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Girls, Gender and Childhood: A Timeline

I was lucky enough to have grown up in a household that didn’t constantly push for me to perform as a stereotypical young girl.

I wanted a Superman cake for my 3rd birthday, and I am still grateful to this day for my parents allowing me the opportunity to literally shove my entire fist into poor Clark Kent’s delicious, spongy face during the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. 712 more words

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The forgotten children

Evaluating the Cradle Baby Scheme after fourteen years.

Ashameera Aiyappan and Ruchika Jain | April 11, 2016

Around a month earlier, six weeks old Baby Ashika… 965 more words


The Missing Millions: Female Infanticide in Tamil Nadu

By Aarthi Chezian

Over 117 million girls are missing in the world today, lost to femicide, the murder of women simply because they are women. [1] These 117 million girls do not exist because of cultural systems that deem them as worthless or unnecessary burdens. 840 more words

Femme Fatale

Safe in my mother’s marina
Was I brought out only to die?
Yes I’m a baby girl, not a boy
So was more enticing, my last sigh? 159 more words

Scar Tissue

Steel succumbs to air, water, time –

Imposing skyscrapers are
dismantled by nature
without man around
to maintain their structures

A man’s joyous birth quickly turns to… 227 more words

Feasible to monitor the womb?

Feasible to monitor the womb?

Proposals to curb sex-selective abortion should be made with due deliberations even as social realities cripple India’s attempts to improve a skewed sex ratio. 918 more words

Female Feticide


Do you agree for it?
The sentence being written
on uterine walls
was broken in middle.

Do you agree for it?
she lowered her head… 72 more words