Sex With Yourself Is The Way To Achieve The Best Orgasm

It was just another ordinary day when I experienced my first orgasm. It wasn’t anything I had planned on. I was only 13 at the time and my sexual forays had thus far been limited to scrambled porn. 1,217 more words

What's "Touch" Got To Do With It?

What’s “lovemaking” got to do with it?

I once had a lover who without fail would rub on me for at least 45 minutes to an hour every time we were about to  make love. 1,390 more words

5 pleasure shuddering tips to help you reach orgasm!!!

Lets face it ladies, the more we can reach that end goal the better for everyone ;p Some ladies find this act incredibly difficult, especially during penetration and some never reach pleasurville at all! 389 more words

Relationships & Sex

Need Porn?

Are you reading this on a Monday?

Reports claim that Monday is the day when most internet porn is accessed – and January is the busiest month. 62 more words


Erection Problems

The International Journal of Impotence Research says that erectile drugs may help sexual function, but this doesn’t translate into overall satisfaction with sex lives and relationships. 61 more words


7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #7

Combination — Basically this is achieved by combining two or more of the mentioned types of orgasms with the ultimate goal of achieving a super-gasm. This one can be fun to experiment with your partner. 355 more words


7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #6

We have already touched upon this one when Bjorn began training Kirsty to orgasm on demand…but this time…I will go a bit deeper. So here is all I knew about such things back then (about seven years)… 704 more words