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2467. Journey to Feminine — Group 18

Modern women compensate men for doing what disrupts family life. Ladylike standards and gentlemanly behavior are dead. Chivalry is mocked by women cursing men. Male sexual freedom shows few restraints. 353 more words


2466. Journey to Feminine — Group 17

I open this post with a paradox. Because love is so vital to the female psyche, they think it equally important to men. Not so. A woman’s admiration is far more influential than her love, when it comes to focusing a man’s attention on a woman. 601 more words

Dear Daughter

A Thought Shared : A Book Review - Jane Eyre

In grade 6 if I remember correctly I was awarded with a well known classic novel, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I think it was for the learner who read the most that year in my grade? 375 more words

Book Review

Blue Accents

A great to way spice up a simple dress in a neutral color is to add bold and colorful accessories.  I chose blue as my accent color today.   244 more words


A lady.

When you randomly meet that nice soft spoken young lady with a humble spirit and she’s fine. #incentive #advancedlevel


Card #72: Sunshine and Flowers

You know how sometimes you need to do something, but you have so many other things that you need to do as well that it’s hard to focus on the thing you are working on?  322 more words