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Why do women cry at the film "Me Before You"?

The central London screening for the new high-profile weepie Me Before You was mostly an all-women affair. There were free tights, hankies and low-calorie crisps on every seat. 792 more words

Genetic Explanations


A woman dresses best for the man she likes most and the woman she likes least.

Keen Observations

Chode's Manifesto

Hi there. I am a chode.
I don’t go for location change within the venue with every girl I approach because I think it’s not going well enough. 33 more words

This Could Save Your Marriage:

7 important factors that men need to know and understand about women & female psychology in order to ensure a successful relationship. Also, 7 important factors that women need to know. 48 more words


Embracing Our Phantoms

I’ve always thought of the “Phantom of the Opera” as a haunting and dark love story. Never did I see it from a Jungian perspective, i.e. 286 more words