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Re: We all want love

My heart swells with pride being a woman, always. I’m so in love with being held the door, pulled out the chair, offered a jacket, and with the other so-called whatsoever-gentlemen’s-manners. 248 more words

Random Thoughts

STAYING TRUE : A Reminder on our Truer Imagery on Social Media.

213 & 137, the taps I made to clear my skin.It’s not wrong but I ought to stay true.

A conversation with an old friend from my college years reminded me on the purity of being real on yourself.

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30-Day Challenge (Know Thyself): Day 3

Day 3: Gender – how you feel about it and how it affects your life

I am a female, if you can tell. I believe in equality and feminism and even though both genders are different, they are also the same. 44 more words

30 Day Challenge

2784. Well-liked Article (#51 posted in January 2008)

Regardless of her sexual history, virtual virginity is the strategy of acting virginal sufficiently close enough that it enables a woman to uncover what a man is really after—conquest, conquer and dump, frequent and convenient sex, or her above all else. 538 more words

Sex Differences

Feminine Christology

The Christ of the Filipino Semana Santa is a fragile, feminine figure. He is portrayed with the androgynous face and ephebe body of the Greek beautiful boy. 153 more words

Visual Culture

Dressing Up 

The razor scrapes across her skin

Water pounding against her body

Eyes burning, stinging, don’t open them

The cold air hits her as she steps out… 111 more words

Lipstick Feminist

I woke up this morning and washed my face with this green tea scrub that wakes me up and feels very mild on my skin. After I had my breakfast (Shout out to  865 more words