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Happy new year everyone.

You know, I used to be like ” new year, new me. ” And list goals I had.

But this year, I have the same goals I’ve had for a while. 98 more words

Here's to 2017!

This year has been one hell of a weird year. A lot of good has happened, a lot of bad has also happened… I’ve gained friends and family, I’ve lost friends and family… I’ve played Cards Against Humanity with my grandmother, I’ve been a stereotypical teenager (aka got pissed quite a bit) and I have visited the one country in the world that has a ‘Cute Monster’ themed cafe on the same street as a 2000 year old temple (of course… it’s Japan.) I think the most poignant thing is that I started the year as a girl, and I’m ending it as a boy. 699 more words

My Transition

Welcome, depression

(Artwork by me, watercolor and ink)

Depression wore a black cloak and didn’t have much of a face. He was always quiet, except when he was screaming in my ear. 695 more words



Grade 9 has been an exciting year for James so far.  He is loving school and life.

On Black Friday, James and I went shopping for a suit for him to wear to his Semi-Formal.   134 more words


My Female To Male Transgender Friend

So, I was going through snapchat stories, and I have a friend named Jordan. He had posed a photo with the caption, “got my first binder” and I asked him about it. 127 more words


Coming Out

One year on testosterone compilation video

When I first came out I was 19 years old. I made sure those around me knew that I was out and wanted to change my name and pronouns. 80 more words

Female To Male

High School years 2009-2013

These are pictures from my high school days prior to coming out. 40 more words

Female To Male