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Hemant Pandey's answer to What's the most important thing you've learnt from studying psychology? - Quora

I am a mathematician. I learned cognitive psychology through self learning (To impress my ‘to be girl friend’) . The most important findings I have till now are… 203 more words

Things Which Women Find Attractive

ACTIONS to take to address Nice Guy Syndrome : seduction

You are doing all the right things to ramp up your game physically. For mental conditioning, I suggest

  1. Practice a lot. Go to the field. Test one principle at a time.
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What are the most common lies women tell men?

  • They are single.
  • Not interested in LOVE. (You can’t stop falling yourself in love.Love doesn’t seek permissions).
  • They don’t have time to meet you.(They may be sleeping all day or play candy crush on their Android).
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Can only handsome rich guys attract beautiful women?


Money attracts women but never excites. having said that, you need to be rich enough to carry forward basic amenities of life.

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What are the important lessons in life that only a girlfriend can teach you?

Girl friends can teach you many things.How to chat/talk on phone in code language in front of your parents so that they never know who is on other side!You have no idea what fashion is and how to match t shirts and jeans combinations.How to make sense out of… 282 more words

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Why is this generation so afraid to fall in love?

  1. We don’t trust others. You know why? Because we know ourselves and don’t trust us. Love is trust and trust is God. But god is dead now.
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