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I just need to Pee.

We are living in a very crazy time in the history of human and civil rights. Marriage equality is the law in the United States of America. 737 more words

One month changes + theme changes

ITP: Sex stuff, graphic physical descriptions

So, I am so lucky to be able to finally say that I am ONE MONTH in HRT! I can not even express how grateful I am and I just want to say now that I will never take this process for granted. 501 more words

Female To Male

ugh ok.

ITP: Graphic medical descriptions that might be triggering (bottom dysphoria, blood)

I haven’t been on in so long and I also haven’t even been journaling and I’m really bothered about it because I need to be writing. 599 more words

Being Transgender

I don’t know if I am going to post this, but I’m still going to write this out.

Saline’s video has made me feel better about myself just by her being herself in a recent video of hers… 536 more words


Trans man Ed 101.

I have been going to therapy and attending a few Trans groups. All of them have been welcoming and educational in more ways than I ever expected. 342 more words

Pretty Fly for a Trans Guy

The act of traveling can be far more adventurous than the destination.

It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’d only just gotten off my ambulance shift. 418 more words

Female To Male

Measure Of A Man

I am on my 3rd T shot and with that I’ve started getting impatient with my transition. Looking for changes that are much too early to measure. 383 more words