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A Phase

The comments had gotten more venomous. All of Riley’s social media accounts had been shut down, at her parents’ insistence, when the backlash had reached its crescendo, but she couldn’t resist reading the articles, the blogs. 345 more words

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The Other Shoe

Syd walked along the promenade, pulling her jacket tighter.  Her mood was pensive, introspective, that chilly spring morning. The sky was a clear, brilliant blue. 474 more words

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Thursday Thriller - Harmless

Read Part 1 – Watched

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The city would welcome her back.  She’d conquered it once; she could do it again.  This was what Marley was thinking as a bellman helped unload her suitcases from the back of a cab.   356 more words

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Thursday Thriller - Watcher

Read Part 1 – Watched

Marley and I were friends in high school.  She was a star.  The lead in every play.  A perfect, graceful dancer.   388 more words

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Day 12: Today's Gratitude List

This one’s kind of a gimme, I know, but what kind of daughter, person really, would I be if I didn’t dedicate this entire list to my mom on Mother’s Day. 555 more words


Don't Underestimate the Strong Bonds of Female Friends

I read such a great article about the strength of female friendships some time ago by a Swedish reporter who was upset that men seem to think that what women talk about when meeting up would only be superficial stuff, exchanging recipes, beauty and what not… The essence of  the article was instead that the bonds between women in a close-knit circle of friends are strong and invaluable at so many levels. 615 more words


Girl hate is a phenomenon in which women put down other women. Mostly down to feelings of envy or insecurity, girl hate is a kind of internalised misogyny which we need to make a conscious effort to avoid. 482 more words

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