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Why I became a feminist/feminazi

It shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that I would adopt something so unpopular at the moment. I couldn’t imagine anything more socially ostracized than a feminist (okay, Black Lives Matter has it pretty rough right now too). 1,063 more words


The Feminazi!

The feminazi. What wonderful extremely sensitive people, yapping at anything like chihuahuas.

I’m not against feminism. In fact, I am completely FOR feminism, being a female myself, I think women’s rights are incredibly important. 730 more words


11 easy ways to die: a diary of a pseudo feminist.

Here is an illustration on how to die a painful grilling death by saying these things to a (pseudo) feminist. And don’t worry about humiliation and public shaming, social media brigade will take care of it. 660 more words


The "F" Word

It is difficult discussing feminism, especially when you don’t know exactly who you might be talking to. I’ve got to attempt to get everyone on the same page… So let’s try and start with something we can all agree on. 1,245 more words


the self-esteem problems of political correctness

One thing that is not pointed out enough when discussing Political Correctness is that it allows otherwise worthless people to feel worthy through pretending to care about some moral issue. 274 more words


Man Up!

I’ve seen the same meme on Facebook; a stupid meme, a pointless meme, a meme that perpetuates stereotypes and disallows for the acceptance of progress. And makes me mad enough to spit nails. 245 more words


Feminism= Attack on men?

​When asked to comment on perceptions of the feminist movement as “an open, violent fight against men,”
Fromm answers:
” One cannot understand the psychology of women, and for that matter the psychology of men, and one cannot undrstand the element of sadism, of hostility and destructiveness in men and women if one does not consider that there has been a war between the sexes going on in the last six thousand years. 294 more words

Examined Life