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The World that is being Created!

Today’s posting is just an observation of what is going on in today’s world.  The culture is surely changing, we are seeing more and more feminization of men and boys.  755 more words

How to look for a Femdom play partner

I’ve been looking off and on for a play partner. Sometimes I think my standards might be too high, but then I think about what exactly I want, and I think that my standards are right where they should be. 1,515 more words


More Evidence of Positive Change!

Today was a really Good day.  Was out doing some Christmas shopping, and had to stop in at Ulta.  What I saw was so Delightful!   I was waited on by a very pretty young man.  1,723 more words

How does a day in a Femdom relationship look like?

Iris got up at around 6 am to study for a test and walk the dogs (he always walks them in the morning and before bed so I don’t have to go out in the dark and cold). 434 more words


Women in Command!!!

Today’s posting has to do with what more and more women are accomplishing with their males.  What a delight to see Female Empowerment coming on strong, and the feminization of men and boys accelerating!  4,311 more words

As Women Take Control!

Here are some letters about Women taking control of their lives by feminizing their males!   This is a practice that needs to continue to grow! 7,415 more words

What the Future is looking like!

Here is a posting from a Genetic Girl, that likes to dress in a masculine manner:

As a somewhat androgynous woman I appreciate your blog. I’m pan and often insecure about my attraction to men because I feel like they won’t be attracted to me… So it means a lot to see a man-run blog that appreciates women who aren’t femme. 251 more words