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Left-wing extremists protest US Vice President Pence in Brussels

A small group of left-wing extremists took part in a vulgar protest against US Vice President Mike Pence in Brussels on 20 February. The protesters, which included pro-abortion and LGBT activists, displayed lewd posters, while some women daubed slogans on their naked breasts. 292 more words


Violent Self-Defense and Violent Activism Aren't the Same

In an editorial on Gods & Radicals from this month, Rhyd Wildermuth criticizes the American middle class for being afraid of violent protesters like Antifa and the Black Bloc anarchists, who incited the violence and destruction of property that occurred at… 759 more words


The NeoNazis Protesting Trump

by George H. Eliason

An Open Letter to Those Who Voted for Clinton and may not realise the company they are keeping when they take to the streets… 2,052 more words

The Feminist struggle and how us men just don't get it

The spirit of the legendary Amazonian warriors, fierce and independent, have been reborn out of the flames of oppression in the form of the modern feminist movement. 866 more words


Muslimah Pride: We Reject Femens Islamophobic and Neo-Colonialist Crusade to Save Us

I have been following the exploits of Femen for a while now and have become increasingly frustrated with the way in which they carry out their campaigns. 1,393 more words


Everyday Feminism? I'll take mine to go....

So my new years resolution is to blog more regularly and so far that hasn’t exactly gone to plan. Blogging’s hard. You have to think up stuff to write about and then write about it. 1,353 more words