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Anthem of a 20-something girl

So I guess I have a blog now. Or I should say, this is my attempt to have a blog. I’ll start on the title for one second, first of all it’s long, I know. 424 more words

Why I Call Myself a Feminist

Note: This is reposted from an old Tumblr account of the same name.

For some reason, women are still having to explain what feminism is and how it differs from misandry. 1,362 more words

Disappointing Mothers With Feminism and Breasts

Getting a voicemail from my mother explaining that she had found topless photos I took from nearly three years ago was the last thing I needed to hear. 976 more words


How Did We Get Here? And Where Are We?

The last weeks have felt toxic and it’s only going to get worse. What bothers me almost  more than what Donald Trump says and does is that he is being normalized. 2,530 more words


Misogyny is good (the business of feminism) - a poem for Clementine Ford

With only Tanya Plibersek
will you proudly stand.
Every party,
every boardroom,
every nation

Because only women
should be in command.
Every party,
every boardroom, 314 more words