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Sex in the bathroom

The night starts with an hour of teasing him in a shared bath. Kept hard, kept wanting. Hands and mouth kept off of me; bath toys are passive after all. 318 more words


Letters to a masochist

I want to give you bruises that don’t fade for a week.

I want to think, “I hope the neighbors don’t call the cops.”

I want to rub my hand over your flesh that’s hot to the touch. 64 more words


21st Century Realities

Just starting off this posting with some remarks that are both evident, and what might be controversial!  Please remember, this Blog is about the Empowerment of Women and the Feminization of men and boys.  515 more words

The Stronger Sex!

Males have dominated females for centuries.  Through their physically superior strength, they have managed to make women submit to their will.  Over the centuries, men have pleasured themselves by having women dress in the most revealing, and vulnerable types of clothing.  1,005 more words

An Exclusive for our Blog! Christine & Amy!!

In our posting for today, we have an exclusive story by two of our followers.  The story I will post is in Amy’s own words.  Amy was formerly known as Scott, and was born in 1990.  2,338 more words

The World that is being Created!

Today’s posting is just an observation of what is going on in today’s world.  The culture is surely changing, we are seeing more and more feminization of men and boys.  755 more words

How to look for a Femdom play partner

I’ve been looking off and on for a play partner. Sometimes I think my standards might be too high, but then I think about what exactly I want, and I think that my standards are right where they should be. 1,515 more words