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Men: Can you NOT?

I haven’t blogged in forever, even though I have a bunch of partially formed posts in my mind. I’ve had some shit I’ve been wading through, but I’ve righted my ship and am striving to move past it. 1,390 more words

Nothing Will Save Me Anyway

Ever since I was roughly 12 years old, I’ve been conditioned to be cautious when wearing a bikini in a public place.

Since I was 16, I’ve walked home with my keys in between my fingers like a bizarre Edward Scissor Hands, in case I need a makeshift weapon – knowing that a jab to the eyes would possibly slow down an attacker, but definitely not altogether stop him from hurting me if that’s his plan. 559 more words


My Choice: All Men are Dogs.

I am gonna talk about a gender that we rarely talk about.
A gender whose credentials are always put to doubt.
I don’t know if you’ll understand but I’m sure if you try you can, 449 more words


Feminist vs Feminazi

Coming across an excerpt from my graduation text where a famous man said “Women are not weaker sex”, it made me wonder how often people misinterpret feminism. 369 more words


the feminazi

i always thought the name was a little hmm… insensitive? to place the aggressive offenses of certain feminists under the same umbrella as a group of people that caused one of the biggest genocides known in history is interesting…? 607 more words


Too late for Women's Day ?

    I was supposed to write a disclaimer at the beginning of this one. The topic scared me because its so easy make a wrong reference. Coming to think about it. 899 more words

On the Vile Sneer-word 'Feminazi'

The author of an anti-feminist post on Fetlife commented:

as for the rest of you I was waiting for the feminazis to show up and make us all feel bad about something… 727 more words