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Feminism, Not Anarchy : Why some people are distorting the concept 

Author : Aastha Jain

Like the thousands living in our city, I travel in the metro every day. I board the 7:30 train from Jahangirpuri metro station going towards Kashmiri Gate. 398 more words

Real Lives

Mein Gebärmutter Kampf (Preface*)

The year 2315. Feminism has won. Men roam the earth without penises, there are no more action movies and nobody knows how to cook properly anymore. 246 more words


What Kind Of A Feminist Are You?

Feminism is about equality between the sexes. While the extent and force of feminism changes according to time and context, many believe that feminism has been radicalized that certain people refrain from calling themselves feminists, because they do not agree with the ideology associated with it. 657 more words


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It's February! And that means my novel is nearing its end. Just a few more chapters left to edit and it's ready to publish! Recently I have come across a very inspirational blog called Perfect The Days by Amra Ismail. It compiles posts about global issues and poetry, and encourages other writers to write guest posts. I decided to write something I felt strongly about, but also a little worried to talk about, in case of harsh criticism. This is a reblog of that post. If you're interested in global issues, check out Perfect The Days and write your own guest post about something you are passionate about. Amra is very friendly and a pleasure to write for.

Some Thoughts on Modern-Day Feminism in Film

Hello there

A while ago I suggested a poll on IMDb here: http://www.imdb.com/board/bd0000088/nest/252015902

I called it “2015 – The Year of the Feminist” since I felt the year saw a number of movies with females in strong prominent roles. 1,534 more words


Feminism and hypocrisy

In a world like ours, being a woman isn’t the same as being a man. If I am a female, I have far more chances to be harassed, exploited, judged and ridiculed than a man. 534 more words


The Fall and Rise of Taylor Swift

With her long legs, blonde hair and Instagram full of cats, it is easy to recognize Taylor Swift as the super-star she is today; her songs are catchy, her style is pretty and her brand is on point. 594 more words


The Feminine Reality

Feminism seems to be quite a poisonous word lately. The association of Feminism to the idea that male species are worthless dogs that should be brutally trampled on by the heavy tread of  so-called ‘equality’ has become a common misconception. 53 more words