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Misunderstood Awards 2016: Pierre Bourdieu

The Misunderstood Award seeks to accolade those thinkers whose ideas have been so warped as to become as good as opposite to the original intent. Paraphrasing Kipling, they are witnesses to… 401 more words


The Myth of the Feminazi (and the reality of misandry)

Feminazi- a word I, in my short 16 years of existence, have become all too familiar with. It’s flashed across media channels, thrown around in youtube comment sections, and muttered by people I have mistakenly tried to sensitize towards the… 480 more words


The Feminazi Agenda

Sorry about the ten day delay on writing but it’s been a CRAZY couple of weeks. On to the important bits then, shall we!

Today I will be tackling the topic of Feminazi’s and how consistently people mistake feminism and equality for an extremist movement. 616 more words

It Shouldn't Be a Competition

I suppose I can call this my tiny sort of rant for the day. I do, after all, use this blog to release my pent-up feelings about social issues. 657 more words


No Such Thing as a Feminazi (on why we need to stop publicly hating Katie Hopkins)

As a woman who was a teenager at the cusp of the riot-grrl movement, who grew up with a very definite sense of her place in the world, I find the term Feminazi problematic. 747 more words

Feminism: It's Past, Present and Future.

Feminist. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you see or hear this word? Feminism. Feminazi. What are you seeing? Are you seeing proud women fighting for equality, or fat disgusting women who look like they never grew up, screaming about our fucked up patriarchal society? 567 more words


This week on Twitter: #MaybeHeDidntHitYou

This week on Twitter, feminists remind us that feminism is NOT about equality. Surprise surprise.

The lovely feminists of Twitter created the hashtag #MaybeHeDidntHitYou, which reminds us that domestic violence is not always seen in a physical way. 512 more words