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The Poet and the Politician.

I came up with this concept years ago, some of you may not know but after my first horrific failure with my fiance’ I forswore ever  getting into an exclusive relationship with a woman again until I understood women.   179 more words

Day 1 Cool is asking from daddy "wot are this thing called girls?"

Daddy wot are this alien things called  girls?They are so tough to understand?

Son..Girls are one of the finest creations of this world.They are the one who creates life,Girls are made up of emotions, so if you try to understand them you fail,because they are not governed by logic..But if you try to know how they feel,you have greater chances.


My Pretty Typical Story

My story starts where every other brown FOB’s story probably starts in North America; an amazing job opportunity in the IT industry promising wealth and happiness or some ‘unique’ educational opportunity that allows you to waste your parents wealth on mostly substandard education. 490 more words

Brown Culture

8 Lessons #Selfie Teaches Us About Modern Society

One of the key tenants of postmodernism is  that no distinction should be made between so-called high and low culture. #Selfie by The Chainsmokers, which has so far received over 74 million views on YouTube and is now creeping up the UK Top 40 without even an official release here yet can therefore be legitimately viewed as art. 1,399 more words


When the Truth About Female Psychology Strikes

Manosphere bloggers and commentators frequently talk about  ‘taking the red pill’. Precisely what this means differs depending on who you read as some choose to conflate it with an awakening around wider socio-political issues as well as interpersonal ones, but there is a general consensus that its core is waking up to the realities of female psychology and sexuality. 955 more words