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Disappearing Daughters

If you’ve read my story, you know that I was abandoned as an infant.

If you think this is a rare occurrence, you are sorely mistaken. 707 more words


Female infanticide and Feminism

“To all the women, whose life seems an utter mess,

Who see neither way out nor a cathedral to confess.

To whom survival is the immediate need, 1,232 more words

Women's History Month: Lillian and the Little Women of India

Congress designated March as National Women’s History Month in 1987, but of course, women have long been making history. Consider trailblazers, such as Belva Lockwood, the first female admitted to the U.S. 784 more words


It's a girl: A secret

The three deadliest words in the world… It’s a girl: A secret

Female infanticide is still continuing since a long time. And the main reason is to give more preference to the male babies and neglecting the female babies. 1,952 more words

Transforming India

Time was up

​”It is a boy ,right”?

Celebrations begun in the village with the fireworks glaring the dusk and drum beats piercing the sky,the fragrance of laddoos hijacked the surroundings.

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میری بیٹی || My Daughter

The midwife brings forward a wrinkly, yet fragile and beautiful baby.

If a hand were to touch it, the mark would remain engraved for a lifetime. 502 more words