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The Power Of Female Masturbation

I’m lying on the table, vulnerable, cold and full of some jelly substance. She hands me a towel to wipe up. She finishes listing all the dating apps and sites she was scrolling through this weekend. 422 more words

Letter to my Growing Sister

By Manik Rege

Research References

Mihaela Pavlicev & Gunter Wagner (July 2016) Evolutionary Origin of Female Orgasm, Journal of Experimental Zoology Part B Molecular and Developmental Evolution, DOI: 10.1002/jez.b.22690… 1,569 more words

Erotic Quickie: My Brand of Diplomacy

This 1,000 word fantasy quickie is for mature readers only. It features a rogue giving herself some self-loving and an undead lich.

“And to think I let you fools come this far.” The lich sat on its throne. 1,522 more words

Erotic Quickie

“I Don’t Need a Man to Make It Happen:” Fostering a Discourse of Female Masturbation in Sex Education, by Jamie O'Leary '19

 “I Don’t Need a Man to Make It Happen:” Fostering a Discourse of Female Masturbation in Sex Education

Jamie O’Leary

It is no secret that women in the United States have not attained equality. 7,072 more words

Real Women Explain How To Masturbate Your Way To Mind-Blowing Pleasure

1. “I’ve been known to fuck a vegetable. Give me a cucumber or a carrot with the right girth and I’m the happiest girl on the planet. 887 more words

Lie Back and Think of England?

I’ve been spending a bunch of time thinking about where I want this blog to go from here. Now that I’m all healed up (for the most part, there’s still the occasional ping of pain), my hysterectomy is not really going to make for fun or informational blog posts (but, if you ever have a question, please ask; I’m happy to help in any way I can!). 1,064 more words

Physical Health / Wellness

Self Love: The Words of a Self Exploring Addict.

“Hello, my name is and I’m a chronic self-pleasuring individual.”

It sounds a bit out there when it is written down. Let me start this out by saying that I am very much “pro-masturbation.” I mean, why wouldn’t I when I consider self pleasuring not only a crucial part of my day, but a way of life that I simply cannot live without. 718 more words

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