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Han Meets Change.

“I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love” Atticus Poems

The other day I read an article on Medium that it is good to keep a blog or a journal about your journey to success.

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How I Went From a Stay-at-Home Mom to the RNC Chairwoman

President Donald Trump surprised politicos and pundits alike by his choice to lead the Republican National Committee. He didn’t choose one of his influential business friends. 680 more words

Just ask "why", one more time

Today a young man asked me how I became a leader.  I told him I asked “why” one more time than everyone else.  Sounds simple but it takes courage, a commitment to learning and the willingness to be relentless in your quest to answer “why”.

Women In Corporate America

Fostering Inclusiveness


Getting to the table is important but being accepted as a key contributor is what matters. We all want to be included but if you look or act different from the core group and those differences are not embraced we often disengage, derail or walk away. 250 more words

Women In Corporate America

Three important lessons I'm consciously un-learning.

Steve Jobs has become a bit of a cult figure in the business world today. As the founder and visionary of Apple, his uniquely creative approach to technology earned him billions of dollars and a place in history flanked by Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. 774 more words

Leadership. Reframed.

“As you go higher up, it gets more lonely.”

This expression from one of my former managers somehow got stuck in my subconscious for more than a decade for me, without me realizing how much damage it has done to my mental model until recently.

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Sobekneferu was an Egyptian king who ruled between 1806 and 1802 BC. She is widely credited with being the first woman to take the title of king, and to rule the kingdom alone. 717 more words