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It's Not All About You

Here’s what’s sad about using the word “feminazi” to refer to people who call things sexist that you don’t think are sexist: you’re confusing free speech with genocide. 109 more words


Tyler, The Creator Banned from Australia

US rapper Tyler, The Creator has joined boxer Floyd Mayweather and Insta-celeb Dan Bilzerian in being banned from Australia for ‘promoting misogyny and violence against women.’ 122 more words


Misconceptions about Modern Feminism

Feminism is the radical notion that women are men

No, wrong! Feminism is the radical notion that women are people too. Feminist women don’t want to be men.

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Moron of the Day

If only there were only one moron per day, we all could rest a little easier. But alas, they exist everywhere and the more moronic they are, the more they feel they need to speak. 702 more words

Male Privilege

A Criticism on Jessica Rey's "The Evolution of the Swimsuit."

Legalism is a skunk; it likes to hide in the dark undetected, while the stars in the sky teach us to live. It prowls for trash, which it can use for its purposes. 1,315 more words

The Inequality of Equality

While surfing the web recently, I came upon a picture that was very interesting. In this picture a young man and woman were described to have become impaired by alcohol (in itself common enough). 1,591 more words


Book 5: All The Rebel Women by Kira Cochrane

I’ve been feeling a wee bit feminist this year. So much so that my A Level students began checking on entering the room whether it was a ‘feminist Nazi’ day. 948 more words