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7 things every Indian woman must stand up before she decides to marry

We have seen a sudden surge of women empowerment in the recent past. Unfortunately, the concept has given more rise to so called feminazis and pseudo-feminists (including men to impress women indeed) rather than the true women with pure substance per se. 1,080 more words


Sweden's Feminist Party

En Arg Blatte talar is a popular YouTuber whose name literally means “Angry Blatte Speaks” and he is an anomaly in Sweden because he speaks his mind and uses common-sense when doing so. 214 more words


Replace SJW 'oppressor' groups with Jew



h/t RVF.

Similarly, http://menkampf.com/ is a browser extension -“Using the power and convenience of Mozilla Firefox, Men Kampf takes everyday feminist rhetoric and translates it into Nazi friendly Deutsch Muttersprache (German mother tongue).” 13 more words


Breitbart: “Feminist Hayat Rachi says she’s fed up with lingerie that objectifies and sexualizes the female body and is launching a brand of more conservative lingerie, to counter the issue, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. 146 more words


A rant on being a female pushing thirty, and internets not so subtle attempts  to get me pregnant!

I turned 29 this February. Not really a big deal accept that’s it a noticable reminder of what’s to come, the big THREE OH!!! Which according to every modern day Hollywood and tabloid cliche ever is a really really good reason to freak out (for women that is) “single and 30? 754 more words


The Forer-Barnum Effect.

I’ve always ignored horoscopes on a sceptical dismissiveness, but only recently have I been able to pinpoint exactly why.

Every single horoscope could be applied to anybody in any situation at any given time. 689 more words


Anita Sarkeesian and the problems on both sides of the Debate!

Gamers all know who Anita Sarkeesian is and most meet even mentioning the name with hate, and it’s easy to see why. But this isn’t going to just be about Anita’s side of things, but also the actions of the people who oppose her. 530 more words

Anita Sarkeesian