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Crazy Crazy world

Sometimes we all wish we could stop the world and get off….I think we are approaching one of those times.  An abortive coup in Turkey which exposed the security of one of the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons in the region; shootings and deaths daily on the streets of the United States of America; Donald Trump; possible Italian bank collapse ;Brexit…I could go on but what is the point?   81 more words



“Charmer” 8″x 10″ Ink on paper 2016


Amazon Emerges

Shot in my flat in Beverely a few ago now. Using two 1500 Hologen domestic lamps and very very large pieces of black materiel. Unfortunately the material didn’t survive the many back and forths to New Zealand. 23 more words



What a wonderful session this was. We had a small room at the Ibis in Chelsea back in April 2007 and I had lugged a huge piece of black rubber up to the room, covered it in baby oil and had my friend roll around on it. 36 more words

Female Nude