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Get Help: POWA

People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA)

If you or a loved one is getting abused please consider contacting POWA for help and guidance:

If you need help, POWA is here for you. 197 more words

Leihlo la Sechaba - Women Killings

Watch: SABC Women Killings

What did you think of the 11 July 2017 episode of Leihlo la Sechaba?

Do you think relatives and friends should be able to report or open cases on behalf of an abused loved one? 11 more words

Every 18 Hours a Woman is Murdered in Latin America, Why?

By: Michael Fontana

Women are commonly murdered in Latin America, with their remains found in their homes, or discarded in garbage bags on the sidewalk. ‘Femicide’ is “the intentional murder of a woman or girl on account of her gender”. 2,363 more words

Gender Equality

New Statesman | There’s no justice for women when men like Robert Trigg are not investigated

When Robert Trigg was given a life sentence for the killings of two women this week, it was much too late. Not just because it came six years after the death of Susan Nicholson – who Trigg murdered in 2011 – but because in 2011, he should already have been convicted of the manslaughter of Caroline Devlin in 2006. 111 more words


FIRE - Unknown

““Family always finds its way back” That was her mantra. Sometimes I’d catch her staring at me, deep in thought. It was like she was plotting something from the very beginning, like she knew I was never enough and that one day, one day she’d have no use for me and I would end up alone, broken, weak and held prisoner by a mad man. 586 more words

He Took My Virginity


Why do we say he took my virginity?

Out of all the words and sentences a woman could use to describe her first sexual encounter “he took my virginity ” is used to describe something that’s meant to be shared , experienced and enjoyed. 367 more words