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Cold As Ice Advice - Episode 12: Are you Being Ghosted or Catfished?

The world of meeting people online can be difficult. Today we talk to Listener John Bond and try to determine if he’s just being ghosted online or something worse…being catfished! 60 more words


Cold Ice Advice - Episode 11: To Ghost or Not to Ghost

It’s called “Pulling a Houdini” or “Ghosting,” but they mean the same things: Cutting all ties to a toxic relationship. When do you pull the plug? 82 more words


No no Sara Salinas Siri can be a male assistant and always could be!

CNBC reporter journalist blogger Sara Salinas published an article whining that all the virtual assistants are female. Let’s look at that.

While I can certainly agree that Google, Microsoft and Amazon all have only the option for a Female Virtual assistant and have never given an option for a male voice (I may be wrong but as far as I can tell from searching the internet). 448 more words


Cold as Ice Advice - Episode 9: Our First Caller - Advice for Asia

We got our first caller! We talk with Friend of the Podcast, Asia, who is asking us for advice in her relationship. Should Asia take the next step in her long-distance relationship? 72 more words


Cold As Ice Advice - Episode 8: We All Have a Friend Like This

Today we’re talking about three friends of ours as case studies in relationships; their unique approach to relationships, and examine what they’ve been doing wrong, what they could do to improve and make their relationships better. 50 more words


Cold As Ice Advice - Episode 7: Sex it Up!

Today we’re spicing things up. In today’s episode we’re talking about sex! We like to consider ourselves two sex-positive individuals and we’re talking about how important sex is in your relationship. 164 more words