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The Self and Family: (A British Asian Perspective)

by the reluctant coconut

Two halves of a whole. One half East, one half West. Culturally, ideologically, intellectually, socially, morally, behaviourally, philosophically – all contingent on the intersections of West and/or East, British and/or Asian. 513 more words


Pedophile Culture: Derrick Jensen interviews Alicen Grey for Resistance Radio

Derrick Jensen interviewed me about Pedophile Culture (a term I coined in this article) for his podcast Resistance Radio! Please give it a listen: 25 more words


On Sexy Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween Month!  This means it is time to locate your nearest live performance of Rocky Horror Picture show, carve faces into pumpkins, hang out in graveyards reading dark poetry, and summon the spirits of darkness.  1,829 more words


Healthy Relationships: A Person is a Process 1.1

Early Attachments

Attachment theory, originally proposed and researched by John Bowlby in the 1960s and 1970s, is a way to understand how children interact in relationships with others as a result of the dynamics in their relationships with their early caregivers. 855 more words


The Chinatown Syndrome: the problem of incest as entertainment

by John R. White, editor.

There is a profound problem in media, and there always has been, and that problem is that most media is controlled by men, and most of those men are odd. 1,309 more words


We Don't Want it All

If you have ever taken a physics class, you have probably dealt with a two body problem.  It is a physics problem that deals with the motion of two interacting bodies.  1,872 more words


The guy who told women to 'control their bladders' has been dumped by his 'girlfriend'

The guy who went on a rant against the end of the ‘tampon tax’ and biology has now apparently been dumped by his ‘girlfriend’.

Ryan Williams, 19, took to Twitter last week to condemn women who couldn’t ‘control their bladders’ while menstruating, saying that they didn’t deserve free sanitary products. 423 more words