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Living in a Man's world

At a young age I’ve always seemed to hang out with more guys than girls, and now at 21 and in the real working world, things haven’t changed. 218 more words


Female Tech Sexism: Holly Brockwell Power Chats

Gadgette is a new publication for women about tech, style and life. Covering tech in a way that’s inclusive and useful, the online magazine is led by Editor-in-Chief Holly Brockwell, former Editor of ShinyShiny. 1,273 more words

Work & Career

The Day I Learned About the Downside of Having a Friend for a Business Partner

When I was about 7 or 8 my father, brother, and I went to visit family friends who lived in Delaware.

I didn’t know them at the time but they happened to have a daughter around my age and we clicked instantly. 273 more words

Stephanie Atieno

The world has a growing (but still tiny) amount of female leaders

The number-crunchers over at Pew Research Center have calculated that, while the number of female leaders across the world has doubled since 2005, it’s still a relatively small group. 154 more words

Human And Civil Rights

Gender Equality: If We Want to Lead, Why Aren't We Doing So?

It is a week since David Cameron set out plans to tackle the gender pay gap. The PM has made a positive step, but as C… 558 more words


Yes, They're Real and They're Spectactular

As my many loyal readers know, there are quite a few things that really annoy me. The list is possibly endless actually. Not the least of which are idiot drivers, as I’ve said many times. 862 more words