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Is there discourse against women in ELT?

At this year’s IATEFL, Russ Mayne and I gave a talk called “Where are the women in ELT?”. It was attended by about 50 people, crammed into a 40 seater room, but has been talked about by twice that many people if the online debates are anything to go by. 2,234 more words


My body, my boundaries.

So yesterday someone claimed I was erasing her existence by continuing to state that I do not wish to share female safe space with males. 303 more words


Green Party Goes Post Modern.

The Most Inane Slogan Ever? 

Postmodernism was fashionable about thirty years ago.

It was a cluster of artistic, literary, architectural styles and philosophical ideas. These overlapping trends were “characterised by the self-conscious use of earlier styles and conventions, a mixing of different artistic styles and media, and a general distrust of theories.” 1,290 more words

European Left

What the hell is feminism?

Ok, at this point I don’t have any followers, and It doesn’t bother me, I just feel like I need to speak my mind. In today’s society not enough people understand what feminism really is, and simply dismiss it as whining women complaining because they can’t run around naked in town or because they feel men should all bow down to them. 727 more words


Hypocrisy and "Feminism".

The one thing that always seems to grind my gears is the extent of hypocrisy shown by pseudo-feminists in our society. As I was scrolling down my feed on Ask.fm, I came across an answer to the question “Name 10 hot girls from … .” The answer read something like ‘this is the kind of shit that makes girls believe they are not beautiful. 300 more words


‘What’s the point? They’re all as bad as each other!’

‘I can’t vote for Cameron/Milliband/Farage – the guy looks like a moron’

‘It doesn’t make any difference’ 701 more words


Son đỏ chân kinh

If you ask me for a kiss, look at my lips. The red ones mean “YES”. 1,636 more words