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Day 68: Intimate Moments

The one thing I find a little awkward about undergoing a testosterone treatment is the increase of sex drive. Yes, I am active sexually before this, with my exes but damn, with the application, it’s pretty easy to get turned on. 410 more words

Female To Male

Day 66: Catching Time

Time passes so fast, don’t you agree? When I looked at the last tube of testosterone cream, I think to myself, “Wow, it feels like I just gotten the second box only a few days ago…” But yes, time flies. 348 more words

Female To Male

Log 20 - Un-f*ck me!

Hey everybody, welcome to The Human Friendly FtM! If you’re just joining us on the show, please take a moment to explore the archives and catch yourselves up on my eye opening journey from female to male. 1,049 more words


It all starts here

In the beginning…”

…There was a baby born. To two gentle, loving parents. This baby was given a name. A birth certificate. A home. And a personal number on a tiny card bracketing this innocent little person into a social scheme of roles, expectations, rules, and conflict. 715 more words

Coming Out

Day 60: Hi Hairy!

Been awhile since I’ve written in my journal. Recently, I slept a lot. Earlier than before. Perhaps the hours on the road made me tired. Every morning, it took me an hour to office, and another hour plus to go home. 141 more words

Female To Male