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Apologies for the absence. 

Hello beautiful followers,

Apologies for our blog silence. We’ve both been very busy little bees, both in bed and out, and sadly we’ve neglected the blog a little. 117 more words


Disrespectful Behavior: Topping From the Bottom

We have all heard the phrase, topping from the bottom. In our sincerest efforts, I am sure we inferior males do our best to avoid this. 346 more words

Female Domination

April Getaway

Sailor and I will be spending the weekend together for the first time in a while – first time all year actually. We’ll be working on and experimenting with new things for the blog, and hopefully take some photos so you can get to know us more. 31 more words


Pegging, Prostates and Pleasure

By now most people are probably at least somewhat aware of what “pegging” is, maybe not by that name but by what it entails. It’s had a cameo role in Marvel’s Deadpool (while everyone else in the theatre was laughing all I could think about was the next time I got to experience it with Siren.), a starring role in an episode of Broad City and has been featured by numerous high profile media outlets (from Cosmo to VICE). 203 more words


My Orgasm & Me

I’ve always thought of myself as quite a sexual person. As a teenager, I was very interested in sex (although I’d never had any) and would often spend hours after school watching porn – not to get off, just to see it. 525 more words


Today's RT session

It’s been quite awhile, hasn’t it?

I forget how much I love to write.  It clears my head, spilling all of my thoughts out onto the page..and aren’t you lucky, getting to enjoy my innermost thoughts and moments from my daily life on occasion? 518 more words


Selfless Devotion and Self Indulgence

That moment of worship, when you are helplessly vulnerable to Her and She effortlessly thrusts through your limits, feels so completely amazing on so many levels. 42 more words

Female Domination