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First, let’s get the correct definitions out of the way-

Feminist- Someone who supports the advocacy of women rights on the grounds of equality of sexes. 454 more words


What the Hell is this World coming to?

So, Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the 13th Doctor in the 54 year history of Doctor Who and the whole fandom has a meltdown! On one side, some people are jumping to the conclusion that Jodi will not be able to perform the role of the Doctor properly due to the fact that she's a woman. 500 more words


Es feminismo, no feminazi

El término feminista se empezó a oír en el siglo XX y se define como aquellas mujeres que quieren tener los mismos derechos que los hombres… 193 more words

Periodismo Transmedia

Feminism is a Bad Word!

Feminism ,in all its glory is essentially losing its shine.And I believe rightfully so!

If we  talk a brief walk into the history of the rise of feminism, the pioneers of it would put us to shame today. 561 more words

New Age Feminism...The truth about the Idea of Equality among Men and Women

Someone asked me,” Are you a feminist?”

Boy… Now that is a tricky question in today’s world! Well what should I say? Celebrities and important people around the world have been quoted/ misquoted over this one…  I’ll just say that I believe that I am a feminist not because I’m pro women and anti-man, but because I genuinely believe the two sexes should actually be treated as equal.  533 more words



Words are not as simple as they seem. Their meaning is not always what appears to be. There is always an important variable which defines them. 497 more words