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Today is the first official #MuslimWomensDay! Want to examine your privilege and combat Islamophobia? Listen to these voices:

You can see Alaa Murabit’s TED talk… 223 more words

Female Voices

How Grief Sometimes Loses Course

by: Hilary Brown

It intersects at incongruous places, now crosscutting
humor, which has always been what you supposed
a parallel. It brakes and slows and finds itself… 104 more words

Female Voices

Mom & Bert & Ernie & Me

by: Azul Uribe

My mother learned to speak English with the help of Bert & Ernie in the 70s. Every time I imagine it, it’s always some sepia toned version, like the fading pictures of that time. 941 more words

Female Voices

November, Oakland

by: Hilary Brown

Trauma lodges
in the gut, throat, jaw, teeth
grinding themselves, eat
experience until it’s gone.
Spit it out.

It takes up residence, 101 more words

Female Voices

It's Wednesday

Let’s widen our online reading!

CW: the post linked here discusses sexual assault and abuse

Melissa McEwan in a 2009 post on Shakesville: The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck 354 more words

Female Voices

Lilith's Final Warning

artist: Kimberly deLeon

Lilith’s Final Warning

15 in. x 10 in.

digital photograph


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