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For Rapist of all kind

Don’t you know? Let me repeat for you.

A letter from the femiNazi , for who call (feminism equals misandry)

Yes for you all (Rapist of all kind) 252 more words


Nine reasons to hate Ghostbusters (unless you're female)

Last week the much maligned new Ghostbusters movie finally hit the screens. It has been one of the most hated films ever ahead of its release – IMDB was showing a rating of 1.6 stars long before even the critics had seen it, and its first trailer on YouTube was the most hated trailer ever. 1,291 more words


A Letter to the 'Feminazi' (For the lack of a better word) from a Feminist.

​***Disclaimer: An important point that I want to bring up here is that while writing this poem I was trying to direct it at misandry and could not find a word that I felt everyone could connect with other than ‘Feminazi’. 693 more words




“Siempre es hoy” dijo Gustavo Cerati en una de sus canciones, y este blog que arranca en Barcelona, estará más presente que nunca. 229 more words


Ken Clarke is a big sexist for saying the word woman

By Triggia Pufferton

I am angry. Very angry. A conservative politician has been sexist by calling Teresa May a woman.

This is offensive. Look at the video below. 115 more words


Bad Trendy Terms - WIF Grammar

Trendy Words

We Need to Stop Using

Right Now

The evolution of language can be a beautiful thing to behold. After all, it’s not so long ago that gay meant ‘happy’, a dashboard was something you stood on, and the F-word was a simple synonym for “hit”. 2,172 more words


Intersectionality - The Study That Encompasses All Social Sciences

Let’s face it! The number of statistics that are coming to the forefront, to the doorstep of the general public is one endless oracle which seems to illustrate how plagued human society is, be it by discrimination, domination or oppression. 820 more words