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2313 — Desperate Females

Some Other Guy at 2311 hits it out of the park. Men are attracted to “pleasant feminine energy.” Girls especially should pay attention to what follows. 903 more words

How She Wins

New Release: Aqua Vitae Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

WHAT I SMELL: Aqua Vitae Forte opens softly with a beautiful sugar kissed bergamot and citrus.  It’s light and ethereal, romantic and pretty as well as comfortably warm and lightly powdered. 292 more words


When she appears..

Sometimes she appears, and she is so so beautiful.

We often don’t see her anymore, but she is there biding her time. She comes out for deep belly laughs among friends who are not afraid to make the fool. 334 more words

Another Amazing Woman

Women need to celebrate each other.  We each have challenges.  Yet we overcome them with grace and resolve.  Women are resilient,  adaptable, and we preserve until we achieve our goals. 23 more words

I Don't Like Barbie Dolls

It is known that boys and girls play with different toys, as toys are categorised to be feminine, neutral, and masculine. Since I have an older brother and an older sister, I grew up watching both of them spending their fun time very differently. 226 more words