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Thank you Amy, The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo

I am currently travelling and as an avid book lover I’ve found it hard to cart around books in my backpack that weighs me down. So I decided to download audio books. 1,220 more words

12 Facts about Gender Inequality

Evidence from Kat Banyard  (2010) The equality illusion– the truth about women and men today, Faber and Faber.

Today it is normal for women to worry about their looks. 613 more words

Pot Luck

On Writing: Female Characters

Hello, all!

I’d like to interrupt my endless book reviews to start a new, hopefully semi-regular series about my favorite activity: writing!

And what better way to kick off this series than with a topic near and dear to my heart? 544 more words


"Toxic masculinity" is a dangerous myth

One of the most common buzzwords spread around by third-wave feminists and progressives is the phrase “toxic masculinity”, which is basically their way of saying “we don’t want men to assert themselves at all, even when it’s appropriate”. 1,241 more words


Sunday Summary #37

1|  Stop Pretending “Sexy” and “Sexualized” Mean the Same Thing by The Mary Sue

YES, thank you.  There are ways to show and appreciate the human form without resorting to gross objectification. 182 more words

Weekly Series

The Fragility of Gender

The Olympics have arrived, and so far it has not been without controversy.  For those who remember the 2009 World Championships, it’s no surprise that  512 more words


Identity, Intersection, and Collision

by: Kathryn Kay Coquemont

India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair” is a symbolic anthem communicating that people (particularly those from the Black/African American community) are more than the social identities we use as labels. 681 more words