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Two of the most erogenous zones

Two of the most erogenous zones in men, according to women and for women

Of the most important eroge for women men we can mention two most important: the wallet and the mind. 592 more words

Deep Psychology

The "What I Had to Put Up With" Memory Trap

If there’s one feature of today’s women in Anglo culture I genuinely can’t stand, it’s the “What I had to put up with” memory trap. It is truly astonishing to witness this purge of pent up hatred surge forth from the mouth of a woman who, like a black widow, is going in for the metaphorical kill of a male who is no longer a worthy utility object or meal ticket in her mind and must be disposed of. 984 more words

Sexuality And The Sexes

"I'm Not Interested in Sex"

“I’m not interested in sex.”

I love hearing that line from women who are talking to me. Because it usually means I’m about to get laid. 432 more words

Game, Hypergamy, And PUA