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Women Need to Continue Encouraging Male Feminization!

It is now a “Woman’s World”!   Men and Boys need to know their Rightful place in the New Age!!  Many of these Strong Women like the thought of having a Feminine man in their lives! 4,368 more words

The Tease of Chastity

I recently commented on a piece of my erotica that myself and Bakji have recently had a failed attempt at male chastity. A regular reader collaredmichael asked what happened and suggested it might be a future blog post. 947 more words


The New World!

I really love what I see with more and more girls and women playing sports.  It is awesome to see women and girls competing and being strong.  511 more words

The New Age Male is becoming more common!

I LOVE seeing all the Male Femininity that is happening almost everywhere!   Seeing more and more men becoming househusbands, while their wives are the Breadwinners is awesome.  642 more words

How does a long distance Femdom relationship work?

Today is our Sixth Day!

For those of you who don’t know, up until now, Iris and I were in a long-distance relationship (and will be again come January, when he is sent to Korea for 18 months), and had not spent more than five continuous days together in person in the 16 months we have been together. 520 more words


Girls are Playing Football, while boys are Looking Pretty!

Here is an article from Dick’s Sporting Good Newsletter about how Girl’s Football is growing:

All-Girls Tackle Football Is Officially A Trend
The third league of its kind launches this year… 1,890 more words

The Future looks Brighter and Brighter!

Women are Taking their Rightful Place in Sports and Leadership!

Strong women like the three pictured above are making great strides for womankind.  Hopefully, there will be some pretty, feminine men that will be at their side supporting them! 5,268 more words