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I want to be born

Hello people,i want to be born,
please dont ask me to return.
I assure you i wont be a concern,
please allow me to see this world in-turn. 102 more words



Getting influenced by the surroundings around is quite a general thing. I can call it human nature, but taking inspiration and motivation or even learning a simple lesson from the surrounding is a nice approach. 203 more words


Don't I...?

I am a girl child,
Still in my mother’s womb,
Treated as a curse,
Born, only to be buried under a tomb.
Don’t I deserve to live? 185 more words


Vikram Singh Puar urges the masses of Dewas to save girl child

Girl child has been presumed a burden by the Indian society for quite a long time. Vikram Singh Puar, son of Late Maharaja Tukoji Rao Puar of Dewas, urged the masses of Dewas to save girl child, at a public meeting in Dewas. 309 more words


A possible way to end Female Foeticide..

Dont worry!! It would definitely be a boy this time..

I‘m sorry, its a girl… Better luck next time..

And that’s how it all started, the birth of Female foeticide..

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female foeticide

when a girl is born no happiness or love is shown.This happens specifically in the asian countries where women are not equally treated  till now and that is because we are just a part of “male dominant society”.People have a mindset that women are just meant for household chores .The life of a girl always depends on the decisions taken by her peers or kins she is not given a choice to take her own decisions this is only because she is a girl and is only meant to marry a rich guy who will chosen by her family members once she grows up.The struggle of a girl child starts from the very first day she enters her mother’s womb and there is always a fear of death as to people always think that girls are a liability on the shoulders of their parents.There are times when a female child is aborted in the body of her mother due to the obsession of a male child. 15 more words

Female Foeticide