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Ideal Female Bodies: Buzzfeed Has Something to Say About History

Some people just can’t get over their own concept of female beauty. The concept of beauty has changed over the years, and we have to remember that beauty is a social construct, if we are going by physical appearance. 281 more words

Chauvinism Alive Today

The Men's Rights infographic no feminist can rebut! (Because it's impossible to read.)

Is this the holy grail of MRA infographics?

Designed — if that’s the word for it — by an MRA and #GamerGater who calls himself BJSparky, this lovely “poster” offers up a 2000-word wall of text in such tiny type it’s impossible to read. 236 more words


Thank You Mrs. Steinbaum

I am one who really appreciates the arts in all of its many forms and I’m especially very sad to see the exhibit The Chosen: Selected Works from Jewish Florida Art Collectors to end here in South Beach. 972 more words

Over Age Fifty

Modern Literature

You teach me to think
With my own brains
Feel out my way
With my own feet
Treat me the same
As the boys… 136 more words


CS2- Georgia O'Keeffe Analysis

Georgia O’Keeffe was an American painter famous for her huge paintings of flowers, showing their intricate details. Her work was initially discovered in 1916 after taking a four year break from painting. 480 more words

Art Foundation

Re: Upworthy- Why men touch women's bodies without asking


This is a very difficult issue I feel grossly uncomfortable bringing up because I have been in situations like these, a few with strangers, but more crucially, with male acquaintances I KNOW. 361 more words


Ladies Learning Code in Hamilton

This week we’re focusing on women in tech since we’re speaking at CREST - Current Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology – this Friday.

Ladies Learning Code… 698 more words