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Few stories could be more heartbreaking than the story of Lisa Borch, the tragically misguided teen from Denmark, victimized for years by Muslim men twice her age, abused, manipulated, brainwashed and ultimately programmed to kill. 1,186 more words

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Recently FEMEN, a feminist group very active in Europe, once again proved more courageous than most feminists in America by protesting at a Muslim cleric conference in Pontoise, France. 716 more words


On the Importance of Dialogue: Women in Islam

As a Muslim, it has always been particularly difficult to watch people bash and abuse my religion. I sense an underlying fear, particularly in the west, that we Muslims fit a certain archetype. 1,306 more words


The excluded 'misbehaved' feminists: FEMEN


Well-behaved vs. misbehaved feminists: FEMEN

This Saturday, 12th of September, FEMEN organized a protest at a Muslim Conference: “The women at honor”. Only 1 of the 10 speakers of this women themed conference was a woman, and there were cooking shows and Islamic women’s clothing fashion parades. 1,521 more words


Two topless Femen women disrupt Muslim event.... then get beaten.... peaceful religion???

This is interesting. I think these Femen protesters just proved that Muslims hate women. Those Muslim freaks looked offended and hurt when they were forced to look at their tits. 170 more words


WATCH: Topless female protesters interrupt Muslim conference in Paris

A pair of topless women interrupted a Muslim conference in Paris this past Saturday to protest what they say was the conference’s anti-feminist message.

Bearing the slogans “No one makes me submit” and “I am my own prophet” across their chests, the two women from the feminist activist group… 461 more words