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Thailand Part 1

Thailand Part 1 The South

When I started travelling 4 years ago Thailand ¬†was my first stop and my introduction to backpacking. I’ve found that when it comes to your first ever trip things will either go one of two ways. 2,422 more words


Women Travelers and the Brave Betty Bra

Women Travelers and the Brave Betty Bra

By: Dian Emery

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Brave Betty Travel Bra

Traveling as a woman can have some challenges. 127 more words

Half-way through my Round-the-World Journey

It’s been three months since I started my journey, which means I’m approximately half way there (and Livin’ on a Prayer – sorry, had to…). Overall, I’ve seen some amazing things, have traveled way too fast and am still looking forward to more! 1,177 more words


When Plans Change

Remember how I told y’all I was headed to China? Well, plans change, and I am no longer heading to Asia.

Let me explain. Visa work is awful (as I’m sure some of you know). 274 more words


What to do in Funchal, Madeira

My pre-conceived idea of Madeira was that although in pictures it seems very beautiful, it’s also an island for mostly rich, retired people who want somewhere warm to hang out but also somewhere classier than your usual island getaway. 1,650 more words


India Delhi #3 In search of Baoli

Not being one for organized tours, and this, my sixth visit to India I am feeling pretty confident about finding my way, even learning a basic smattering of Hindi. 631 more words


My Top End Journey

My week in Darwin was interesting to say the least, full of many highs and lows. It certainly didn't get off to the best of starts that's for sure. 1,253 more words