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Transman Transition Procedure: How to start transition from female to male|FTM?

How to start your transition journey from Female to Male transition?

These are few steps you follow when you want to opt for sex affirmation or gender affirmation surgery. 909 more words


Found This on Facebook

So Proud

I really hope the above link works.  This made me cry.

The Childhood I Never Had

We’re in the Zoo, letting the kids play for a while. I watch them. I can see a group of boys jumping and running around. Kicking, hitting,  415 more words


Misgendering - What You're Actually Saying

I thought about putting a Trigger Warning on here, but I honestly refuse to. People need to know the truth and I certainly don’t care if it hurts them, because the pain they inflict on others is worse. 332 more words


Long time no post...

Hi, yes I’m still alive. I’ve been bogged down with the delights of college work for the past few months and it’s just been a bit hectic really. 91 more words

My Transition

School Trip

The school were James goes is having a field trip in September.  This field trip is at a camp in September for 3 days.  This is great, he is excited and so am I.   115 more words