Are You Bisexual?

US Doctor Elizabeth McClintock analyzed a poll of over 9,000 young adults and came to the conclusion that females were more likely to change their mind about their sexuality. 130 more words


Female Ejac...You Know, and How to Do It! {Adult}


In 2015, it’s okay to talk about Female Pleasure.

Female ejaculation is quite possibly the greatest undiscussed aspect of modern sexuality.

Sex is an amazing part of relationships—it truly is one of the most amazing aspects of life. 171 more words

I Needed To Know What Eli Would Feel Like Inside Me

It’s 82 degrees in Dana Point, California.

It’s hot, but not too hot. I’m laying on my back, reveling in my solitude—my parents aren’t home, and they won’t be for a few days. 1,148 more words

Sexism in our Sexual Education

On optimistic days I like to think that what I call “crisis sex education” is an imperfect movement away from abstinence based education in the sense it acknowledges kids are going to have sex regardless of what we tell them. 524 more words


The Big O!!

In this modern world, where some people have overcome or are overcoming a lot of taboos, sex stills seems to be one such subject that we don’t talk much about. 709 more words

Great Sex Rule No. 1: Never Fake an Orgasm

The article I read last night, 11 Myths We Have to Stop Believing About the Female Orgasm by Jenny Block made me sigh with relief. I have always been a sexual person. 1,103 more words

Personal Blogs


First: When shown images like the one above and asked to choose which men they found more attractive, women cared significantly more about body shape… 148 more words

Do Women Prefer Big Penis Size?