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#MeToo (I'd like to hold the hands of all the people in a nightmare just now, if you'd like me to.)

TW: sexual assault

My voice is only an echo of thousands
which are only a fraction of the hundreds,
thousands, millions, billions of people
who could say with quivering or strength… 235 more words

Free Verse

The Risky Business of Sexual Violence

When I was in my first year of university, I went, as instructed, to one of my lecturers’ offices to pick up my graded final essay. 918 more words

The Personal Is Political

You and #MeToo

This volcano of words about the patriarchy, rape culture, male entitlement, sexual abuse and harassment has left me enraged and inspired.

Every woman has a story. 318 more words


Agnes Person | Ray Gun

Below is Part 9 of 23 monthly installments for Visitant.

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Me Too

A status on Facebook and Twitter today involves(and one I can get behind a helluva lot more than women willfully silencing themselves)involves women — and quite a number of men posting the words “Me Too” and then sharing stories of sexual harassment and far too often, rape and molestation. 266 more words

Hashtag Me Too

Me too. This is where we are. This is who we are and a true testament to how far we haven’t come. We are reduced to sharing hashtags and status updates to prove that sexual harassment and assault are real and rampant. 474 more words

Opinions Are Like...

TToT: Blood Red Sun In A Smoky Sky - Lucky and Thankful, #FridayThe13th #Podcast #10Thankful

Okay,, I did it again. What week is this, exactly, that I came late to the party and linked up last? I keep this as a priority, but it does end up falling down a point…or five. 704 more words

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