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Bagsy gets my Favourite NEW British Make-Up brand AttractaBeauty award

“The beauty arena is highly competitive at the moment, it is rare to notice any new standout make-up brands HOWEVER when I received a gift of… 67 more words

on leaving our bodies

the body is a vehicle for the soul, for awareness, for “me” yet it is also a cage, a room, a  house that holds in the spirit. 301 more words

Daniel Sandler makes me feel SO Pretty and that's why he gets my Best in Liquid Blusher Award

“I  adore this little watercolour pot of liquid blusher in So Pretty, it gives the most natural feminine hint of flushed beautifulness!  It is one of my all time favourites to create English rose cheeks”

My 1st AttractaBeauty award for favourite Eyeshadow Brand goes to....

“For one key reason, QUALITY!!!!!!, The textures, pigment and colour choices in Tom Ford eyeshadows are so superior and are always the best season after season!!!!”