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Solo Black Girl's Guide to Couchsurfing pt1

Oh couchsurfing, how controversial and amazing you are. Couchsurfing is the hallmark to all broke travelers. You’ve heard the rumors and the horror stories, but let me divulge you into my own personal experiences. 1,850 more words


The New Deal

The first response from ANYONE I told about my backpacking wish they asked:

  1. “Who is paying for this trip?”
  2. “Have you not watched Taken?”
  3. 852 more words


So in my blog I will go back-and-forth. My travels from Europe to my recent travels in the US, Canada, and my new trip to Mexico. 12 more words


26-31 January 2015: Mendoza

26 January 2015-
Some days it’s hard to get myself moving. This day I’m planning to hitchhike to Mendoza, another long journey of 1400 kilometers or so, and I’m having trouble getting myself going. 2,221 more words


The Diva Cup: Let's Talk About Traveling with Aunt Flo!

To my lovely and cherished male readers:┬áThis post talks about female topics, but please of course feel free to read along if you’re interested or curious, and/or pass this along to any females (and especially female travelers!) in your lives! 1,703 more words


Culture Shock: It's a thing

I’m here! In Panama City! It’s freaking beautiful and warm, the few people I’ve talked to are friendly and helpful, and I am so culture shocked it’s crazy. 733 more words

South America

Who am I?

To start a travel blog you need find your niche. When starting a blog you have to ask, “Why would someone read this?”

I am a Grey’s Anatomy fan and those who watch the show will be familiar with the character Dr. 281 more words