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The Best Ways to Scar Your Kid, Featuring: Tampons

We poop with the door open in our house. Rather, my daughter and I do. My husband finds it to be a vile habit but we have no intention of stopping. 626 more words

Vintage fun

So this week has been crazy busy I have no idea what happened to it but it has gone already I have been so lucky to have been sent a big box of crochet patterns and hooks that my friend found when she was cleaning out her Grandmothers house. 147 more words

Personal Blog

Catch me inside: RENOIR.

Porcelain painter – Amongst Women

A look into Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s World

From modern to classical ideal:

My first time visiting French artist Renoir art show at Fundació Mapfre Barcelona – and it definitely made quite an impression. 435 more words


2669. Superior and Dominant Genders — 02

Women are victims of conventional wisdom. It actually sucks the life out of a solid marriage.

Domestic issues keep women frustrated, relationships in turmoil, and men dissatisfied with women. 444 more words

Dear Daughter

It's That Time. Period.

It’s the dreaded time…you and all the people around you tense up & tip toe around attempting not to wake the inevitable beast. Your period. PMS & your menstrual cycle have always been one of those hush hush topics. 1,807 more words

The Lost Queen

Who is this woman, crowned in green?
Crying blue, tears unseen…
I want to hug her on her throne
~desolute and worn.

You cannot judge her with her smile… 71 more words


The beautiful Hanna


Hanna is this wonderfully sensitive, warm, and loving person who I have the privilege of photographing the other day. I kept telling her ‘Hanna, you look like a model! 111 more words