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Feminism and Islam: Femenislamophobia?

The 22 years I have spent on Earth so far have consisted of many Diasporas coupled with constantly shifting ideologies, often paralleled with my environment. From Pakistan to New York to Toronto to a small, right-wing, predominantly white town that shall remain unnamed for the sake of the good-hearted folk who live there. 1,335 more words


Lamentos umbilicales: grito a las madres.

Lamentos umbilicales: grito a las madres.

Entra al tren de la indignidad , entre  coro de comadres parturientas, Carmen Dos pasos, huyendo de los gallos que la pican entre las piernas y han sembrado su vientre inmaduro, al que ahora abuchean cacareando. 1,151 more words


FEMEN, they are not at all about women rights.

FEMEN is the Ukraine feminist movement supposedly funded by George Soros. They are well-known for their topless actions and colorful media exposure. What are they about? 167 more words


To me Finn Nørgaard was just an innocent bystander (RIP)

On February 14th Finn Nørgaard was killed in a terrorist attack in Copenhagen. To me he seems just an innocent bystander, who was just present at a debat about Free Speech. 248 more words


Música y Estado

“Sólo así salvaremos nuestro destino cont­ingente, creando nuestro propio destino final. Haciendo de nuestra vida, de cada estado de nuestra vida, una aspiración ulterior al perfecto Estado, al que se adecue con nuestro congénito y previo mandato, de llegar a ser lo que ser debíamos. 897 more words


Amina & The Topless Protest

In 2013 a young Tunisian woman named Amina Tyler protested topless as a part of the FEMEN organization, which sparked outrage across the world Amina posted pictures of herself topless on her facebook declaring “Fuck Your Morals,” and “My Body Belongs to Me,” before traveling to Paris to study journalism. 186 more words


The Women of: FEMEN

I love women like this. Just the right type to bring home and introduce to mom!

:) 55 more words