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“So, I have something to tell you.”

“Really?  What is it?”

Please don’t say you’re pregnant again.  Please don’t say you’re pregnant again.  Please don’t say you’re pregnant again.   259 more words

Flash Fiction

Jump Off The Crazy Train .. Just For A Moment

I think we ALL should all be allowed to take three weeks off work and be forced to do  … NOTHING.  That’s been my world for the past two weeks thanks to a torn rotator cuff and necessary shoulder surgery. 299 more words

Thursday Thriller - Girls

We don’t like Erin.  I can’t remember why.   We just don’t.

One day, Mina sat down at our lunch table and just started talking crap about her.   344 more words

Flash Fiction

Trying Again ....

So, it’s been while. The past four-and-a-half months have been a bit of a blur. Soon after I launched this blog late last summer, my 74-year old mom passed away. 230 more words


It was a gruesome sight.  One none of the people present would forget.  A woman, lying in the street, neck twisted, eyes veiny and bulged in terror, arms bent backward at an unnatural angle.   2,315 more words


No Filter

“Amy, you look tired.”

“I’m not tired.  I’m just not wearing makeup.”

“Amy, are you sick?”

“No, just not wearing makeup.”

“You’re so short!  Did you shrink?” 157 more words

Flash Fiction


I think it’s really over this time, Mom.   He dumped me.  He’s engaged.” Susan sobbed.

“I think it’s really over, Mom.  He’s moving out,” Casey sobbed. 94 more words

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