The amazing taste of your pussy

I had this dream last night…
I was right between your legs, my eyes closed
your legs wide opened all over me.
I woke up with the TASTE of you. 16 more words

Erotic Art + Portraits

first time

I just had a guy who called me who said he was a 46 year old virgin.

He wanted to role play like he was having sex. 68 more words

SLOG 10-9-2015

Q: Most women I’ve met find my shyness when we first meet actually a turn on, but any suggestion on how to go into a new date feeling relaxed more? 3,181 more words


The seven different types of female orgasm... and how to make them happen

UP to a third of women say they struggle to achieve orgasms through sexual intercourse.   But pleasure should be on the cards regardless – because sex experts have identified SEVEN different ways a woman can orgasm. 395 more words


how to make a woman orgasm

This is a tumblr post I happened apon recently that includes a variety of essays by women about female orgasm and sexuality.


What I got out of this article was partly reaffirmation that most guys suck in bed. 119 more words

Chronic Pain

Roommates and Red Wine, Episode XI

You lay awake later that night reliving your office encounter with Matt.  The sheets beneath you are soaked from the orgasm you finished moments before…and the one you experienced an hour before that from your vibrator as you thought of him.   933 more words

Erotic Fantasy

Talking Sex

A survey for insurers Confused.com published in today’s Daily Mail:

There’s a whole chapter devoted to The Importance of Communication, and how to get into it with each other, as well as your kids, in… 84 more words