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Funny Lady: Kirsty Mac

After travelling the world, Kirsty Mac has come back to her hometown of Geelong for her new show Feminazi, which performs at GAPA (The Studio) as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 506 more words

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1. Double standards
2. Internationally
3. “masculine enough”


The fact that you connected masculinity with assault and rape is proving a point. THAT is what modern America has begun doing; telling boys they are predestined to be assailants and the only way they can vindicate their atrocious nature is to tuck away their masculinity. 556 more words

Defend your son's right to be MASCULINE

Camille Paglia is a feminist who doesn’t mince words. She calls a spade a spade. She has gone on record as saying many times that feminists are hurting the United States with policies aimed at “neutering” boys at an early age and continuing the de-masculinization process through media and other avenues. 506 more words


I’m a feminazi.  I’ll wear that label, sure.  Let me tell you something that pisses a lot of people off: Men should fuck right off with their “opinions” about women’s issues.  453 more words

Feminazi's on parade.

Forcing the victory of the American Female. If American women can’t succeed in an environment of freedom of speech, just ban freedom of speech for men and give it to women…. 44 more words


NB: “In the never-ending search to find things to be offended by, part of the feminist left has determined that “bossy,” when applied to girls and women, is inappropriate. 101 more words


Fucking Neckbeards (horrible ranty horribleness)

So I saw a comment on facebook earlier from someone who had a troll faced neckbeard as their profile picture.  Naturally I clicked on their profile and stalked them a bit.   605 more words