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Can I Really Stand It? (Conclusion)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

I am resting, barely, when She makes Her return to her little ‘terrordome’ that She has placed me in. 791 more words


Can I Really Stand It? (Part 2)

Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

She blindfolds me and ties my hands above my head. She grabs my naked organ and stretches it beyond the limits my dick is supposed to be expanded. 715 more words


Can I Really Stand It? (Part 1)

As I followed Her to the dungeon, She slyly looks back at me promising with Her eyes, the torture I’m about to endure at Her hands. 505 more words


Thoughts on Forced Feminization

I was catching up on some reading this weekend, and I happened to come across two stories that were very critical or dismissive of forced feminization. 508 more words


The Origin

i named this blog, ‘The Need To Be Taken’ because Miss Eve didn’t like the first title i used. After trying to figure out what to call it, i decided to go with my very first blog title. 220 more words


Fear May be the Prime Motivator

Yes, fear can motivate people to do the smallest of things. It can also ‘encourage’ others to stay on the right path instead of suffering the consequences of any action. 454 more words

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