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Log 17 - Post-Transmission and Medical Updates!!

Hey everybody, welcome to The Human Friendly FtM! If you’re just joining us on the show, please take a moment to explore the archives and catch yourselves up on my eye opening journey from female to male. 1,054 more words


Day 24: Exhaust My Muscles

I had a great workout this evening. I did vigorous workouts on my core, biceps, triceps and buttocks. Not simply any kind of exercises, I put the focus point on my target muscles, and this time I really felt it inside. 209 more words


Day 20: I Got It!

I got the job! Contract for one month but renewable. Nevertheless, I’ll focus on renewal every month then! I can do this! I’m really happy but I don’t want to spoil it, I must do my utmost best and activate my creative switch on full mode *smiling*. 129 more words


52 Tuesdays

What is an authentic life?

Year Released : 2015
Director : Sophie Hyde
Cast : Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Del Herbert-Jane and Mario Späte

It’s not often that you see a trailer and it speaks to you on many levels, but that is what happened when I watched the trailer for the Australian drama “52 Tuesdays”, a story of a woman who tells her daughter that she intends on becoming male. 1,324 more words

Film Review

Day 19: Taking The Risk

I have this quote up on my Facebook cover. I intend to keep it there. Not just a reminder but a plaque pin onto my heart so it’s visible to my mind. 303 more words


Day 18: Secondary Puberty

Is that the right title? Well, it feels right to me at least *grinning*. Okay, this is the thing, my facial hair is growing (or more like showing)! 281 more words


Day 16 & 17: Time Tracking

Yea,I didn’t write anything last night. I’ve been keeping away from writing for a day, and any other things except for workout and watching “2 Broke Girls” – just relaxing and laughing. 194 more words