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Your complaint about my micro-aggression was microscopically aggressive.

I found your complaint about my micro-aggression to be aggressive, albeit only microscopically. I’m not calling you an asshole or anything (even though you are definitely an asshole). 378 more words

A Hint Of Vanilla

My Hero! - Marine Le Pen walks out after being told to wear headscalf

Marine Le Pen who is currently leading the polls for France’s Presidential election has sparked controversy today after walking out of a meeting with Lebanon’s Grand Mufti. 131 more words



This week my Dinoboy turns eleven years old. I’m not going to “light of my life” gush, even tough I could. I’ve sat down to write but somethings stopping me. 458 more words

My Journey Through Internalised Misogyny

By Molly Thompson

Looking back on my beliefs as a child/early teen, I see a lot of internalised misogyny. For anyone who is unaware, this is defined as an ‘’involuntary internalisation by a woman of sexist messages that are present in their societies and culture.’’ In simpler terms, a woman can be surrounded by sexist messages in the society that she is living in and can then internalise these views and take them on as her own through socialisation. 744 more words


The prime minister visits a mosque, revealing much about our society

Summary: Small incidents in the news often reveal hidden but large trends in society, if we examine them carefully. Such as a recent visit by Ontario’s prime minister to a local mosque. 736 more words

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Heroine #10 Cee (aka Hey is That Me?)

At number 10, we have a woman who often makes me snort with laughter and also gets me thinking about the stuff that matters. She tells it like it is and I have come to love her for it, as has many of us in our little mama community. 1,215 more words

Heroine Project