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There's a Pill for that.

Global News recently reported “Abortion pill prescriptions likely to rise after 4,253 women used new option last year.”

“One year after the abortion pill became available to Canadian women, new numbers show thousands have used the new option for reproductive health care and sexual health experts say they expect that number to keep rising. 493 more words


A Contradiction for Mother's Day

Violence against Women Begins in the Womb:

Why female feticide threatens the social order.

by Elaine Storkey

Sabu George, a Delhi-based researcher, has spent the past quarter-century exposing what he calls “the worst kind of violence” in Indian history—the elimination of millions of unborn girls. 1,630 more words


An Open Letter to an Unborn Girl Child


Dear unborn girl child,

You wanted to know how it feels like to be born as a girl child. Uh-oh, but you may never be born at all! 1,163 more words

Can Education Act as a Catalyst to Stop Malicious Crimes on Women in Punjab?

Debjani Chakraborty

Punjab, the land of five rivers, is one of the best contributors of the Indian economy. Agriculture in Punjab contributes to 16% of Indian GDP. 709 more words

Prayschit : Changing the mindset on Female Foeticide (Video)

Female foeticide is illegal in India and is a punishable offence. Must watch short film on female foeticide and Save the Girl Child.

The discrimination against the female gender has reached such levels that when the foetus being carried by a pregnant woman is that of a female, the foetus is destroyed in the very womb. 167 more words

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Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

“Bete ki aash mein betiyon ko bali mat chadaye, Bharat ki aan, baan or shaan hamari betiyon ka yogdan hai” – Narendra Modi… 392 more words

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आँगन की चिड़िआ

आखिरी बार कुछ पूछूं तुमसे

जाने से पहले थोड़ा रुठु तुमसे

गुस्सा थी तो थपकी दे देती

नाराज़गी यूँ बातों में कह देती

चेहरा भी ना देखा तुमने मेरा

मैं तो कलेजे का टुकड़ा थी तेरा

बढ़ती हुई कैंचियां नहीं

काँटों से हथियार हैं वो

चुभते हैं माँ सुई से ज़्यादा

मेरे जिस्म के आर पार हैं वो

आँखों का तारा कहके

मुझसे इतने वादे करके

पल में खत्म था मेरा वज़ूद

हाथों से किनारा करके

आँगन की चिड़िआ, बैठी थी मुंडेर पे

रात में कांपती, उठती सबेर पे

जाल के नीचे, कुछ रोंदे पंख मेरे

सच कहना, क्या कभी पास थी तेरे

ना कल ना आज, सच क्या था माँ

आखिरी बार कुछ पूछूं तुमसे