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My Dream of Keys......

I had another vivid dream. I dreamed I was attending an academic social function at what seemed like an Ivy League school. I can almost laugh because this is not a place I would ever be in my waking life. 1,627 more words

This Could Save Your Marriage:

7 important factors that men need to know and understand about women & female psychology in order to ensure a successful relationship. Also, 7 important factors that women need to know. 48 more words


On A Syrian Refugee Camp......

No food, no electricity, just mud.

“The story doesn’t begin with grown women being massacred in the workplace or in the press. It begins with innocent little girls who become convinced, for whatever reason, that the girl within in them isn’t good enough.” ~Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth… 58 more words

Embracing Our Phantoms

I’ve always thought of the “Phantom of the Opera” as a haunting and dark love story. Never did I see it from a Jungian perspective, i.e. 286 more words

'Token' women in male-dominated workplaces suffer more stress

Women who work in predominantly male workplaces are more prone to unhealthy levels of stress – and this is down to the environment, not to the woman’s personality type or the job she does. 246 more words

Working Women

Error of Convenience in Women.

I’d really like to say out loud that ladies are the most stupid, superficial, lighthearted and disloyal beings that God ever created; but I will not. 281 more words


Evolutionary Explanation as to Why Women Tend to be More Liberal.


In some ways it’s not hard to understand why women tend to be more liberal than men. Indeed, it is also true that effeminate or metro-sexual men also tend to be more liberal. 9,938 more words