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Being Auctioned Off

Originally posted JANUARY 5, 2009

If i had time to live out my many diverse intense fantasies, then i would die a happy man. Well, one of the ways i would die would be at the hands of a Domme. 271 more words


The Neglected Slave

He’s a faithful and loyal person and an even more dedicated slave. In any relationship, there is usually a time where things aren’t going as well as it could. 410 more words


A Day... (Conclusion)

A Day… (Part 1)

She is sipping Her beverage and working on Her computer as I massage Her legs and feet. For the moment, She acts as if I am not there, even making several phone calls as I steadily feel Her legs. 1,055 more words


A Day.... (Part 1)

I imagine being summoned for slave duty and arriving at my Mistress’ house for the day. When I arrive, I greet my Mistress by kissing both Her feet until She is satisfied with my approach. 866 more words


True Dominance

Originally posted January 2, 2009

As i was looking through some personal ads on a BDSM dating website, a profile caught my attention, not just because the Domme was very attractive and not even because Her interests would have been a good match. 289 more words


Dangerous Diva

She has a mean walk and has great sex appeal. She is of a mixed heritage and has men fantasizing of Her often. She is a good looking Woman and definitely knows it. 638 more words


Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

I am resting, barely, when She makes Her return to her little ‘terrordome’ that She has placed me in. 791 more words