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I would like to clarify something:

A Feminist is someone who believes in equal rights, focusing on equal rights for women.

A FemiNazi is a man hater who wants to take advantage of, subjugate, enslave, and punish men. 65 more words

Of Sexists and Feminazis

Bear with me. It’s a question that popped into my head during one of those times when you sit quietly and let your brain run wild. 127 more words

Diary Entries

Angry Feminist Removes Fliers for Christina Hoff Sommers Lecture

Intolerant left-wing activist is caught on film ripping down fliers for a Christina Hoff Sommers lecture on campus.

Viewed by many Women’s Rights Activists to be the enemy of Feminism, Sommers undoubtedly arouses contempt from many who consider themselves the only true and correct Feminists. 43 more words



The more involved I get with feminism, and the more I speak out about how I define my feminist self, the more I appear to irritate people. 510 more words


The Beginning of Femi-NUTS

As frustrating as it all is, one cannot help but… laugh at the sheer ludicrousness of modern feminism. At first, you simply see that it is completely and utterly full to the brim with double standards, hypocrisy and crazy. 121 more words


Why I became a feminist/feminazi

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that I would adopt something so unpopular at the moment. I couldn’t imagine anything more socially ostracized than a feminist (okay, Black Lives Matter has it pretty rough right now too). 1,063 more words


The Feminazi!

The feminazi. What wonderful extremely sensitive people, yapping at anything like chihuahuas.

I’m not against feminism. In fact, I am completely FOR feminism, being a female myself, I think women’s rights are incredibly important. 730 more words