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The evolution of facial beauty, including the lips

They always study women for these things in general, it’s dumb.

Beauty is not sexy, sexy is not beauty. Sexy is Hollywood culture and porn, but I repeat myself. 395 more words


Seeking Validation vs Feeling Sexy

I recently posted this photo ^ on my Instagram feed. I posted it in early February and since then have thought of taking it down. … 308 more words


2653 — Strategy for Courtship — 05: Where Women Go Wrong—II

Both sexes are born to get their way. Consequently, competition thrives as the primary motivator to drive human interaction. Being the man’s game, however, competition doesn’t work well for women across gender lines.  234 more words

Dear Daughter


Think about it this way…

you know how this whole universe is dual in nature, don’t you? Everything around us in existence, has its own polar opposite – right has left, up has down, jin has jang, masculine has feminine, weak has strong… 523 more words

Feminine, Vulnerable and Often Dark

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Gay, OK?...or not....I think...

Growing up, being the son of my father, and grandson of the only Ordained Pastor that I’d blindly trust with babysitting my children,  it was easy to see that common sense, though not common, is an important delegate of the human psyche. 1,627 more words


SARD: Part 12 – Gender dichotomy a prelude to sexual behavior? Or “You squeal like a girl!”

It’s been a while, since I’ve written about my Sexual and Relationship Development, but today I happened to almost get into a wreck while driving to work.  876 more words