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The Lure (2017)

This film is a pretty fun one to explain to your friends: a Polish, horror-comedy musical about Mermaids by a first time, female director. There’s a lot going on in that description and, coincidentally, there is a lot going on in this film. 648 more words

The Hidden Tension of Meek's Cutoff

Don’t be fooled by the dusty period garb and rattling wagon trains- Meek’s Cutoff is far from a typical Western and infinitely more intriguing. The film, based on real-life events, revolves around three couples who have hired self-proclaimed frontiersman Stephen Meek (an unrecognizable Bruce Greenwood) to lead them to wealth and prosperity in the West. 158 more words


Horror Short ‘The Room at The Top of The Stairs’ on Shudder now

The premier horror channel in the US on demand outlets is Shudder. Our own Stacey Beth has been raving about it since it’s inception. Well what most people aren’t aware of is that Shudder also gets new content every month as well. 439 more words

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Top 10 Female Horror Directors: Women in Horror Month (Part 1)

February is Women in Horror Month, and we at Addicted to Horror Movies want to salute the bad ass women behind the camera who are responsible for chilling our blood and giving shape to the the monsters under our beds. 1,068 more words

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Cinematic Storytellers Part 3

It’s no secret that misogyny is rife in Hollywood.

Irrelevant of their talent or knowledge, aspiring female filmmakers have to push and shove their way through the doors of studio executives. 2,258 more words

Fan Girl Corner

New Study Finds "The Director's Chair is White and Male"... Who Would've Guessed?

It is not a shock to see The Hollywood Reporter writing articles about the representation of women and minorities in Hollywood, especially when you examine jobs like the director, producer, and director of photography. 240 more words

Film Capstone

The Fits (2016)

The Fits is a movie that has been on a lot of top 10 lists in 2016, and is readily accessible if you have Amazon Prime (it’s been streaming for several months now). 682 more words