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That Thursday morning feeling

This will be the last post regarding Alice’s pierced ears for the time being since she refused again yesterday. So she has nice pink toes nails and clear varnished finger nails but no earrings.The lady who comes to our house said she actually does lots of men’s nails although most just have a manicure, Alice is not the only one though to have coloured toe nails. 400 more words


No Longer on a First Name Basis

I’ve been coping with the aftereffects of a breakup for a while now. There’s no specific date I can point to, but it’s close to a year and a half.   1,133 more words


A feminised husband, earrings and humiliation

I’m not sure whether to call Alice my feminised husband any more or my wife? Anyway it seems that finally Wednesday’s the day to get her ears pierced. 284 more words


Two steps forward, one back

Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, temporarily. We’ve both been very busy at work and so I had to cancel once again the young lady who was going to pierce my girlie husband Alice’s ears. 317 more words


Pent-Up Without Permission

Though I self-identify as a slut, I have little desire to pleasure myself without permission. In fact, I prefer to be supervised. Absent both these factors, any pleasure I derive is vastly diminished. 249 more words


I'm a very happy Mistress

After our chat last week about my girlie husband Alice’s concerns, her ongoing feminisation has actually increased! No I didn’t quite expect it quite so much either. 310 more words


The Strange World of Men's Sexual Fantasy-Submission Files

I have my share of sexual fantasy…ok, waaaaay more than my share, but whose counting. The wonderful and amazing thing about people and sex is that no matter how weird, gross, or outlandish your fantasy is, someone has already thought of it, and someone has probably come up with something even more extreme than you. 914 more words