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Please Bite me....

OK, i’ve had this particular fantasy before i knew what Dominance was and i continue to have it more so nowadays! i want to be completely taken by a Sadistic Vampire! 122 more words


The Intensity

Whenever the mind conceives the thought and imagery of pain, in theory, at least in the BDSM realm I’ve entered, it’s intriguing. In fact, it’s needed when the One You choose to submit to, enjoys inflicting it. 376 more words


The Double Deal - Part One of Two

Gordon Lister blinked and tried to adjust his eyes as he slowly regained consciousness in the bright sunlight.
He’d got no idea where he was, but he was completely naked with his right arm trapped under a sleeping woman with her back to him, and his left wrist handcuffed to an ornate wrought-iron headboard. 1,661 more words


Why Do Subs Like the Thought of Being Ganged Up On?

As i looked at this photo, i started fantasizing (AGAIN!) of being at an All Female Party and being the reason for the party. A party where i am the object of desire. 123 more words



i know whenever i see or look at certain images and/or photos, i get excited at what it may mean to me as i view it. 54 more words


Escort Diaries: Red Ribbon

Daddy’s Princess, that’s what he loved to ask for when he called the service. Dave knew who he wanted to moment he did. This adorable Man loved to spoil me and have me treat him like he was nothing but a wallet for me. 465 more words

Further Away....

Looking for that person you want to experience life with is as easy as it is difficult. Easy because you have an idea of who it is you want. 191 more words