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Being Childless When Most of Your Friends Have Kids

Two of my absolute best friends in the entire world became moms for the first time ever this year. One had a boy and the other a girl. 808 more words

Let's Get Serious

Good for the Soul

By: Ashley Whisonant

Friendship can take many forms. I find it so interesting how friends are almost categorized based on the time of your life. For example, I have childhood friends, college friends, work friends, school friends, and kid friends. 112 more words

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Harnessing the power of Sisterhood

One night, as I was video-chatting with my SO, again (we love talking about such stuff), about the differences between heterosexual men and women, I casually told him, … 650 more words

The Self


Image: Leila (photo courtesy of Sam Lim Studio, 2010)

Today, the House just passed an abortion ban. You’d think I’d write about how infuriating that is, but instead, my plan was to post a poem discussing the very nature of how young girls are trained since an early age to doubt their own power, where slut-shaming and this obsession with women behaving properly have become divisive tools among women themselves who should be supporting each other through the difficult decisions we do make in life, one of those deeply personal decisions being abortion. 477 more words


The Life She Wants by Robyn Carr

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the audiobook reader, Therese Plummer, and while she was visiting our library she handed me this audiobook and said it was a good one.   270 more words


Books With Great Female Friendships

Female friendships are almost never done right. 

I feel like we come across many female relationships and friendships done wrong. From girls in all boys groups without a single female friend to girls being at each other’s throats, different female relationships are done terribly wrong. 707 more words

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The Friend Connection: A Review of the app Hey!Vina

There’s a great 2012 article from the New York Times by Alex Willaims that detailed the hardships older adults have in making and maintain new friendships. 924 more words