal Gadot) unleashed her fury and my heart sank at her high heeled boots and impractical, ‘designed for the male gaze’ outfit.  853 more words


Vegas Baby

Perhaps as many as 1 out of 6 couples faces some sort of fertility issue when trying to conceive a baby. To answer this need, science offers a smidgen of hope: the ability to harvest eggs, inseminate them, and plant the fertilized embryos in utero, giving conception a greater chance. 349 more words


Women and Film

An ongoing conversation has been the representation of women in the media. With Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman becoming the highest-grossing female-directed film in the world, this conversation is now more prominent than ever. 520 more words