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My outer life is stable and uneventful, but my inner life is filled with enormous waves of drama. These dramas churn back and forth from the depths of the ocean to the warm sands of the shore. 1,190 more words


We Need to Help Our Women.

It’s true, though evolutions throughout human history our women are still marginalized, mistreated, and suffering all around the world. Women’s rights in particular is an ongoing discussion that requires a stern solution. 287 more words

Argentina says no to gender violence- AJ+ (June 2015)

In June 2015, more than 200 000 people rallied against gender violence in Buenos Aires in front of the national congress. The hashtag Niunamenos went viral: through social media it conveyed the population to take a stand on femicide, a silent killer that brutally takes the life of an Argentine woman every 30 hours.


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Ich habe bei f1rstlife einen Beitrag über die #NiUnaMenos Demonstration in Peru geschrieben. 48 more words


Defeating the enemy within - intimate partner violence in South Africa

Abuse at the hands of one’s partner is rife across the world. And even though South Africa has the highest levels of this type of violence, healthcare providers are not trained to deal with it and it is still regarded as a taboo subject. 223 more words

Maternal Mental Health

New Statesman | The reporting of India Chipchase’s murder shows the true extent of Britain’s rape culture

Why India Chipchase? For the Sun, it must have been the booze: “Woman ‘drank six Jagerbombs in ten minutes on the night she was raped and murdered” went the tweet, for which the newspaper was rightly damned. 200 more words


QotD: "Argentina announces new gender violence plan"

The Argentine President, Mauricio Macri, has announced a national plan to fight violence against women.

Mr Macri said every 37 hours a woman was attacked in Argentina and that education was the key to ending deeply rooted cultural patterns of violence.

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