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Emotions Are For Everybody

I’m an emotional person. I’m passionate, and freely feel joy, sadness, frustration, grief. I don’t see anything wrong with allowing myself to feel. In fact, emotions are a healthy part of living. 464 more words


It's Hard Being Male

We live in strange times. Never has maleness been more difficult, less socially acceptable, and more dangerous to one’s health, wellbeing, career, and liberty. A once-proud gender, a bit under 50% of humanity, has been, through the miracle of gender fluidity, the invention of new pronouns, legislation, public opinion and politics, reduced to uncertain pariah status, at least on the coasts, on college campuses and now in the halls of Congress. 2,051 more words


Loaded since birth

The souls pre-assigned to the  vaginal formation,

Are warned as they are released from,

The Fallopian Tube, that the world

Will not be kind, that it will be cruel, 60 more words

Inspire Me

Doing the Math on Sexual Harassment

The numbers are staggering. Every five minutes, ’BREAKING NEWS” reports that yet another politician/journalist/executive has groped at his colleagues’ private parts/answered the door in a towel/paid out thousands of dollars in hush money/ etcetera, etcetera. 539 more words

Observations And Musings

Sexual Harassment: My Shame for Not Reporting

Feeling like you need to stand up for your fellow women when harassment is involved has always been an obstacle and more recently has become a tricky situation. 2,095 more words