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Of Feminism, Feminazis and Campaigns

My body. My mind. My choice.
Words that would not have been out of place in a feminist protest, these are the opening lines of the Vogue Empower video starring Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. 1,131 more words



KAMPALA – Last time, I crushed down on anti-feminists, and “men’s rights activists”. I claimed they were naive at best, but most likely just judgmental and ignorant. 880 more words

Politically Incorrect Theater - Part 12

Wait a minute…your all-female, misandrist, gendercidal planet is called what? Seriously?!

This unfortunate coincidence comes to you courtesy of Adventure Comics #326 (November 1964) by Otto Binder, Jerry Siegel, John Forte, George Klein, George Papp, and Curt Swan. 15 more words


Bitter old feminist is bitter and old.

I think everyone knows who this woman is, Janet Street Porter – interrupting people and throwing her opinion down peoples throats for decades.

Back in medieval England when Janet was born, there was a strict feudal system in place. 207 more words


The Vogue Empower Video, dot by dot...


Looking at all the hoopla around Vogue video, I thought I will present my interpretation.

Begin with the logo. The “O” of “Choice” is a red bindi, clearly symbolic of Maa Durga. 540 more words


7 things every Indian woman must stand up before she decides to marry

We have seen a sudden surge of women empowerment in the recent past. Unfortunately, the concept has given more rise to so called feminazis and pseudo-feminists (including men to impress women indeed) rather than the true women with pure substance per se. 1,080 more words


Sweden's Feminist Party

En Arg Blatte talar is a popular YouTuber whose name literally means “Angry Blatte Speaks” and he is an anomaly in Sweden because he speaks his mind and uses common-sense when doing so. 213 more words