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Feminism Friday: What can I do, right now today, to help stop sexual violence

by Guest Poster Damsel Indetech

It is frustrating to live in a society where sexual violence is commonplace, and feel helpless to stop it. Many people are so disgusted and frightened for themselves and those they care about, that they do not have the patience to wait for our culture to right itself.  1,193 more words


Feminism Friday: Sexism, Misogyny and Dictionaries

Since Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s speech a few weeks ago, there’s been a lot of debate about what ‘misogyny’ means, usually instigated by those who accuse Gillard of using the term incorrectly (which is a bit rich considering that nobody appears to be holding Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and his shadow cabinet to the same standard regarding their haranguing criticisms of Peter Slipper’s text messages as indefensibly misogynistic, which is the background which prompted the opening sentiment of “I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man”). 1,072 more words


Guest Post - Privacy 101: privacy, anonymity and you

This is a double guest post, incorporating two separate presentations from the recent Melbourne Crytoparty event.  Cryptoparties are grass-roots data security education activism – CryptoParties are free to attend, public, and are commercially non-aligned.  2,836 more words

Feminism Friday

Feminism Friday!

I’ve been doing Feminism Fridays on my Facebook now for ages. I’ll add them here as well in the future.

Here’s this week’s: http://whatever.scalzi.com/2012/05/15/straight-white-male-the-lowest-difficulty-setting-there-is/

And maybe at this point you say, hey, I like a challenge, I want to change my difficulty setting! 311 more words

Feminism Friday