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That look she gets

Her hand gripping my cock

Like she’d devour me whole if it were possible

Instead, she’ll settle for taking me – one piece at a time

Male Submission

Warm weather allows options

Obviously I enjoy encouraging my girlie husband Alice to become more and more feminine. It’s true that occasionally there is an element of forcing but in general it’s a joint decision in so much as I propose and she follows what I want. 381 more words

Female Led Relationships

Lady A is in charge

In previous blogs I’d described how I prefer to bring my girlie husband (wife) along on her journey into womenhood. I like it to be largely consensual as she adapts and accepts so much better. 540 more words


My girlie

I like to think about things and particularly my relationship with  my girlie husband Alice. I think I need to stop using girlie husband and just call her my wife. 276 more words


Ladies, you must take ownership

I have been reflecting on the process of feminisation. I realise that probably the most important and key element of the process is not generally described in any great detail on the many blogs and other documents I have read on this subject. 702 more words


Stalled progress

The weather intervened in my plans to progress Alice’s outside female training significantly. I had planned a car ride into the countryside on Sunday as before but this time I was going to stop somewhere and make her go for a walk with me in a quiet area in her nice little skirt and blouse. 90 more words


A more feminine look

I’m in full on feminisation mode at the moment as I’m excited about completing the feminisation of my girlie husband Alice. Following the success of the weekend where I got her to spend time in the garden in a dress and heels, I’ve continued this using my technique of “but you’ve already spent time doing this so what’s the problem?” approach. 305 more words