Female Orgasm: a pleasure that is within reach of all...

Female Orgasm is easily the most intense and powerful pleasure a lady may feel, then a phase of relaxation and gratification ensues. Orgasm, What exactly is it? 42 more words

Female Orgasm

Sexy Brains

Having sex more often improves brain function!

Those who keep their sex life active right through to their golden years were found to have improved fluency and spatial skills, helping in old age, a study by Oxford and Coventry Universities found. 233 more words


4 Reasons It's Okay To Fake An Orgasm

You cannot develop a healthy sex life if you’re not honest about what works and what doesn’t. Having open, honest communication with your partner is the key to satisfying and enjoyable sex. 649 more words

Dating Advice

Growing Sexually

I can tell that volleyball coach is kinky as hell because he’ll do certain things like gently choke me, or suggesting buying toys for me. ¬†Finally, somebody that thinks about sex as a continuous build as opposed to just quick and dirty fun that is short-lived. ¬† 614 more words


Three out of eleven

My body, calm as the night

Until the needle that is morning pierces through

Until the needle that is you

Breaks the tender shell in which I hide… 41 more words


Dame Helen Mirren

Did you read Dame Helen’s little bit of home-spun philosophy, when she was addressing young graduates with one of her top tips for life?

“Don’t confuse sex with love. 17 more words


The Biggest O

I never imagined I would be publicly discussing sex but here I am.. all empowered and unashamed. So… where to begin… Hmmm..

I didn’t have an orgasm until I was 25 years old. 566 more words