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#NiUnaMenos: Latin Women Matter

#NiUnaMenos. #BastadeViolencia. #MiercolesNergo.

On Wednesday 19th October 2016, hundreds of thousands of women across South America gathered together to protest against feminicidios (femicides) following the abduction, drugging and rape of 16-year-old… 452 more words

Dear Nixian.........I remember you x


(Click on above for Nixian’s story – she was murdered in front of her 2 year old daughter when she decided to leave her marriage then stuffed in a suitcase and buried 3 feet under at a local beauty spot. 667 more words

Latin American Women Take The Streets

#NiUnaMenos, Not Even One Less

On October 19th, women all over Latin America took to the streets and protested for all the women missing today from gender violence. 692 more words

Gender Equality

Ni Una Mas (Not One More) Femicide in Mexico

I’ve written how mothers are venerated here in Mexico. I’ve written about how the Virgen Maria de Guadalupe, the ultimate mother, has played a key part in the independence of Mexico. 1,199 more words

Cultural Challenges

The Mobilization of Women is a Threat {ni una menos, vivas nos queremos}

cw: mentions of assault, rape, murder, and femicide

By the time I received the safety warning, I was already dressed in black.

Argentina (Security threat level III): On 19 October 2016, thousands of women are expected to participate in a strike and march to protest against the brutal rape and killing of a teenager in Mar del Plata earlier this month… 921 more words



My outer life is stable and uneventful, but my inner life is filled with enormous waves of drama. These dramas churn back and forth from the depths of the ocean to the warm sands of the shore. 1,190 more words


We Need to Help Our Women.

It’s true, though evolutions throughout human history our women are still marginalized, mistreated, and suffering all around the world. Women’s rights in particular is an ongoing discussion that requires a stern solution. 287 more words