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Woman Power

One of the reasons I started this blog was, having discovered the immense pleasure in finding FLR and in feminising my then husband into Alice my now housewife, I would be able to relate a realistic viewpoint on this type of lifestyle. 475 more words


Aching for More

“You need something inside you…”

We hadn’t been alone for more than ten minutes when V said this. Sure there was some kissing and groping – that is, she claimed my mouth and hurt my cockflesh while I gasped and squirmed beneath her – but once I was collared, naked, and under her thumb, she wasted no time stuffing my hole. 557 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission

My 20 Minute Poem for Mistress 05:30 13/07/2016 

You are my Mine,

As I am yours all yours .

You to are Mine All Mine.

You lead me into my darkness.

That’s so beautiful yet consuming. 236 more words


Summer and forced feminisation

This post is really a collection of my random thoughts on the topic of feminisation

So summer is here; sort of. Here in London the evenings are light and the temperature is higher: higher than in winter anyway and not without lots of rain. 348 more words



When I first began, this space was intended for fiction and anonymous introspection. And because its genesis came about after a painful breakup, meeting someone was the last thing on my mind. 388 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission

Sometimes it works and sometimes not

One of the things I need to stress is that my relationship with Alice is a loving one. We met, fell in love and married. So the fact we’ve since ‘spiced things up a little’ is an addition to our relationship but not a replacement for our married life together and apart from her being feminised, we go about the rest of our life as any married couple do. 488 more words


That Tone of Voice

I adore the sound of her voice.

V’s default personality is enthusiastic, confident, cheerful, irreverent, and mischievous. She’s quick to laugh, slow to anger, yet possesses a hard stare that commands respect. 585 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission