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Small Note About "Manspreading"

Manspreading is the seemingly shocking and/or revolting act of men opening their legs a little bit too much on public transports. With that being said,some less-than-gifted hysterical “feminists” in the good ol’ U.S.A.  204 more words

The Feminazi (Part 6)

So I just read an blog post that was linked to me by a good friend of mine. It can be found here: http://injusticestories.com/i-aborted-my-baby-because-it-was-a-boy/ on a site called “injustice stories”. 733 more words

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The Feminazi (Part 5)

So I got into a discussion on Facebook this morning with a stranger who I will leave unnamed out of respect for her privacy. The discussion spurred from my response to BuzzFeed’s recent Harry Potter video parody. 1,735 more words

The Internet


So I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately. Buzzfeed articles and videos popping up in my Facebook feed have become more and more feminist and at an alarming rate. 394 more words

The Internet

friend request denied

You called me “Dono da Verdade”, brazilian portuguese expression for someone who can’t accept anyone else to be right. Well, i am. You are, too. “Truth” is a simplistic word for personal perspective, so being a person entails having your own truth. 418 more words


Now The Sun has bowed to feminazi censorship, they're starting on The Star (paper)

The Page 3 in The Sun has moved online, for free. It’s a trial to raise subs and it won’t work because the rest of the internet exists. 195 more words

living in the age of subtlety - a critique of contemporary feminism part I

A critique of contemporary feminism has been one of my big goals with this blog. I want to begin to write a series of posts related to this topic and break them up with more current events as I move along. 1,466 more words