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Spending two days In Seoul

I actually talked my way into seeing Seoul when Delta changed my flight.

“I don’t want to arrive in Bali after midnight.” I expressed with displeasure. 447 more words


Seoul, South Korea in the Trump Era

“Are you crazy!?” my friend looked at me, as though I had lost my mind, “haven’t you been watching the news!?”

“Of course I’ve been watching the news!” I said, rolling my eyes. 755 more words


Trastevere and L'Orto Botanico (Roma)

During recent visits to Rome, it struck me just how noisy, chaotic and stressful a place the Italian capital seems to be – a palpable contrast to the laidback, hospitable and seductive face of Italy with which I have become so smitten. 1,036 more words

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Diwali, Delhi and Dogs

I have always loved Diwali – Exchanging gifts, meeting friends of your parents who you always choose to ignore and eating shit loads of sweets. But one thing I have never loved about Diwali is bursting crackers. 410 more words

Female Travel

longing to run away.

(Note: I’m aware it’s been maybe two years since I last posted. So here’s a quiet return.)

I have always wanted to write a memoir. The fact that I’ve just turned eighteen, and don’t really have enough life experiences to fill a book, hasn’t entered into the equation. 346 more words

Solo travel: a new form of female liberation

The conversation about women travelling alone seems so worn out now. Yet, as a female solo traveller I still can’t talk about my experiences without at least one person asking “weren’t you scared though?” or exclaiming “you’re so brave!” What is even more distressing is that a lot of women that I speak to often add, “I wouldn’t be able to do that.” Yes, there are aspects of solo travel that perhaps are not for everyone, no matter their gender, but it would appear that women in particular see travelling alone as something that is very ‘out there’. 614 more words

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It's been five months of travel...and I've hit a wall

Five months. Eighteen countries. Ten new countries. It’s been exciting. It’s been fun. It’s been tiring. I mentioned last month that I was starting to feel the effects of the constant travel, and that I was in a different spot. 1,292 more words