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Thoughts on catfishing. I find the act of posing as a random individual to gain love sex and or attention is deplorable. I currently administrate this account with complete anonymity for education purposes and nothing more. 261 more words


Star Wars VIII: The Last Praxis

[Never topical, never on time. I wrote this the night after seeing Star Wars VIII. Now it’s no longer relevant, my self-disgust has reached an ambient enough level to actually publish it. 2,133 more words

Reviews Of Things I Barely Remember


The warrior woman has awoken.

No longer will she polish her husband’s shoes, bring honour to her father’s name, pamper and praise her little boys. No longer will she sit silently while men decide her fate. 770 more words

Polite Ticks

(These are my observations from the sidelines.  I am in no way claiming to be an authority or indeed particularly informed.  What I am is a concerned citizen. 1,181 more words