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Alice's weekend

I’ve had a few requests to ask how Alice felt about the weekend, her first outing as a girlie in front of other people. Surprisingly she told me that she did actually enjoy most of her first Femdom event. 503 more words


The ultimate sanction

Although we’re on a countdown to Alice ‘coming out’ I’m still on the theme of keeping my husband feminised. Alice really enjoys being feminised BUT…. if she had her own way it would be a regular sexual game rather than a lifestyle. 244 more words


Alice is coming out to play...

OK she’s a bit reluctant.

I however, am extremely excited as Alice is going to be exposed to a wider audience, finally. I’ve had many suggestions about going to a club where I can show her off in a safe environment. 89 more words

Female Led Relationships

Watch out for back sliding...

As part of my theme on maintaining your husband, boyfriend or male partner as a feminised girl, you have to be aware of ‘back-sliding’. These are the excuses for not putting on female clothing. 216 more words


Female led relationships and forced feminisation

I get lots of questions about these subjects. I don’t pretend to be an expert but I am in an FLR and I have ‘force’ feminised my husband so I always reply with what worked for me and my experiences. 626 more words



A decision has been made. We are going to pursue a female led relationship. She is going to nor only have control in the bedroom but over 90% of things. 256 more words

Hair Part 2

I found this photo on Pinterest which I love. It shows exactly how I now do Alice’s real hair. I love to get her to sit like this whilst I brush it into a beautiful style and tell her how pretty she’s looking now. 142 more words