Women would go out for steak more often if it was cooked better

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine earlier this evening when she came out with this comment. I have to admit, it did surprise me somewhat.  533 more words


Every Types of Orgasm

The more rare still doable O makes some women report whole body tingles, according to research.

The eddy orgasms: Boosting your clit and vagina triggers more of your brains, resulting in more fun. 143 more words


Can't Handle the G

     My stroke led to me being “partially” paralyzed on the left side of my body– to keep it simple.  So, I have little feeling on that side; most touch is a dull thud or a weird, almost burning, sensation if I feel anything at all.   1,088 more words


Come again?: Click Bait and the Female Orgasm

So I was on the Twitter wasting time before I waste more time (because I’m on a semi-staycation motherfuckers!) and I saw a tweet that said something about “things I know for giving her the big O”. 528 more words

Life Coaching

Adults only

My last book was to target young adults, to help them on their way through the jungle of sexual relationships. It was also meant as an aid to parents in communicating the differences between love and lust to their offspring. 165 more words


The meaning of sexfie

If you dont take a picture of it
are you really DOING it?…

Erotic Art + Portraits