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Am not a fan of Female Leaders - Elizabeth Era

This is a Lady every young girl should emulate. She is the CEO of LizGold Global media, she isn’t afraid to speak when neccessary, she is the next Nigerian Oprah. 475 more words

No More Queen Bee: Why Women Do Promote Other Women and How to Get the Top Spot Yourself.

The Queen Bee. The iron woman at the top preventing the rest of us from getting close. Turns out she’s a myth. New research from Columbia business school shows that when women are appointed as chief executives, other women are… 595 more words


PwC Chair Bob Moritz: How female leaders can give Japan its mojo back

About 25 years ago, I worked in Japan for three years. Those were heady days for the country’s companies and its economy. Economic growth, investment – those were the hallmarks of Japan in the 1980s. 881 more words


Women in Politics: A Waste of Time?

The events of the past week in politics from a female perspective have been certainly enlightening. I’m not usually political in this forum, but the words of Averil Power struck me as accurate in terms of the lack of progression of women in Irish politics generally. 780 more words


How to Get the Feedback You Need - HBR

You know you need feedback to learn and grow, yet most people are not good at asking for it.

While receiving feedback can be “a stressful experience,” here are some great ideas about specifically how and why we should request it more often: 8 more words

Focused Coaching

The secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others | ideas.ted.com

“It’s the mortar, not just the bricks, that makes a building strong. The mortar, in a strong team, is social capital: mutual reliance, an underlying sense of connectedness that builds trust.” 73 more words

Focused Coaching