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It's happening again... 

It’s happening again. I thought everything is fine already since she survive longer than my last female betta. I don’t think there is something wrong with the water since my male betta, neon and yamato is doing well. 167 more words


Leviticus 24: The Pattern of Man

This book of Leviticus, the close of which we are now rapidly approaching, is a revelation of basic humanity — our basic human needs and the basic proper behavior of man operating as God intended him to operate. 3,746 more words

mirror conversations

i just realized that i haven’t written anything since we broke up.

have you ever stood in front of your bathroom mirror for 20 minutes just having a full conversation with yourself? 277 more words



Origin: Greek, Hindu

Meaning: nut tree

In Greek mythology, Karya is one of the Hamadryades, eight nymphs who presided over a particular tree. Karya is the nymph of the nut tree- walnut, hazel and the sweet chestnut. 93 more words


Selfie Time!

Why not? The month is coming to an end, so here we go➡️⬇️


I am not paranoid. I am constantly vigilant.

So it starts off like your average day. You have a beer around lunch time and tell yourself it totally counts as a meal and thus does NOT make you an alcoholic before you hop a maxi to go to your school to pick up some docs. 357 more words