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I can ring my bell

As you know,I am a firm believer in female domination and feminising males is part of the way to achieve this. There are many little things we can do as women to ensure submission. 140 more words


Fuck Me

Fuck me

I want you
I am burnt out with desire.
But not like your use to.
I want to feel your fire….
I want to be possessed and taken by you. 162 more words


Alternative Therapy on Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!

Starting this Sunday, November 29 at 12:00 AM PST to December 1 at 8:00 AM PST, Alternative Therapy will be $.99. Normally, it’s $4.99, so that’s 80% off, and at 95K words it’s my longest femdom story. 70 more words


Cuckolding - Why You Want It and How to Make It Happen

If there’s one fetish besides findom that leaves people shaking their heads, it’s cuckolding. The idea that a married man would want his sweet, dotting angel of a wife to go out to the bar to pick up a random stud to give her the best lay of her life does sort of go against all that we cherish in a monogamous relationship. 1,722 more words


Inside Alice's World

I’ve had a request, via Alice, from one of my readers, CorsetJane. She wrote to Alice on Fetlife to ask what her thoughts and feelings were about our relationship and she suggested that Alice write a post. 1,647 more words


Devotion and consolidation.

Alice’s consolidation as a girl continues. I haven’t added any new things to her feminisation for a while or pushed her into anything new besides ensuring that she continues with where she is currently and gets very used to it. 376 more words



I’m wearing V’s collar now and happy to be marked as her boy.

We met earlier this afternoon and will be spending the weekend together. After months of talking on the phone and Skype, to finally be with her and under her thumb is pretty fucking intense. 321 more words

Female Dominance And Male Submission