Vibrating female condom gives out orgasms like candy

This just in; a brand new heart shaped female condom that not only prevents unplanned pregnancy and STI’s – but also helps women reach orgasm. 437 more words

Femme Fatale

The ‘sexy sons’ hypothesis - why women get better sex with men other women fancy by Dr Raj Persaud

The ‘sexy sons’ hypothesis – why women get better sex with men other women fancy

Raj Persaud

A team of psychologists from Oakland University in the United States have just published new research which reveals that psychologists might be able to predict what kind of man a woman is more likely to achieve an orgasm with. 915 more words

Loss of Sex Drive

When a woman has a persistent or recurrent lack of interest in sex, this is medically described as hypoactive sexual desire disorder – what a mouthful, hence the simple abbreviation HSDD. 194 more words


Who's Fault Is It?

A couple days ago, I read a facebook post about women and orgasms. It read “ladies, if you haven’t experienced an orgasm by now, it’s your own damn fault!”  It was followed by a few other words but I couldn’t help but feel a bit disheartened at the lack of knowledge, experience, understanding, and compassion spewing from the mouths of men who shouted out in agreement, and women who clicked “like.” 688 more words


Are You A Squirter?

One of the reasons why I love my job is I get to discuss topics that are typically considered taboo.  Take “squirting” for example.  A search for this topic will bring up a host of porn sites that would make even the raunchiest of us blush.   83 more words

Breasts, Sex, and Cancer

Robert Paul Smith said, ‘B is for breasts, of which ladies have two; once prized for the function, now for the view.’ In the chapter headed ‘Breasts’ in my latest book, I ask the question, ‘Are breasts sexual organs?’ In a happy mood I read one man’s view; ‘When shopping, we are all familiar with the offer, “Two for the price of one”. 250 more words


The Unfulfilled Orgasmic Potential of Today's Woman

Soundtrack: R. Kelly “The Greatest Sex”

Expanded Sexual Response (ESR). Ever heard of it? It’s something that scientists have been formally studying for a few years now. 2,575 more words