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I Don't Care What You Had For Breakfast

Listen up, Comrades!

I’m sick of playing nice guy on this website. Trying to avoid offending anyone and whoring myself for more friendly hits and likes. 379 more words


Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, And Words Can Bring Back the Trauma: Some Thoughts on Trigger Warnings.

There is no such thing as a safe space. I learnt that when I perused the ‘attending’ list of an event billed as such and saw the name of a person who had abused me there.  1,390 more words


Women should have basic human rights? You must be a racist.

Today, thanks to twitter, a little known issue came to my attention. Nobody seems to know about this outside Sweden, but it is incredibly important. 535 more words


The Simplicity of Strength

Read any newspaper today and you will find a sensational article regarding fitness or nutrition – fat used to be the enemy, now it’s sugar and for god’s sake do not touch the evil that is fruit juice.  399 more words


Splitting hairs

I remember when I first tried to shave my legs. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I didn’t really even have any hair to shave. 1,969 more words

My Opinions Let Me Show You Them

Trying to watch the "Big Bang Theory" Critically

I’ve been watching “The big Bang Theory” for a weeks now. I tell myself this is an experiment, an immersion in mass pop culture (haha!). Even though I love the show (and I love that it often sends me to Google to look up things like the… 2,221 more words

On sex, gender and Socialist Resistance

I originally wrote this piece for Socialist Resistance – in response to an idea that came from them, not me – but asked to have it withdrawn in light of… 1,757 more words