God I fucking love when you can’t handle it. Absolutely wiped the fuck out, shivering like I left you outside in a cold Midwest winter storm. 184 more words

“Oh Fuck” Is Goddamn Right

You are going to put your beautiful fucking sweet delicious goddamn yummy-as-fuck wet and warm lips right over my mouth and purr like a fucking kitten – and no, I am not even close to fucking asking. 100 more words

Ooo, Ooo, Ooo

Well Kitten. When Daddy’s game is sharp, and it’s pretty much always sharp these days, the words you try to verbalize end up coming out pretty incoherent. 120 more words

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti pictures women enjoying an orgasm. Through his art he wants to encourage the normalization of female pleasure.

Female sexual pleasure is still taboo. Movies that show women enjoying cunniligus (having their pussy licked) have a hard time when it comes to receiving ratings. 280 more words


Worry-Free Orgasms

Here’s some good news – women do not need to be totally relaxed to enjoy sex.

You don’t need to ‘switch off’ from life to achieve orgasm. 261 more words


Staring Into You

When used properly, there is something so raw and sexy about the eyes. Your “Deer In Headlights” looking back at me. My Intensity in my eyes pouring into you like a pitcher of my liquid soul filling you up. 191 more words