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Meghann Foye – an idiot trying to make a name for herself. 

What happens when feminism takes an even more retarded turn? You get someone like Meghann Foye.

Let’s be clear here. Feminism, in theory, simply wants women to have the same equal rights and opportunities as men. 252 more words

Taking To Task


I am an angry black girl. Growing up black isn’t easy…and yes anger is real. I’ve finally decided to embrace that phrase, “the angry black girl.” I am angry, and I am black…so I guess it’s appropriate. 108 more words

Anecdotal Notes

More of a Law than a Trope

There is something that happens on feminist blogs, and it is such a common and reliable phenomenon, that it is more of a law than a figurative device. 614 more words



In today’s world of the victim complex responsibility as almost now become a redundant term in the English language, and no one uses this tactic quite like feminists. 804 more words


Every time you say "I'm not a feminist".

Every time you say “I’m not a feminist” with that smiley emoticon at the end, you are spitting in the face of hundreds of thousands of suffragettes who hustled and struggled for you to be given the very rights you take granted today. 347 more words


Feminism:Nazi-like Movement or Missunderstanding?

Feminism…. feminism…. FEMINISM. That word right there brings so many people into so many different emotions… personally, I think it isn’t a movement that needs to happen (at least not in the way that they are going about it)… AGAIN. 790 more words


Kirsty Mac presents MANFLU at Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

Kirsty Mac is bold, unapologetic and damn funny. She’s bringing her new show to Melbourne and it opens tonight. Manflu!

I’ve seen a number of Kirsty’s performance and love her wit, way with words and her ability to bring the laughs with the most serious of subject matter. 220 more words