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Your Overly Zealous Reaction is RUINING Political Discourse in America OR An Educational Moment

You know you’ve done this before:

You’re arguing with someone and, in some chess-master-like fashion, you see the road they’re going down. You know that, if they follow this route, they’re bound to stumble down that pitfall. 839 more words


You were right when you said Women has all the liberty today. She is given every opportunity as good as a man, given as importance as much as a man would get for the similar task.

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Hated promoter of consensual sex dies.



Before selling out to the Nambla feminists he incurred their hate for promoting Adult Sex, good body self image and even consistant consensual sex.

the conservativeness of veganism

The many forms of political correctness war going on around the world right now seem to have something in common. They speak to our sense of what is sacred. 499 more words


If you’re an Equalist, you’re a Feminist. 

“What is Feminism? Is it like the man gets 3 vadapavs and woman gets just 1?” asked my best friend. “Yes. But the reality is more like, Man gets 3 vadapavs whereas woman is the one who’s unwillingly cooking the Vadapav and hardly gets any to eat.” I replied. 1,041 more words


Feminism Is About Equality, Not Male Bashing

(Disclaimer: Basically, this is a rant. You have the option of not reading ahead.)

So, 99.9% of my FB wall, advertisements around, videos, quotes, whatsapp forwards all have one thing in common – Feminism (at per the tags and the descriptions). 1,150 more words


Feminism vs Fema-nazis

Yes, I totally made that word up.  The actual word is Feminazi’s, Manhaters just seemed so trite and overused.  So Let’s have a discussion about this. 843 more words