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DREAM NAILS: joyful rage

There’s a line in one of my favourite books, Animals by Emma Jane Unsworth, that goes: “Someone sees right to your backbone and simultaneously feels their backbone acknowledged.” It’s one of my favourite lines, from one of my favourite books, and it most perfectly (most ardently? 4,088 more words

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A Coven in Essex County | Liza

Below is Part 14 of 18 monthly installments for Visitant.

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No one whispered about Eliza any longer. 1,456 more words


BBC's Female Hosts Are Calling For Equal Pay Immediately With Open Letter

It’s becoming more and more difficult for men to claim that the pay gap does not exist in present day, especially in light of proof like… 466 more words


The Devil's Daughter

When I was thirsty, Father filled my mouth with ashes.

When I was hungry, Father flayed Mother, serving me her skin on a silver platter. 155 more words


Lady Macbeth Movie Review

Desperate times often calls for desperate measures. The questions are, what are we willing to give up in the process and how does that process change us? 257 more words