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Although I’m not an artist, drawing is a huge part of my life, and something I do daily as an exercise in mindfulness as much as skill. 294 more words


Okay so you're...

As with my photography Yorkshire enabled me to make a mixed bag of drawings/sketches.


Little Green

As I write this Raiders of the Lost Ark is playing on iTunes, I’m not sure why I started with that but it somehow seemed appropriate or maybe Back to the Future would be even more so.   110 more words


The Human Form 

When it comes to my art, I have successfully tried to avoid the human figure both in drawing and in photography.

But now that I am taking a class in figure study, I am really beginning to love the human body as a subject. 24 more words

oil on canvas, 31.5×47 in (80×120 cm), 2016.

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