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Women in Politics: A Waste of Time?

The events of the past week in politics from a female perspective have been certainly enlightening. I’m not usually political in this forum, but the words of Averil Power struck me as accurate in terms of the lack of progression of women in Irish politics generally. 780 more words


How to Get the Feedback You Need - HBR

You know you need feedback to learn and grow, yet most people are not good at asking for it.

While receiving feedback can be “a stressful experience,” here are some great ideas about specifically how and why we should request it more often: 8 more words

Focused Coaching

The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others | ideas.ted.com

“It’s the mortar, not just the bricks, that makes a building strong. The mortar, in a strong team, is social capital: mutual reliance, an underlying sense of connectedness that builds trust.” 73 more words

Focused Coaching

The naming of My new slave

I’ve being seeing a new submissive since January. He is in the educational field and is very intellectually gifted. Through our many conversations I found out that he has written a few books and does public speaking, in the classroom and other public venues.  268 more words

Dominance And Submission

Great Quotes from Great Leaders

Sometimes, it takes a great mind to remind us of the power and magnitude of our collective thoughts.  After all, everything begins in the mind, and Eleanor Roosevelt reminds us that the transformative power of innovation and social impact can only be realized with a passionate exchange of our thoughts and ideas.   8 more words


"The only path she walks is the words she talks"

She tears all of her shadows

and demolishes her demons.
The only path she walks
is the words she talks.
Stable and loyal
her mind is her asset. 48 more words



I have a client who sculpts. He asked Me if I would pose for a Sculpture that he wanted to do. He sent Me the photo below, titled “Plowshare” and told Me, he wanted to replace the male for a female and use my body as the model. 76 more words