Breasts, Sex, and Cancer

Robert Paul Smith said, ‘B is for breasts, of which ladies have two; once prized for the function, now for the view.’ In the chapter headed ‘Breasts’ in my latest book, I ask the question, ‘Are breasts sexual organs?’ In a happy mood I read one man’s view; ‘When shopping, we are all familiar with the offer, “Two for the price of one”. 250 more words


The Unfulfilled Orgasmic Potential of Today's Woman

Soundtrack: R. Kelly “The Greatest Sex”

Expanded Sexual Response (ESR). Ever heard of it? It’s something that scientists have been formally studying for a few years now. 2,575 more words

Is This Blog Even About Sex Anymore? Why, Yes. Yes It Is.

Perhaps you, like  many some a few  other readers of Do Not Get Sick in the Sink, Please, have been scratching your head and asking the question, “Is this blog even about sex anymore?” 831 more words


The Big O - Yes, I'm Speaking Of Female Orgasm

Although Carl’s Jr. sells meat by portraying women getting their rocks off by eating hamburgers and women are sexually exploited daily, very few people talk openly or respectfully about female sexuality. 877 more words

Attention Professional Teachers

Do you teach 11-18 yr olds? Are you expected to provide sex lessons? Would you like help in creating a sensible, credible, and contemporary syllabus? 136 more words


101 Shades of Sex

From pale pink to darkest black. And not just BDSM. We’re all different. This is recognised in Exploring Sex, Love and Lust.

Here’s what one reviewer said: 247 more words


Who Teaches the Teachers

Teachers are human!  Sex is a very private, personal activity, and nobody should expect that any teacher should simply be given a curriculum and told to ‘get on with it.’ Male or female, the teacher feels vulnerable, and, quite rightly, feels that pupils are going to ask questions that can be construed as extremely personal – and leave the classroom with improper views about their teacher. 443 more words