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Petition: Keep the category of sex a mandatory question in the 2021 Census


We oppose the published tentative recommendation by the Office of National Statistics to make sex a non-mandatory field in the 2021 Census. We demand that sex remains a mandatory question in the Census and is included in all government demographic data collection in accordance with SDG5 commitments.

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Brain Sex!/Genderism/Gender Criticism

Sept 29th 2017: Femicide In Mexico

Freelance journalist Nidia Bautista returns to the LMC to discuss the ongoing Femicide in Mexico & how it has gone beyond Ciudad Juarez and the northern states of Mexico. 22 more words


Women in Mexico: records against erasure

How do I explain the pain of inhabiting a body that is socially constructed to be worthless? The sadness of knowing her eyes were robbed from the shine that belonged to her only…I say her because she has so many names, every one of them is the story of a life erased by hatred. 6,042 more words

The Gravity of Femicides in Nicaragua

As a foreigner watching the nightly news in Nicaragua, I sometimes find it to be gruesome. Coverage of motor accidents, shocking court cases, and murders are reported to a presumably desensitized audience. 466 more words

Peace Corps

My vagina invites crime.

The moment the light of the sky turns dark and the street lights turn on Thandi Khumalo* lowers her face and picks up her pace, the milk in her Pick ‘n’ Pay bag swinging next to her. 477 more words

Get Help: POWA

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)

If you or a loved one is getting abused please consider contacting POWA for help and guidance:

If you need help, POWA is here for you. 197 more words