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Today I am soaking myself in the music of Aurora, a 19 year old, talented beauty from Bergen who makes music that holds hands with my soul. 43 more words


Just a 90s Girl

Last week, I downloaded Saved by the Girl 38 Icons of the 90s. It’s been a bittersweet listen because it reminded me of who I used to be. 318 more words


The press likes to pit lady musicians against each other, but that's not how music works

Esther and Liora, the two violin stars from A Harvest of Ripe Figs. Popular gossip would paint them as rivals, but women don’t have to compete — they can work together and enhance each other, and be talented in different ways.

Art by Rebecca Schauer


Beth Jeans Haughton is back! Under new moniker Du Blonde, Haughton recently released third album Welcome Back To Milk. Its a stark (but welcome) move from her previous stuff. 56 more words


FRIDAY'S THEME: Willow Smith

Welcome to the very first installment of Friday’s Theme! **KLAXON**

I realised that other than the work that I do for Outline Magazine, I don’t write enough about music. 85 more words


[LEADERS IN...] Music: Pura Fe

“I’m often labeled as an activistIn fact, I place myself in the time-honored perspective of someone who accepts to bear the responsibilities inherited from my ancestors.

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