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Guest Post: I Am A Girl Gamer Feat. FeatherCharm

 Pewdiepie, Cinnamon Toast Ken, Markiplier, Cry. What do these gamers have in common? They are all men. Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing but love for these wonderful guys but we appreciate girl gamers as well (girl power woo!). 613 more words


Hello world!

Hello, World!  This is flutegirl’s very first post here.  I hope it will be an interesting journey, but who can tell?

I guess the very best place to start blog should be with a question, and that is:  “Who is flutegirl?”  Well, the truth is, even flutegirl doesn’t fully know the answer to that.   531 more words


What Makes Me Tick

My life is changing – and I love it. I am more confident in myself, my work, my body and my abilities. Is it a mid life crisis – or simply a wake up call that was needed. 82 more words


21 things every girl has done (and you know you have!!)

We’ve all done things that, well, we’d rather be eaten by wild boars than admit but the fact is we’ve done them. Whether it be accidentally running over Barbara ‘s cat next door or sexting your dad instead of your fella – we’ve all been there and as bad as they seem at the time, we’re all still here to tell the story. 416 more words


I’m Not Ready to Be an Adult

Technically, I already am.

Reading back over my Comp papers from high school, I realize my writing style hasn’t changed much, which is both discouraging and comforting at the same time. 1,108 more words