The Secrets to Sexually Satisfying Women

Recently I blogged that you should need a certificate to be qualified to have sex.  Now, the evidence to support this has arrived!  If only I’d known this when I was 20. 311 more words

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4 tips to reach a fulfilling orgasm (Video)

Enjoy just another video-article with tips for better orgasms…

Better Education = Better Orgasms


Women's Sexual Life

10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasms

Good news! They get better with age.

Don’t be shy…orgasms are as much a part of  health as dental floss—but a lot more fun. For all the things you’ve been dying to find out as well as things you’ve never even thought of, expand your knowledge about the “big O” with this list of enlightening facts. 1,378 more words

Sex Advice

It's a Super Healthy Activity - Official

Have you heard about the ‘Two Week Challenge’? You must have sex every single day for 14 days. This is good for you. Really.

Reported in the Mail on Sunday this morning, Kate Garraway, a presenter on UK ITV, wrote about interviewing her friend who had just spent two weeks in Paris, doing The Challenge, with her husband! 109 more words


It's mostly pee (and that's okay)

This is a very touchy subject for most women. Female ejaculation or “squirting” as it’s more commonly known, has been the topic of much controversy for sometime. 258 more words


Researchers Reveal an Evolutionary Basis for the Female Orgasm

Though a common occurrence (hopefully), the female orgasm has been a biological mystery.

Few things are as magical as the female orgasm, whether you are experiencing it, inducing it, or just a casual observer. 745 more words