The Clitoris: What’s Under The Hood?

Andrew Siegel MD 5/7/16

The clitoris is a complex and mysterious organ possessed by all female mammals. Many men (as well as a fair share of women) are clueless (“uncliterate”) about this curious, unique and fascinating structure. 1,538 more words

Andrew Siegel MD

Not so distant memories, II

You lay naked on top of your sheets on your bed.  The memories of hooking up with Tim that night  woke up a desire in you that you haven’t felt in months.  808 more words

Erotic Fantasy

Make Love Often

It’s official, and I’ve been saying this for years, as well as writing about the reasons why: couples who make love often are happier and stay together longer. 53 more words


Full Stop Cacophony

***Mature Content***

“Just breathe,”
Whispered in her ear
Before her nostrils flare,
filling with air
Though sighed out quicker yet
For the feeling of their 221 more words



My thanks to ‘Anon’ who posted a 5* Review of Exploring Sex, Love and Lust, on Amazon.com in the last few days.

It doesn’t matter that he, or she, chose to remain anonymous, the important thing is that reviews help others to determine whether a book is for them or not. 52 more words


Evolutionary misconceptions about women

Evolution is an amazing concept. However, I am pretty sure most modern evolutionary scientists are men. And geeks. With next to zero clue of what women are about.I am hereby raising two flags on important misconceptions: 377 more words


New Research Suggests That Simple Anatomy May Be the Cause of Your Orgasm Woes

It’s 2016, and the female orgasm is still a goddamn mystery. Men have it so easy—which is fortuitous, because the future of humanity literally hinges on ejaculation, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating for any woman who’s ever ended up wide awake and dissatisfied post-coitus while a mollified man sleeps beside her. 342 more words