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Feminism; again?

If you win a shouting contest with an audience of dead people, can you claim to have won anything at all?
This is a question I heavily relate to feminism, and feminists constant struggle to grab any kind of foothold in the minds of society. 949 more words


Una feminista bien vestida vale por tres.

Una feminista bien vestida vale por tres.

Yo estaba tumbado formando con mis manos una cruz bajo una fina capa de luz del sol sobre la hierba en el bosque primitivo del jardín botánico de los jardines de los Viveros de Valencia. 667 more words


Las guerrillas internas feministas

Las feministas, enfermas de tanto egoísmo, establecen luchas internas para controlar lo que llaman la lucha por la libertad de la mujer. Repiten 620 more words


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¿ Unas representantes?

Book Review: Topless Jihadis by Jeffrey Tayler

This book sees Jeffrey Tayler interview and analyse the Ukrainian born Femen organisation, the feminist protest group famous/notorious for their topless protests.

Tayler enjoys significant access to the group, visiting them at their Parisian base where they have settled since being virtually exiled from Ukraine. 351 more words


Topless Jihadis: A Review

I recently started reading Jeffrey Tayler on Salon.com; he is also a contributing editor for The Atlantic. In Salon, he writes a weekly column in which he fiercely attacks religion (for example,  564 more words


Feminist Jihad

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for religious and ideological fanatics.

There was the attack we are all familiar with in Garland, TX, carried out by Islamic fanatics. 362 more words