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गर्भ में जुड़वां बेटियां जानकर, डॉक्‍टर पिता ने कहा, गर्भपात कराओ

गर्भ में जुड़वां बेटियां जानकर, डॉक्‍टर पिता ने कहा, गर्भपात कराओ


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The price of convenience

I was shocked. Abortion? She has two lovely daughters but all she wants is a son. She had already gone through two terminations and this was the third one. 1,230 more words


Maneka Gandhi's interview that shows development is last priority for WCD ministry

Many Indians are made to seriously get concerned for female foeticide issue. Even though I have never understood why the gender ratio in 0-6 years of age group is considered a statistical evidence of female foeticide (because any death after birth is infanticide and not foeticide) but I still wanted to check the same data from census records – 664 more words

Social Research

Female foeticide.

Na kariye na hoie saato , edda da koi paap
Jevan kisi da cheen ke na jind kariye koi barbaad
Jena marna khel khuda da , na odde koi sath… 125 more words

Father ? Father.

He slipped his hand forward and tilted his head to make it obvious.
“But Police Saab, I can’t take a bribe from you !” he replied seeing what the Superintendent of Police was doing. 114 more words


I am about to open my tiny eyes,
From a small cell, did I arise,
Wanting to live merrily and bloom,
And shine like a moon, amidst the gloom! 365 more words

Societal Issues

What's the point?

These days are largely subjective; biting perceptions with a hint of melodrama here and there. These days we live with a clause(and claws too). Mostly these are the days when we rely more on tags and labels and bracketing, when squibbing and display is the real deal than the real substance itself. 1,211 more words