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Don't Underestimate the Strong Bonds of Female Friends

I read such a great article about the strength of female friendships some time ago by a Swedish reporter who was upset that men seem to think that what women talk about when meeting up would only be superficial stuff, exchanging recipes, beauty and what not… The essence of  the article was instead that the bonds between women in a close-knit circle of friends are strong and invaluable at so many levels. 615 more words


Girl hate is a phenomenon in which women put down other women. Mostly down to feelings of envy or insecurity, girl hate is a kind of internalised misogyny which we need to make a conscious effort to avoid. 482 more words

Liberalism & Feminism

On being ghosted by a friend

I had this friend, let’s call her *Willow – cause it’s a cool pretend name, and cause Buffy the Vampire Slayer endures as one of the best (and my favourite) TV shows of all time. 1,034 more words

Female Friendships

Episode 2: Great Expectations

Have you ever had a friend that when you’re with them, it feels as if you can conquer the entire world together? That anything you can possibly dream really can come true? 126 more words

Amelia Isabel

gwyneth paltrow's moroccan chicken salad

This week I was reminded of a woman, a close friend, who broke my heart.

Ten years ago, I worked in book publishing and I met a woman who was, up until then, the smartest person I’d ever met. 948 more words


Gal Pals and Sisterhood

I look around my living room at the 8 other women listening to our last Beth Moore video in our study, “Believing God.” We’ve just had a “potluck” dinner where everyone brought something special, and sat around the table together “breaking bread” (figuratively… as most of us either gluten-free or avoiding carbs)! 1,208 more words

Husbands And Wives


“Duck,” Layla commands as we turn down Adam’s street.

I’m crouched in the tiny space in front of the passenger seat, my cheek pressed to the dash. 73 more words

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