Female orgasm explained (Video)...

Bad news! 71% of women do not reach an orgasm during sex… Here’s what to do about it… Read more…

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Single & Sexy

A study involving 2000 people over a seven year period, by researchers in Finland, showed that singles enjoyed more orgasms and were able to reach orgasm faster than those in a relationship!

Happy love-making.



How to Feel Her Cum Inside You? (An How to Article.)

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Come together

We all agree that to come together is the nicest thing. We also agree that all too frequently the man comes too soon or much quicker than his partner. 66 more words


Got Libido Problems?

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When Desire Meets Intensity (G-uno)

Her hands trembled as her eyes nervously roamed around the room. I felt her apprehension the moment I entered the room. She was not herself. She was full of anxiety over her desire to hide herself, and her desperation to expose herself. 370 more words
Inner Demons

Female orgasm mystery solved: Scientists discover why women experience orgasm

Salahuddin Ahmed

Scientists have finally solved the age-long mystery behind female sexual pleasure. Thanks to monkeys, they discovered that the female orgasm once played a part in inducing ovulation. 833 more words

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