4 Different Types Of Female Orgasms Are 4 More Reasons To Have Sex

We Heart It I don’t think women, in general, have enough orgasms. This may seem like somewhat of an odd statement coming from a man, but it’s my honest opinion. 24 more words


The Health Benefits of Having an Orgasm

A healthy sex life is conducive to a healthy life in general.

When it comes to our health, we are pretty mindful of the standard ways to keep things in check. 309 more words


Have Sex - Keep Fit

Physiotherapist, Mike Aunger, researched how many muscles are used in various exercises, such as running and swimming, and found that during sex we use all 657 muscles in our body.

Happy Love-Making



Exploring Our Orgasms - Let's Have Some Private Talk About Coming

While we might give the male orgasm higher priority, there’s much more discussion about the nature of the female orgasms – more effort put forth to know the complexities and forms a woman’s orgasm can take. 2,625 more words


Girls Would Have More Orgasms If They Actually Did These 11 Things

1. Love your body. When a guy is in between your legs, don’t worry about what you look like, taste like, or smell like. Think sexy thoughts. 491 more words

Delay Spray for Men

Today’s Daily Mail carries a double-page spread launching a not-inexpensive spray that men can apply to their manhood to delay the onset of their orgasm by as much as ten times.  132 more words


Get Some Sleep In

Researchers in the US asked more than 93,000 women aged 50 to 79 about sleep and sexual satisfaction. Those who slept for 5 hours a night, or less, had less satisfying sex lives. 12 more words