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Just like with anything, people take things one step too far. The term “feminazi” refers to radical feminists who preach that women should have superiority over men, that bras symbolises oppression, that if women shave their body hair, they’re letting down the feminists. 311 more words


*"Gangsta"by Kehlani only shines light on how hypocritical women can be.

I’m sorry femisist of the world but somebody needs to say something. It’s truly pathetic how a song like this can even exist and be praised on the billboards charts and yet not one word from all you women lib’s! 482 more words


I previously wrote a post focusing on the distinction between the type of feminism many young adults support today and the kind of feminism some of the general population believe that we advocate for (aka, radical feminism, or the kind that only “feminazis” follow). 496 more words



Two teenage boys spent an entire week calling me a Feminazi because I believe there is a need for feminism. They spent an entire week trying to convince me that feminism is stupid, pointless, and unnecessary. 399 more words

Feminazi- What is that?

“Feminazi- a radical feminist”

When I noticed this word for the first time, I brushed it off, on natural impulse, thinking that maybe it is a spawn of a creative, yet misogynist mind, an individual, trying to argue against feminism on the internet, and the word shouldn’t be given any notice. 806 more words

For Rapist of all kind

Don’t you know? Let me repeat for you.

A letter from the femiNazi , for who call (feminism equals misandry)

Yes for you all (Rapist of all kind) 252 more words


Nine reasons to hate Ghostbusters (unless you're female)

Last week the much maligned new Ghostbusters movie finally hit the screens. It has been one of the most hated films ever ahead of its release – IMDB was showing a rating of 1.6 stars long before even the critics had seen it, and its first trailer on YouTube was the most hated trailer ever. 1,291 more words