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Girl Rising Movie Screening a Success!

Thanks to all the wonderful women (and the men we love) A Road of Your Own raised $180 for the Let Girls Learn Fund! This money will be put to work empowering community leaders with targeted gender awareness trainings, working hand in hand with communities to achieve community based solutions, and supporting Peace Corps volunteers involved in gender equality program. 91 more words


My name's Mikel and I'm a GIRL

I have a traditionally male name. I mean, sometimes it’s used as a girl’s name but not very often. I was also born in 1980, when Michael was the most popular name for baby boys. 840 more words


New Statesman: It harms women more than men when dads doing parenting are seen as "babysitters"

“Dads don’t babysit (it’s called ‘parenting’).” So says the T-shirt created by Al Ferguson of The Dad Network, in response to the assumption that a father seen caring for his own offspring is simply playing the role of temporary childminder. 104 more words


What is feminism anyway?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word feminist?

Bra burning? {Maybe, if you’re old enough.}

Hairy armpits?

Man haters? 3,368 more words



You went too far this time
I couldn’t just absorb it
Neither could she . . .

She took every last one of those pills… 177 more words

The Feminist Music Videos of Reba McEntire

by Caitlin

When we think of the music icons of the 1990s, names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Janet Jackson come to mind. All three artists released popular songs, elevated the form of the music video, and influenced their contemporaries and a younger generation of pop musicians. 887 more words


Mary Wollstonecraft, Champion of Reason, Passionate in Love

The life and work of Mary Wollstonecraft, mother of modern feminism, can seem to reveal a mass of contradictions.

Her seminal feminist work, A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, champions reason as the ultimate guide for a moral and productive life. 2,343 more words


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In honor of Mary Wollstonecraft's 257th birthday (she was born on April 27, 1759), here'a piece I wrote about her last fall, following my history of ideas travel series following this great feminist and champion of human rights' time in Paris. Enjoy!