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Femdom does not equal Fetish clothing in My book

I thinkĀ it’s time to educate the ignorant masses, because I am starting to feel rather irritated by the frequent requests for things that I obviously am NOT INTO. 770 more words

Financial Domination

A brand new story

Yes! Part 1 of my latest story about a new male assistant to a very senior female executive. Of course things do not go as he thought they would. 11 more words


Humiliation is cool!

Lady A really appreciates the increasing feminisation of her girlie husband. However she also enjoys humiliating him (her) just as much. He squirms a little when she refers to him as a girl and so Lady A frequently does this outside the house. 55 more words


Dress it in a chiffon scarf today

Lady A is maintaining her girlie’s dress style this week. Good Friday morning requires a bit more style thought Lady A. You’ll dress your citty stick and balls with a nice chiffon scarf I have she said to him. 57 more words

Female Led Relationships

You can get dressed....sort of

Lady A and her girlie husband had a nice chat on Sunday evening about his clothing. Lady A smiled at him and reminded him that she had full ownership of his clothing. 439 more words


Can I wear a skirt please?

Girlie husband is a little embarrassed having to be exposed for the whole weekend. He has now asked Lady A if he could cover up and he’d be very pleased to wear a skirt of her choosing. 117 more words


A bad girl's punishment continues

Despite the fact that Lady A and her girlie husband live in a female led relationship, it is important to stress that it is a loving and otherwise normal relationship. 413 more words

Female Led Relationships