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Drafting Women?

“…once a woman is drafted and inducted, and knowing that military occupation specialties might not be voluntary, how will military authorities stop her from getting pregnant to avoid combat or any other hazardous duty? 43 more words


GUEST BLOG: Ten ways to detect and deflect a neo-machista

Sometimes it can be tiring viewing everything through the lens of gender. When you come into contact with feminism, when it becomes an essential part of your life, when it mixes with your identity and your personality, there’s rarely any way back. 1,555 more words



I was recently invited to participate in one of those large group exhibitions where the only possibility for distinction would have been one’s exclusion. I used to be conflicted about these types of shows. 442 more words

Not Being Disrespectful

Recently, Bernie Sanders (and his campaign) requested that his followers be respectful when speaking to others who may disagree politically. I fully agree with him, the discussion of politics has become a horrendous free-for-all, not only between the politicians but between their followers as well. 714 more words


Another Post on Emotional Labour? Yep!

I’d seen this floating around Facebook for a few days but finally clicked on it today and first went ugh


Has your husband ever asked you what’s going on in your mind?

163 more words


“Below the incandescent stars
below the incandescent fruit,
the strange experience of beauty;
its existence is too much;
it tears one to pieces
and each fresh wave of consciousness… 6 more words


The Real Motherhood Challenge

So, by now you have all seen the motherhood challenge.

I don’t like it. It made me feel uncomfortable. And no, not because I don’t have children.  1,007 more words