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August Heat

It was the summer I was investigating
my desirability
in the typical foolish way of girls,
seeing how many boys I could get to want me. 131 more words


Why everyone should read 'The War On Women'

It’s 2pm on a Sunday afternoon at the start of autumn. Short downpours have interrupted bursts of warm sunshine since mid morning and my eyes are stinging from the stories I have just finished reading. 705 more words


Misunderstanding the concept of a Strong Woman Character - Steampunk Feminist Perspective

When a writer talks about a ‘strong’ character, they don’t actually mean that the character is physically able to lift a horse or beat up ten opponents or swears like a shearer. 1,265 more words

Sunday Summary #42

1|  Feminist satire with Kristen Bell: what could be better?

Weekly Series

Positivity, or Not

This is my own fault. I had another chat with Bella on social media. It was fucking awesome.

To give context, my friend Sally saw a whole rant someone posted on ThinkGeek about how a skirt is body shaming her because it doesn’t adequately fit her body. 798 more words


A Short Interview on Feminism

Hey folks,

I’m very excited to share with you, a short interview of mine taken by Abi about #feminism. So, as you guys know, that a few days ago I posted a blog post under the topic – 172 more words


Cheer Up Luv

Put your hands up if you’ve ever been told any of the following, ‘Cheer up love’, ‘Smile’, ‘Turn that frown upside down’…. I wonder how it makes you feel? 483 more words