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Censorship and Feminism, An Unholy Alliance

Something that pisses off feminists is having someone try to challenge their ideology. I found a picture of a woman burning a book called “War Against Boys”. 111 more words

Goddess Temple of South Orange County

There is is a goddess of Irvine temple, where men are forbidden except on the fourth Sunday every month. The website is hilarious. Come sisters to our museum where we have statues owned by the Dalai lama, and learn the true history of the world that the patriarchy has buried for thousands of years! 168 more words

Stop demonizing before knowing the difference- Feminism and Feminazism.

The heated debate and arguments surrounding the concepts of feminism have now been discussed for long and have been propagated worldwide. Due to the rampant increase in the number of cases related to violence against women, outrageous movements related to female rights, 1,104 more words

Value your uniqueness

I am neither against the men nor against the women. I am against the society that whispers into the ears of people of one gender that they need to demonstrate to the world that they are better than the other gender. 69 more words

The Gender Wage Gap

After receiving a torrent of abuse and criticism via social media, Lena Dunham began to withdraw from the world of Twitter and started searching for a different kind of online presence, one where her words could flow in much more than 140 characters. 684 more words

Big Screen

Feminism is confused.

Good morning, long time no see, and all that jazz. Time to talk about feminism.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “God, here we go. Another feminazi.” But that’s not the case. 570 more words

Is feminism good?

Hello again and welcome to my blog. Today’s topic is as hard as the last topic  I covered, so without waiting let’s get started. Is feminism any good or is it rotten to the core? 1,429 more words