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Some Lady Time (Pt. 1)

The door opens and the lights come on. The door slams shut and you hear a latch click from the outside. The following comes into view as you regain focus. 900 more words


My Journey of Dominance (Conclusion)

The Journey of Dominance

After that recommendation, I decided to pursue another houseboy position as this Mistress wasn’t the type of Mistress that I envisioned serving. 1,011 more words


My Journey of Dominance

What started out as a mutual liking changed the mindset and life of a young man in terms of sexuality and preference. I was seeing a young lady and while in her dorm room, she whispered in my ear, ‘I wanna tie you up…’ and little did I know that those few words would change my life. 735 more words


my First Encounter As Her Toy... (Conclusion)

my First Encounter As Her Toy…

i lick my lips, say a quick prayer to myself and then She says, ‘How come I don’t feel your tongue?!?’ i then started licking Her inner thigh, as i smell Her moistness, i bring my fingers up to start playing with Her clitoris. 765 more words


my First Encounter As Her Toy...

i awaken with anticipation as this is my first day as the official ‘boy toy’ of my new Mistress. She instructs me to be at Her place at noon, so this gives me time to shake off all the butterflies currently in my stomach. 599 more words


Yes, You Can Use my Face For Your Pleasure....

Facesitting is not my thing…. But, amazingly, the thought of having my face engulfed in some Woman’s ass is intriguing. The way i look at it, smelly, nasty shit comes out of the hole, so why should i want to be involved with it in any way? 272 more words


Carol Service - 1 Christmas Eve

Gordon Lister knocked nervously on the large oak door of the house facing the car he’d collided with five minutes earlier. He’d been driving very carefully due to the light snow flurries, and the possibility of ice on the road, but somehow the car he’d been driving had still managed to slide slowly into the back of a parked car as he’d applied the brakes while taking a sharp bend. 1,431 more words