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Annullano concerto a band russa, Putin invade Forte Prenestino

Venti di guerra hanno inaspettatamente svegliato Roma questa mattina. Gli abitanti del quartiere Centocelle infatti sono stati svegliati all’alba da rumori che hanno rivelato l’inaspettata presenza di colonne di carri armati russi preceduti dal bellicoso presidente Putin in veste di comandante. 139 more words


The Theory of Shock and Awe: Anarchism and Terrorism Taken to the Extreme

On July 18, 2008, The Dark Knight was released. This was a new, darker and edgier take on the Batman character, and a very good film. 621 more words

Muslims do condemn ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other terrorism

As more and more terrorist attacks occur all over the world, fear looms over us like a gray monster. People fear for their lives. Their country. 698 more words

De quoi feministe est-il le gros mot ?‏

L’autre jour, petite réunion informelle avec ma supérieure pour évoquer un projet sur lequel nous travaillons. Elle fume sa cigarette et me parle d’une conférence TedX qu’elle a adoré regarder et que je devrais vraiment regarder aussi. 921 more words

Blasts from my Former Blog (#1) FEMEN

Graham Phillips

First in a new series…

I used to keep a blog on my life in Ukraine, called ‘Brit in Ukraine‘. I put my heart… 503 more words


Islamism, Feminism & Defiance

Few stories could be more heartbreaking than the story of Lisa Borch, the tragically misguided teen from Denmark, victimized for years by Muslim men twice her age, abused, manipulated, brainwashed and ultimately programmed to kill. 1,186 more words

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