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Decoding Deception Mastery

Gary Owens, Master Deceiver

Comedian Gary Owens recently made headlines for using his black wife to call another black man the n-word in a battle I admit I had no idea was taking place before this act of debauchery made its way onto my twitter timeline. 1,284 more words

Pop Culture

The Topless Protester Who Took Center Stage At Cosby’s Retrial Has A History With The Actor

Nicolle Rochelle, the woman who executed a memorable protest at Bill Cosby’s retrial on Monday, has a past history with the fallen actor—but it’s not what you may think. 421 more words


Ukraine is Not a Brothel (2013) – movies i thought were mint #4

This wonderfully titled documentary provides an inside look into Femen, a Ukrainian feminist activist group whose protest methods – mainly running around topless in public and making a ruckus until they get arrested – have made them internationally controversial. 804 more words


Bare breasts but no 'bunga bunga' in Political Animal Magazine

Think that Donald Trump is a ‘colorful’ political leader? Wait until you read about Silvio Berlusconi, former Italian Prime Minister. The recent Italian General Election, neo-fascism, protest and prostitution  are the topics of my latest article in  22 more words


Qui sont les FEMERDE ?

Vous allez me dire que le blog est prout prout et tourne toujours autour de la merde, mais je vous emmerde, bref aujourdhui petit article sur les fermerde qui est un groupuscule néo-nazi de folles hystériques qui montrent leur fion à tout bout de champs. 129 more words

La charca X- una gota por vivir

Todos tenemos un corazón para olvidar;

por mucho que sea la fuerza empleada

que haga surgir como un barco hundido a los muertos.

El estanque crece hasta la luna, 393 more words


Pater Finis CGT- Machigualitario.

Ayer 8 de Marzo desfilé entre las filas de las mujeres de la CGT de Kastelló, sin saber muy bien por qué.

No levantamos el puño y ni expresamos la rabia en las calles. 590 more words