4 Ways To An Explosive Orgasm!

Culturally, we tend to think of orgasms as all and end all of sex. Of course, orgasms literally referred to as the ‘climax’ of… 329 more words


Expectations and undoing

Nina sat in the chair and could smell the alcohol. The room was clean, graceful swearing lines decorated the walls split by occasional frames of artwork. 670 more words


Orgasmic Meditation

I had no idea what I was getting into. OK that’s a lie…I had an idea. I knew that we —myself and the guy I was dating at the time — were going to something called a “Turn On” event led by  95 more words


Fuck the Orgasm Gap

The Global Orgasm Committee just called and they said I should tell you,

“No, it fucking isn’t harder to make a woman cum than a man.” 484 more words

Half-Hearted Feminism


I love all that is you
Your masculine scent
The touch of your fingers
Your need of my body
The tender, trailing kisses
Your unbridled passion… 12 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

It's more than that.

Warning: This post is of a sexual nature, and anybody who is below the age of consent, or is not comfortable with such subjects, should refrain from reading on.  521 more words


Relaxing Scent

I sometimes wonder why I like apple pie so much!

Now I know. The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago tell us that the smell of apple pie can act as an aphrodisiac for men. 54 more words