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3 Months on T!

It’s been a while! Here’s my ever-so-slightly delayed 3 month on Testosterone update. (I’m on holiday and it totally slipped my mind, sorry ’bout it.) 175 more words

My Transition

Article about Bathrooms

I am posting a few articles as I believe it is important to be aware of what is taking place around us concerning trans issues. 34 more words

Great Article

This is a article that appeared in the New York Times about raising a transgender child.  I really enjoyed this and I hope that you do as well. 13 more words

Officially post-op!

Just writing a quick post to let you all know I finally had my top surgery this Wednesday 15th of February. The operation went well and of the little I’ve seen when the nurses changed my bandages the results look pretty good. 78 more words



Boy, I got the juice, I got the juice

Boy, I got the juice, boy, I got the juice

I got the juice, boy, I got the juice… 207 more words


From Last to Now

​Everytime I bring up the fact that I’m becoming more myself

You bat it away like a player up to bat
Everytime I try to tell you that… 42 more words

This burst of confidence, so fresh yet so familiar. Growing on me, springing inside of me.

I am so comfortable in my skin that I’m finally taking actual physical steps towards medically transitioning. 49 more words