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Controversial Post is Controversial

I generally avoid confrontation as it makes me uncomfortable.  However, like most people, I have opinions that I like to express.  I try to avoid doing so on social media, so that’s what I have a blog for. 720 more words


The Cullen Crisis Pregnancy Center, or How Did My Teenage Obsession Become Pro-Life Propaganda?

Conversations with my Twitter followers led to this totally outdated and irrelevant blog post. How in the world did Stephenie Meyer turn a vampire saga into a LiveAction video? 600 more words

Why Women Should Be Talking to Other Women

I recently went through the most horrendous breakup of my life…

I should actually say, I am in the midst of the most horrendous break up of my life. 634 more words


Love is more than skin deep

Many people believe that you fall in love at University. Some even say that it is where you meet “the one”. Some people want to fall in love, but of course some people want lust and adventures too. 367 more words


An Awakening. 

The video highlights the need for every citizen of India, to awaken to their responsibility and have the courage to do so. It highlights the aspect of hypocrisy that flows through our society. 32 more words



Hello there lovelies,

As you know, I have been seeing Mr. Sweet-Guitar-Player for about 2 months now. For a while I thought “Sure, I could date this guy seriously.” I think I might have been wrong. 495 more words

Dating General