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Me? Me. 

I’m fourteen still. I’m a smol bean, but I thought maybe a photo of me would be nice. I’m sure as hell no one I know (that I’m scared of finding out about me) uses Word Press, and if they do I’m sure they’re not on ftm stuff (or are they). 110 more words



Haha, so.. This is a new blog and you don’t know I’m homeschooled (only because I’m skipping a grade is all). However, next year I’m going to an early college (high school and college pretty much, in case you didn’t know). 364 more words


Ugh, God. 

Today’s Sunday. Which means church. Yay. *Sarcasm hint, hint*

Ugh, God (fuck off, please and thanks).

Now, I have nothing against Christians or their religion and beliefs (my family is Apostolic Christians, who believe it’s mandatory to have the Holy Ghost to go to heaven), I just don’t want them forced upon me, but life’s a bitch and apparently wants this for me. 210 more words


Open Letter to Walt Heyer

Walt, I had a lot of trouble stomaching your recent piece on treatment for transgender patients.

You start by quoting a study that compared 20 transgender participants to 20 control subjects, and concluded what is already sort of common knowledge; the trans population faces higher rates of depression and suicide. 1,981 more words


Who am I?

Who am I to myself? To the you? To everyone else?

Well to myself, I’m Elliot, a fourteen year-old boy just figuring out who I am, and that’s what you’ll know me as. 108 more words



I know that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but life just keeps going and transitioning takes a secondary roll. We have moved in with my elderly parents in order to better care for them. 605 more words

Sill waiting

June has come  and I’m still waiting. Meanwhile I found out that age had not taken care of my shark weeks and I had the most horrible migraine I had in ages. 330 more words