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Strange Love

 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cage

“When I own a boy, he’s kept in chastity,” she said. “My boy – my cock – and I control what’s mine.”

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Female Dominance And Male Submission


If you’re like me, your books-to-read list grows way faster than your books-read, especially if you have a wide range of tastes. Currently, I’m reading Neal Stephenson’s… 563 more words

Female Domination

Declining to Play the Numbers Game

If you’re a submissive guy looking to start a relationship, and imagine yourself competing with legions of male subs for a the attention of a handful of Dommes, I have good news: submissive men are less common and more sought after than sources on the internet might lead you to believe. 926 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission

Feminised Men need breasts

Alice always has to wear a bra – obviously. She wears a size C cup which is a good size, I like it. Her natural chest size is 40 inches but these days I’ve found you can buy 40C quite easily in supermarkets clothing departments and department stores. 138 more words


Cover for Latest Book

Thought I’d share the cover for my latest book Housewife to Dominatrix: A Couple’s Journey into Male Submission. I’m currently completing the final edits. When it goes live on Amazon, I’ll let everyone know here and also on my mailing list along with other social media platforms. 253 more words

Female Domination

The Dream

A story for you:When we play my feelings go on for days. I usually get to the 3rd forth day when my emotions become unbearable wrong word… It’s like walking on egg shells, hot coals, needles in my feet exquisite intense I can think on nothing else but the feasting on your mouth it’s all I am I am permitted now to kiss those engaging lips tongue touching tongue you are the best most wonderful intense kisser I have ever kissed, I have kissed more than my fair share …Slowly my come down begins my own cold turkey from being handled beaten and whipped as the bruises and welts die I go into intense dark in withdrawal. 711 more words


A new year, a new Alice

It all starts from today, the new more feminine Alice is coming my way.

First off, her weight. So before anything else this morning, the weigh in. 266 more words