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How-To: Make Vibrating Rings More Versatile

The standard method of using a vibrating ring is great and all, but there are a multitude of uses for these nifty little one-time-use, battery-operated buzzers. 615 more words

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Spicy Gear's Best Penis and Clitoral Pumps

Penis and clitoral pumps draw the blood to the surface of the organ when applied, making them feel extra sensitive. But you don’t have to have a sensitivity problem to enjoy these… 676 more words

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Buying Guide: Spicy Gear's Best Bath-Time Toys

Hormones surging like it’s high tide? Ready to dive into a deep sea adventure of self-exploration? Long to be floating in gently lapping waves with your new favorite… 972 more words

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Imma share this because it's surprising how often it comes up.

I love love love Auntie Sparknotes!  And I get so sad when people`s experiences have taught them to feel they can’t say no to stuff that they’re not comfortable with, that is painful, or that they just plain don’t like or don’t feel like at the time.   27 more words

Rhetoric And Semiotics


It’s late at night. The house is still and quiet, I lay wide awake under my blankets but sleep eludes me, like it usually does. I roll onto my back, sliding my hand up under my t-shirt, pulling it up over my stomach before slipping my fingers down into my panties. 797 more words