The perfect sex toy

Ladyboy With Big Breast And Penis

Woaw! A Real Solid Full Silicone Ladyboy Sex Doll With Big Breast And Penis!

I just found the perfect sex toy. 407 more words


Common Misunderstanding Men Makes About Sex Toys

Many couples in life already use sex toys to increase the fun in bed. But there are also some misunderstandings about sex toys. This article will remove the men’s general misunderstanding about sex toys. 546 more words


The Guardian: How to close the female orgasm gap

The Guardian published a nice opinion piece today, and I thought I would share.  Titled “How to close the female orgasm gap”, the gist of it is that hetero women (and the men who love us) need to better understand our own anatomy, arousal and erotic minds in order to be able to reach orgasm as frequently as, well, everybody else. 371 more words

Female Orgasm

Is Pornography giving you a Headache?

An interesting piece of research reported yesterday by neurologists from Taiwan. They said that studying brain scans of a 40 year old married man who regularly looked at internet porn showed activity in areas of the brain normally associated with pain, not sex. 68 more words


Memory Booster for Women

Seventy-eight women aged 30 or under took a memory test involving abstract words, then filled in a questionnaire on sex. This was carried out as part of a study by researchers at McGill University in Canada. 45 more words


Don't Do This

We fellas often make the mistake of thinking that females find seeing a nude male as sexually stimulating as we find seeing a nude woman. This is not so. 39 more words


How Internet Porn Is Changing How Men and Women Are Having Sex

Sexual satisfaction is important for pair bonding in a relationship, as well as for one’s own psychological health. What’s more, we’re living in an age where personal fulfillment seems to be the ultimate goal. 1,055 more words