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Chapter 6 : Knocking on the Back Doors - NSFW

The internet is and will always be a wonderful place to fulfill my retail therapy needs. I am a simple woman at times, I enjoy the stereotypical likes of cute cats, fluffy pillows, candles and cosmetics, as well as the run-of-the-mill ‘geek’ items. 1,233 more words


Yes Girls Do Masturbate

So I haven’t really written for awhile but here I am. And the thing is I decided to write about sex or making love. Whatever you like to call it. 230 more words

Mortika Lacrosse

Chapter 1: Touching is Good -NSFW

I like to masturbate. I know, shock horror, breathe… take it all in. As a female, this feels like the most insane thing to proclaim. It’s nothing taboo to me though, and I personally wished more women would discuss it among each other. 1,291 more words


New Release: Poolside Between the Brat and His Girlfriend

Nothing she can do but tread water

When the full heat of summer becomes too much to bear, Dylan and his girlfriend Sharon decide to strip down and cool off at the pool. 2,408 more words


New Release: Mrs. Johnson and the Girl Next Door

The cougar is in heat…

The summer’s here and there’s nothing this experienced MILF loves more than feeling the sun’s rays on her skin. And Mrs. 1,914 more words


All About Orgasms and How to have One

As a therapist, I enjoy helping women explore their orgasm as I can relate to the experience! Honestly, I can’t remember my first big “O,” because my brain is getting old or I never knew the sensation was an orgasm! 656 more words