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Modern Feminism in Western Countries

This article refers to Feminism Movement in Western countries with no reference to women’s status in Muslim countries and third world countries, where role of women is regulated by cultural and religious factors. 1,362 more words

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How Aggressive Third-Wave Feminism is Perceived Online

By its definition, third-wave feminism is focused less on laws and the political process and more on individual identity. The movement of third-wave feminism is said to have arisen out of the realisation that women are of many colours, ethnicities, nationalities, religions and cultural backgrounds. 670 more words


Xenophobia and Feminism

My question is this: when does imposing our perception of rights onto someone turn into xenopohbia. It’s a topic I myself have struggled with throughout the years. 33 more words

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Yannick Fornacciari

Yannick Fornacciari was born in South France and now lives in Montréal, Canada. He discovered photography when he discovered his first camera, which belonged to his father. 584 more words


Matt Heimbach: Wealthy Jews are Bankrolling Trump Protesters

Matthew Heimbach — the founder of the white nationalist Traditionalist Workers Party — recently sat down to interview John Friend for his podcast at Radio Aryan. 3,142 more words

Topless Ghomeshi protester sent by group famous for half-naked media stunts

The Canadian branch of an international group known for their eyeball-grabbing tactic of topless female protesting says the half-naked demonstrator who interrupted a press scrum with the prosecutor in the Jian Ghomeshi trial was one of theirs. 280 more words


‘Victory of all feminists’: FEMEN wins right to topless protest in France

FEMEN activists were acquitted of sexual exhibitionism charges in Lille Wednesday for their topless protest during the trial of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn last year. 109 more words