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Thank you...

She whispered as she drifted

Into a post coitus sleep.

He laid beside her, spent

And wonderfully tired.

He enjoyed what they shared.

The sex was amazing. 47 more words


What would you do

If you knew you couldn’t fail?

Would you take that trip abroad?

Would you wander through

The most beautiful places on Earth?

Would you spend quiet days… 74 more words


Crazy ...

Menopause sucks.

It’s that time of Life

Where evaluation and contemplation reign the day.

I think too much.

I feel too much.


The Best… 25 more words


Feminine / Masculine Energies in the Koreas

Feminine / Masculine energies in North and South Korea working things out all night last night. Very busy night, but very good. Lots of trust issues, but they had a great start. 11 more words


The Evolution of Pink

by Rose McClement

When Beatrice Moore-Nöthnagel of Media24’s Tuis / Home Magazine recently approached me for a quotation as an “Expert Opinion” on the topic of “ 761 more words


The Creator

I’d like to explain why I always refer to God as ‘the Creator’.  When I was young, I struggled to understand who or what God is, commonly depicted in my childhood experience as an elderly man with long white hair, beard, pinkish skin and blue eyes, wearing a long white gown like a bedsheet with bare feet.  859 more words


Dear Woman—You Are Allowed

Dear woman
You are allowed
To miss him
For as long as your heart
Sees fit

You are allowed
To feel uncomfortable
In your own skin… 379 more words