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Northern Lights

As I was going to bed last night I caught a glimpse of some lights in the sky.. And finally, after one month I was able catch the northern lights. 328 more words

The Layover Travel!

Ever wondered what to do on a long layover? Or did you want to extend your layover anytime so that you could travel a bit? Here is my experience on what I did during my layover. 663 more words


South America

So, I’ve been home now for well over a month. In that time I have shamefully made one photo post and said about 50 words. 239 more words


Rookie Travel Mistakes

As a seasoned travel, I should know better than to make mistakes when traveling .. but sometimes things happen. On my recent trip to Key West, I made several rookie errors and I sort of laughed at myself by the end of the trip because it was one thing after another. 765 more words


Traveling Leaves me Fulfilled <3

It’s a funny thing how people inject themselves into your life with judgmental eyes and words.

“Why don’t you have kids yet?”

“Don’t you feel behind because you don’t have kids?” … 453 more words


Italian Road Trip Adventure: Part 1

What a whirlwind trip it’s been so far! I just got back from three days in Amsterdam (more on that later) and I’ve barely had time to write, but here’s part one of my trip through Italy. 1,148 more words


A cool article: Top Five Apps for Female Travel

Technology plays a part in our daily lives, and especially while you’re traveling. From booking flights and accommodation, to checking the weather, to using a calculator and converting currency. 35 more words

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