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Zola Taylor, Daddy's girl

Oh, Zola Taylor. Did it? How did that serve you? There are so few photos of you in your 20’s just by yourself, and not surrounded by the men in the band. 267 more words

Imogen and angels

Imogen and Angels

On the last Monday of the Aldeburgh Festival, my colleague and I had the opportunity to hear some of Imogen’s music performed in Blythburgh Church, one of the stunning… 488 more words

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"Right, that's it. We're organising a female-positive music festival!"

This was the statement that kickstarted this summer’s hottest new music festival: PandoraFest. Organiser and joint founder Caroline Daalmeijer had had enough of the obstacles thrown in the way of female musicians on the festival circuit and decided to start her own, where women are centre stage and top of the bill. 969 more words


What to wear at the piano

Finding clothing to perform in which is stylish, flattering, and, above all, comfortable and practical can be tricky and high street stores tend not to cater that well for performers. 604 more words


Why Sarah Mclachlan is One of the Best Female Musicians of All Time

Sarah Mclachlan. You might know her for a few things. The song Angel. Her tear-jerking ASPCA commercials. Being Canadian. Lilith Fair. However, in my opinion, she is so much more than this and is totally underrated as an artist. 889 more words

5 new female musicians

Melissa Cowan discusses five of her current fave Australian musicians.

There’s so many talented female musicians in Australia’s music scene. Why, then, is it still a boys club… 586 more words