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I want to be born

Hello people,i want to be born,
please dont ask me to return.
I assure you i wont be a concern,
please allow me to see this world in-turn. 102 more words


"Gιrl oғ тoday, ғυтυre oғ тoмorrow"

In India discrimination against women have been going on since ages. Even today, in the Indian society there are several sections where the girl child is treated as burden very little or no opportunities to learn and grow in life while privileges are given to the boys; girls are often restricted to the confines of house. 369 more words


Vikram Singh Puar urges the masses of Dewas to save girl child

Girl child has been presumed a burden by the Indian society for quite a long time. Vikram Singh Puar, son of Late Maharaja Tukoji Rao Puar of Dewas, urged the masses of Dewas to save girl child, at a public meeting in Dewas. 309 more words


Red Milk

She spoke in muffled voices,
From under the pallu covering her face,
Fear embedded in every syllable,
She struggled to walk straight.

“Prepare warm water for my sore throat, 513 more words

A Womanless World: The Shrinking Female Population

Ever heard the song “It’s A Man’s World?”

This song may no longer be far from the truth.

Throughout the world, women are disappearing. In the past few decades, the sex ratio has jumped from the natural ratio of 105 men to every 100 women to 107 to 100. 543 more words


Daughters are blessing and not Onus

Its strange that we live in 21st century. I believe we as people are not deserved to live in this modern times with the ancient mind. 600 more words

Inconvenient Truths

 Inconvenient Truths

“Invest Rs.500 now and save Rs.50, 000 later” are advertisements still seen in Indian cities for gender biased sex-selection and elimination.Writer, Patralekha Chatte… 299 more words

Female Feticide