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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Nicaragua

Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

I recently chose Nicaragua for my very first solo travel destination, and I loved every sweaty, exhausting moment and every traveler I met along the way. 848 more words


The Road to Chandigarh


“Do you eat?”

She stood over me, a swirl of pinks and faded yellow pashmina, the look of consternation on her face quite motherly even if unfamiliar. 2,537 more words


10 Months Abroad

By the time I’m back in America it’ll be exactly 10 months since I left home. 10 months spent away from everything I’ve ever known, out of my comfort zone. 280 more words


The 6 Most Useless Things in My Backpack

This started off as a packing list.

You know, the kind of post that every travel blogger writes up at some point or another.

Personally, I find that these posts end up being one of two things: 1,683 more words


Celebrating Graduation, the Right Way

September is nearing and all graduating masters students in the UK know what that means… It’s time to start going after those #CareerGoals. As for me? 393 more words


Tips for a Solo Female Traveler

Be confident.

You’re scared. I get it. Traveling alone can be daunting, even for an experienced traveler. Some of the best advice I can give you is to go into your adventure with full confidence in yourself and an expectation that anything can happen. 540 more words

10 Tips for Safe Solo Travel (Part one!)

Before traveling, I always do a ton of planning and research. Amidst this, I spent a lot of time reading advice from other travelers regarding safety while you adventure. 1,190 more words