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Female masturbation, embarrassment in the past, benefits today

The Freudian theory that the person who masturbates has a strong tendency to neurosis, fortunately, has been surpassed for some time, but still many women feel guilt or shame by sexual self-stimulation to the point of renouncing it, deny it, or mute it. 1,005 more words

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Cute Brunette Humps Her Pillow

This adorable little brunette fucks her pillow, firs in her panties on and then with them off.  She has a great ass and is very sexy as she humps on that pillow.

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The subject of masturbation has been on my mind for the last few months. Female masturbation, mostly. I read a few things written by women about how they’re embarrassed to masturbate, how when they do it they can’t stop thinking about what actions men would want them to do, how they put on a show even though they’re alone. 411 more words

Her Story Of Masturabtion

She was in class 6 when she for first the time discovered that she had a feeling of pleasure when she touches her genitals. But she was scared to reveal it because she thought it was a bad thing. 495 more words

Against Stigma And Judgements

Very hot blond on fuck machine with a massive dildo

This blond girl is super hot and she takes a monster dildo on a fuck machine while on her back and on her hands and knees.  22 more words

Sexy Little Asian Pillow Humping Hard

This sexy little Asian frantically humps her pillow until she cums

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Chapter 6 : Knocking on the Back Doors - NSFW

The internet is and will always be a wonderful place to fulfill my retail therapy needs. I am a simple woman at times, I enjoy the stereotypical likes of cute cats, fluffy pillows, candles and cosmetics, as well as the run-of-the-mill ‘geek’ items. 1,233 more words