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How am I supposed to do this?!


I was having a lovely time with my insomnia, watching Nick Camryn videos because I’m a smol bean trying to reassure myself in life that I’ll one day look how I feel when I realise – 81 more words


Theatre and shit

Theatre and photography are probably the one two things that are somewhat school related that I’ve ever really wanted to do (other than psychology and chemistry, but those don’t count *happy giggles*). 288 more words


Two weeks on T

When I found out the endocrinologist put me on a rather low dose of T (half of the usual dose), I was disappointed, annoyed and worried. 655 more words


Finding My Laughing Place

I did something a little out of the ordinary this week. I went to see a hypnotherapist. Yes, really I did.

It relates to an ongoing dilemma that I have. 1,044 more words

Living And Learning

8 Questions to Avoid Asking Trans* People

Whenever you meet a trans* individual for the first time it is normal to have questions.  It is normal to be curious about something you do not know.   18 more words

Everyday Life

My physical transition with HRT

When I was 6 years old I told my parents that I had a hole in my heart. They didn’t understand and neither did I. 2,101 more words


Just Words

They are just words, this is the mantra that I’ve heard over and over again when lesbian women refuse to recognize their gender of their significant others who happen to be transmen. 361 more words