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Of course you want to session with me; you are purely addicted, aren’t you? It is certain that you can’t get enough of my sultry superiority. 20 more words

Financial Domination

Redefining God diminishes women

All it takes is one look and an open mind to realize that the danger in Christian America is not the falling away from God, but the redefinition of God. 578 more words

The Graduation List - 2

Carol Keever didn’t say anything. She pushed him backwards and reached above her head to pull out the hair band which she used to bind his wrists onto the arm of the three-seater couch. 1,152 more words


The Graduation List - 1

Gordon Lister had never felt so nervous or embarrassed. His mouth was dry, his heart was racing and the growing bulge in his lower abdomen was straining painfully against the restrictions of his denim jeans. 1,367 more words


The Houseboy - Part 1 by Ariana Paige

This is a single short-story, 46 pages long, by a relatively new writer named Ariana Page, who claims on her website to be a real-life dominatrix. 510 more words


1st Femdom Summit = Resounding Success!

Our very First Annual Femdom Summit, held here in sunny Las Vegas Nevada last month, was a resounding hit! We rented out a huge mansion and invited our hottest Studios to  come stay, film, network, party, lounge in the sun, and have an all around KICK ASS time! 192 more words

Tom meets Tori by JRxxx16

Tom is a 6’1 white male with an athletic body, brown hair and eyes. He is 19, and a virgin. He mets a girl, Tori. Tori is a 18 black bombshell. 1,351 more words