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Road Trip from Singapore to Melaka.

Three days exploring Singapore is definitely a very quick visit. I left the Lion country by staying in Crowne Plaza Hotel Changi after visiting a friend. 1,108 more words


The Beauty of a Weekender

It’s Motivation Monday! Today I’m letting you in on some of the reasons why weekend trips are so awesome. Steve and I frequently take quick trips to places we’ve never been, and inevitably we get looks of shock and the exclamation, “But that’s not enough time to really know a city!” Or the ever-popular, “But why would you spend all that money and time on a plane to only spend such a short time there?” Here are a few reasons why: 354 more words

Oh what to do, when the world insists on turning unequivocally, with little regard for my longing for it to stop?

December is upon us, and this morning I awoke, wondering if there would be a better time to document my experiences of 2016 than this day. 1,194 more words


A few months back, I’ve mulled over the prospect of travelling to Marrakech, as I’ve always wanted to visit this popular destination in Morocco, having previously visiting Agadir on the coast…

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Step One: ProjectNoNewClothes 

Project No New Clothes sounds terrible…

But I’ll work on it.

Step one has begun…

I have deleted all subscribed email accounts to brand names… this is a good way to avoid being reminded EVERYDAY that I need to spend money on their latest product to feel complete.

Non non.

A Tale of WWOOFing in France: Part 2

Like the last post, this was originally published on a previous blog of mine that no longer exists hence the different, slightly narrative style. I wrote it days after working on a farm in Normandy, France for two weeks in June of 2015. 1,361 more words


El Calafate

From Ushuaia I was planning to go to Torres Del Paine in Chile but I decided to leave it for another time. The buses to get there at that time (Low season) were only specific dates of the week and also the thought of carrying my backpack for a 5 day hike didn’t excite me much. 1,865 more words