Madame Ovary: The Hysterical Literature Project

Trust me to discover something cool online by reading a paper mag. But it was in Vanity Fair that I read about photographer/director Clayton Cubitt and… 847 more words

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Dance Like We're Making Love

Following on my previous blog today, here’s a link to Ciara’s video, with a contemporary feel:  https://myspace.com/ciara/music/album/jackie-deluxe-20726274

Could you make it last 4.27 mins?

Happy Love-Making.



A Sex Tip - Plus a Free Offer.

Here’s a tip: Watching television, or your computer screen, while making love can be a distraction. Turn it off, unless you both agree that watching porn is a turn on. 260 more words


Clive Peters on FaceBook

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Distance Lovin' Part 2: Happy Ending Massage - For Women

I’m including this in the Distance Lovin’ series because 1) the idea of women paying for sexual pleasure is, to some, a foreign idea, 2) because this topic involves traveling outside one’s home or the confines of a relationship for romantic/sexual pleasure, 3) because there are some out there who will travel a bit far and wide for a “release”, and 4) because this was just too interesting for me to wait to include it in some other series. 503 more words

Author Joy Outlaw

My New Favorite Sex Technique

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this one.  I didn’t read about it anywhere and it just sort of happened spur of the moment, but I feel like I need to spread the word for others who might want to try this. 307 more words


O! Yes! Top 7 Benefits of Orgasms

O! Yes! 7 Benefits of Orgasms

Let’s talk.  There are many people who love sex.  They really love sex, and we love them too.  It’s the best use of their time, actually.   377 more words

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