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Error of Convenience in Women.

I’d really like to say out loud that ladies are the most stupid, superficial, lighthearted and disloyal beings that God ever created; but I will not. 281 more words


Evolutionary Explanation as to Why Women Tend to be More Liberal.


In some ways it’s not hard to understand why women tend to be more liberal than men. Indeed, it is also true that effeminate or metro-sexual men also tend to be more liberal. 9,938 more words


Females are the most unloyal gender even in the animal kingdom. Strong male animals fight to claim teritorry and females stick with the strongest or during mating seasons the females go for the show off males with bright colours to rear strong and attractive offsprings. 151 more words


The Poet and the Politician.

I came up with this concept years ago, some of you may not know but after my first horrific failure with my fiance’ I forswore ever  getting into an exclusive relationship with a woman again until I understood women.   179 more words