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Flick of tha Wrist | The Benefits of Female Masturbation

Among other national holidays celebrated this month, May has been named National Masturbation Month. As I sit and think about female masturbation and the openness of female sexuality, in general, I realize that it is still a very taboo subject when it doesn’t involve pornography or male pleasure as an end result. 690 more words


The Dangers Of Female Masturbation

Masturbation is a fairly common pastime for most people, likely since the first fish crawled on land and discovered that the friction of sunbaked earth on genitals made for an unexpectedly groovy feeling. 488 more words


Female Masturbation Facts and Myths

While we’re darn certain you’ve been celebrating either way, you might be surprised to discover that May is National Masturbation Month. The brainchild of San Francisco (where else!) sexologist Carol Queen, NMM, which recently got a 30-day upgrade from National Masturbation Day, is dedicated to socializing sex toys and eliminating social taboos surrounding masturbation. 390 more words

3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Masturbating Regularly-- And I Do Mean You

You are probably blushing right now or gagging at the thought of touching yourself in your lady region, sugar bowl, candy jar. Well cut it out! 473 more words

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OMGYes: Wanking Reviews

Drawing by Ella Milburn

The website OMGYes has combined the wisdom of over 2,000 women aged 18-95 to pull together techniques from the first ever large-scale research about the specifics of women’s pleasure. 1,596 more words


Would you pay MONEY for a stranger to stroke your private parts?

An unusual new sex trend has seen increasing numbers of women paying a stranger to touch their private parts. 169 more words

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11 Reasons Why Sex Gets Better in Your Twenties

This article was published on College Times here.

It’s a widely known fact that as women get older, their sex life gets better. There was a lot of room for improvement in that department when you were younger,  but now that those years have passed, you’ve realised a few things as you entered your twenties that have made things get that much better… 1,103 more words