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The Taste of Moistness

They have said the thirst is real…  i am living proof of that. There is nothing sweeter than having the wetness of a Woman in my mouth. 391 more words



Love it or hate it, one must admit that male genitalia is not considered aesthetically pleasing to the general population.  Still, for some reason men have it in their minds that sending a self portrait their naughty bits will entice feelings of sexual arousal in the (often female) recipient. 447 more words


Female Wrestling Domination: Terror Terror Terror!

SK-244 “Terror’s Tools”
Terror vs. Super Heroine “Goldie”
Female Domination Fantasy

Goldie, a super heroine, conquers villains in the ring. But the last time this super heroine met Terror, she met her conqueror! 177 more words

Domination Wrestling


I derive no sexual pleasure from dominating disgusting men. Indeed, the nudity of most men truly repulses Me. But do not misunderstand Me – that is not to say that I loathe to do it, to dominate men, to gain ownership over them, to control and command them. 224 more words

Some Lady Time (Pt. 1)

The door opens and the lights come on. The door slams shut and you hear a latch click from the outside. The following comes into view as you regain focus. 900 more words


My Journey of Dominance (Conclusion)

The Journey of Dominance

After that recommendation, I decided to pursue another houseboy position as this Mistress wasn’t the type of Mistress that I envisioned serving. 1,011 more words


My Journey of Dominance

What started out as a mutual liking changed the mindset and life of a young man in terms of sexuality and preference. I was seeing a young lady and while in her dorm room, she whispered in my ear, ‘I wanna tie you up…’ and little did I know that those few words would change my life. 735 more words