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The Burqa

I read something rather funny the other day, not exactly haha funny, more ironically funny. I’ll start with what I read and then afterward will debunk this very silly statement. 484 more words


Don't be a feminazi, be a feminist

“But…what about the men?” There are many misconceptions behind feminism and there’s often an ambiguous line between what feminism entails and what being a feminazi is. 392 more words


Feminism is so stupid. (JK)

A lot of people complain about the misguided “feminists” and the “reverse sexism” this leads to. Most of the social movements that demand change have a group of haters who don’t intend to make things worse but don’t want to be an ally simply because they don’t agree to some things done by some people. 150 more words


Den Arsch ansprechen: Ein Zug-Drama in drei Akten

Wir finden uns direkt beim Einstieg scheiße. “Kann ich mich da noch hinsetzen?”, frage ich, denn an einem Sonntagnachmittag belegt man im Fernverkehr nicht zwei Sitze mit Rucksäcken. 2,542 more words

Wütend Genug

The Feminazi Brotherhood

There is a brotherhood that’s evil. Filled with evil. They’re a brotherhood unlike any other, because every single member of this brotherhood…is a woman. It’s the Feminazi Brotherhood. 1,138 more words

Groups, Societies & Other Legions Of Stuff

Ignoring Sexism Isn't Helpful

A friend told me recently that her boyfriend asked her if she “actually experienced sexism.” We laughed.

Of course, the answer is yes, yes, yes, absolutely yes. 605 more words


JonTron is "Sexist and Evil"

An article by “We The Unicorns” has sparked an interesting debate. After a recent “Twitter Rant” by JonTron. I’ll do away with the introductions for JonTron. 835 more words