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Dongdaemun Design Plaza

I had been wanting to visit Dongdaemun Design Plaza for a while after seeing pictures of the LED flowers at night. This weekend, I got the chance to go and it did not disappoint. 202 more words


Transnistria: A Non-Country Country with Non-Money Money

If you spend a day in Transnistria, did the day actually occur?

The journey to Tiraspol, Transnistria was one which nearly did NOT occur.

It did not NOT occur because this non-country country’s borderland disputes have left a mix of opinions as to what to call the area. 609 more words


How much are they paying you to stop chasing your dreams?

Firstly watch this. I feel It will set the tone for what I am about to say.

Lately I have found myself googling ‘ films about travel’ + ‘Films to evoke Wanderlust’ ( which I guess isn’t totally a surprise considering.. 451 more words


Halfway to Nowhere *Sept 25, 2015*

Since I couldn’t go to the Otavalo market before due to sickness, I stuck around Quito longer so I could go this weekend. You only really need a day trip on Saturday when it’s at its best, but I was told by someone at the hostel that I should stay Friday night as to be able to see the separate animal market extremely early Saturday morning. 370 more words

My 48 Hours in Melbourne (Part 1)

Last week my dad was taking a business trip to Melbourne and I was lucky enough to get to tag along. It was only a two day trip, but I made sure to make the most of it! 654 more words


26 Lý Tự Trọng - Saigon's Colonial Past

If you ask me what I love about Asia one answer that will always be on my list is architecture. I don’t care whether its a temple, residential house, old colonial building or simply some other historical building, chances are that I will stop to take a picture.  430 more words