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Anyone fancy giving me a role like this?

Firstly, let me say, I never heard back about the bride advert role, before anyone asks. No, I’m not surprised, given my age, compared to the desired age range, and I’m pretty sure the fact I’m not resident in North America, and therefore would include extra travel, and work paperwork, probably played a part in that, but who knows? 446 more words

Los Angeles

Underappreciated: Transformers Generations Chromia 

So I opened and reviewed Transformers: Generations Deluxe Class Chromia….and pretty much did nothing else with her. Was it her tremendous backpack kibble?

Or the fact that she was released alongside these beauties? 94 more words


CZARINA HILLARY: "IT'S TIME." Sorry...can't take it back.

Hillary’s time has come.  How do we do know that?  “Cuz she said, “it’s time?”  Cuz she said it’s time. When she repeated over and over (with what can only be described as a combination of entitlement, arrogance, disdain and delusion), It’s time!” she wasn’t referring exclusively to her vajajay as reason enough for her ascendancy to the throne. 1,398 more words


If you’ve ever been called a feminazi or a social justice warrior, this one’s for you-Five Ways People Try To Undermine Social Justice Movements