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Why I'm Moving Abroad Even Though I'm Terrified

I’m scared y’all. In fact, I’m terrified. A week from now I’m moving to a country I’ve never visited to live in a city where I have almost no friends. 262 more words


Greece 2016: Day 1 - Windy in Fira

After the scare we got on the plane, we were relieved to be off of it! We had about 3 hours to catch our next flight from Athens to Santorini. 961 more words

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BBC World Have Your Say Interview

After the violent attacks on two women in South America that spurred thousands of women to retaliate with the press on why women should travel alone, and how society is the problem not the travellers, I joined in and wrote a blog post which can be read  64 more words


Ottawa Valley Farming first week

Another week, another farm. After my week off of road tripping I have arrived at my second 3 month stint at another farm in the Ottawa Valley. 649 more words

Nice, How Nice!

Goodbye France! I don’t feel like I had quite enough time with you, but I have to move on or else’s I’d never leave. I’ve just transferred to an Italian train in Ventimiglia on my way to Cinque Terre and I am excited to eat some Italian food LET ME TELL YOU. 1,397 more words


Little Brantley's Words of Wisdom

I want to bring up a topic that most people don’t want to talk about: when traveling doesn’t go your way. It’s inevitable that things will go wrong when you travel. 384 more words