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Those Boys Ain't Worth Your Time

Five years ago when I was a senior in high school I started occasionally hanging out with a group of guys who went to the other high school in my town, a boys Catholic prep school. 600 more words

Loving My [Black] Friendships

The importance of relationships in the black community is sometimes not expressed enough. We are always at odds with the systems of society that we often create wars in our circles. 50 more words



by Susan Dennard
YA Fantasy
4 of 5 stars
Book 2 in the Witchlands series

If you follow the author at all, you’ll know that she writes amazing monthly newsletters, has a wealth of helpful advice on writing and craft on her… 630 more words


The Beauty of Female Friendships

Female friendships can be a beautiful thing. Our greatest friendships add color and more light into our lives. The friendships we form in our lives are truly valuable and we should endeavor to appreciate them because what they offer matters. 288 more words


Why 'Sex and the City' makes me really mad sometimes.

Sex and the City was epic. It was entertaining. It was unique. It was uplifting. It is re-watchable. But it was slightly idealistic. No rather, it was quite idealistic. 540 more words

Day To Day

Sometimes ya just have to say “MUCK IT”!


This is not going to be an inspiring, feel gooey, love post.

Nope.  This is going to be raw and bleeding; angry and infectious. This is going to ooze the pus and muck of a mind that has absorbed and sustained all the darkness and vile that it can take. 2,174 more words


Ladies, we need to stick together!

Life coaches practice self-management, meaning I don’t let my own opinions, feelings and experiences come into focus when I’m in a coaching session with a client. 658 more words