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Hey everyone!

How are yall today? I’m doing good. kinda. working on all my plans to move to Arizona! I dont know what all i’ll need though. 67 more words

Female To Male

The Old Self

In the post Seeing Myself, I finished saying that any hate-turned-inward is unwarranted. The conclusion that I drew, is that my mind is having a hard time catching up to the fact that I am now Rowan. 338 more words


The clothes make the man

The other day my niece got married. Up until the very last  moment I didn’t know whether or not I wanted to go to the wedding. 1,127 more words


Top Surgery

Yo y’all.

So recently I’ve been looking into the costs for top surgery. I know i wont have insurance when i try to go for top surgery. 120 more words

Female To Male


Hey all.

Truth, is so many different things in life. Sometimes its hard to tell the truth when you have lied about it your whole life. 175 more words

Female To Male


Morning all!

Today i’m going to try and start the day some what positive. I got to sleep in and Dont have to go to work til 2. 140 more words

Female To Male



So today is heavy. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past few years that are hard to fix, hard to swallow for me. 205 more words

Female To Male