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Feminism & The Princess Complex

Garbage – Stupid Girl.

While the proclaimed purpose of feminism is noble, throughout my entire life in America, I have never personally seen a single action motivated by misogyny. 381 more words


Feminazis and Nasty Women

There are lots of bad words. Words that have always been bad, words that have turned bad over time and bad words that are part of our everyday vernacular. 549 more words

Stop Feminazism

The heading of the blog may intrigue you, may confuse you and it may annoy you. But once you have finished reading, I’m sure it will make you think why this is an important issue to be discussed. 463 more words

Man Up America

Donald Trump’s election signifies the reemergence of white working class Americans as a powerful political force tired of the endless lecturing by progressives incapable of ever being satisfied by any display of humility on their part, and especially ticked off were white American men sick of being castigated for faux white privilege and for being male in the liberals’ attempts to beat down any ability to resist their progressive onslaught. 1,836 more words


Feminism, or so we think

“I mean, he used to get angry really quickly, and everything was my fault. I never thought much about it. I mean, I’ve seen my dad and my brother do the same thing, so I thought it was a part of life I’d just have to get used to”

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Miscellaneous Musings


A lot of things actually made me think about doing this but I don’t really want to go too in depth because no matter what you say about feminism people are going to hate you. 418 more words


I would like to clarify something:

A Feminist is someone who believes in equal rights, focusing on equal rights for women.

A FemiNazi is a man hater who wants to take advantage of, subjugate, enslave, and punish men. 65 more words