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Cressida becomes chief Dick

The apppointment of a Cressida Dick, a real-life celebrity detective as head of London’s police force, gave me a chance to compare her achievements with that of my fictional character Wendy Lockinge… 535 more words

Career Lessons Inspired by The Most Successful Female Leaders

On January 21, the first-ever Women’s March took place across the US to address people’s concerns over women’s rights as well as the protection of humanity and cultural diversity.   1,466 more words


How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

I first heard this sentiment from one of my mentors. In honesty, a lot of my inspiration to put pen to paper, or rather fingers to buttons (how times have changed!!) comes from my amazing mentors who inspire me greatly on a daily basis. 507 more words

Entrepreneurs Under 30

What Do You Fear Most?

I want you to really think about this question for a minute.

What is your greatest fear?

For some they will say it’s spiders or snakes or for me, at one time, I thought that my greatest fear was bridges. 240 more words

Entrepreneurs Under 30


Chai Jing, investigative reporter

Even as a a highly respected and public face of China, Jing faced risk when she created a documentary called “Under The Dome”– a serious and shocking look at the state of China’s smog and pollution problem. 78 more words


Elizabeth Gomez: Dear Ellie - Advice From the Amazing Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my favoritest people in history. Aside from her intense feminist streak and ability to persevere, she was a badass. You may already know that she was strikingly independent for a woman, especially during a time when a woman wearing pants would be considered a scandal. 1,158 more words


Five Afghan Women Who Made History

By: Maryam Laly

The history of women’s struggle for equality and liberation in Afghanistan is often misunderstood and misrepresented. Many still believe that the movement for gender equality in the country began in 2001, with the help of international forces. 713 more words

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