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Punjab government curbs female foeticide through PNDT Act

If Punjab Government takes credit for not only keeping a check but also bringing down the incidents of female foeticide, its primarily due to the fact that the… 587 more words

Developing Punjab

How Dowry is directly related to Female Foeticide..

By :- Aishwarya Raghunath

She was born, she was feeded with milk, that which ended taking her life..

She was killed because she was a girl, a liablity, who would push the family into debt…. 719 more words



I am an originator

I am the source of life, I am a creator

I nurture your life, I am a Mother

My every prayer demands your happiness, I am a Sister… 269 more words


The helpless!

Yesterday she came in with a smile I had never come across since she entered my place. The newly married prisoner was full of those dreams every Indian girl has when she entered this house. 232 more words

Auto Expo Revved To A Start

The Auto Expo has kicked off today for media and business visitors. Over 80 models are set to be unveiled during the next two days in Greater Noida. 197 more words


Book Review: Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Foeticide by Gita Aravamudan

A shocking and chilling study of systematic extermination of women

Some books are shocking, some are provocative and some are outrageous. However, there are only a few that force the reader out of passive reverie; … 1,162 more words

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Time TO Wake Up India

Project Kranti endorses the the right to dissent and the need to take on the system, the governments and our own social fabric whenever required. It hopes to motivate you to give up on the comforts of everyday life and raise your voice. 55 more words