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A Brief History of Intersectional Feminism and Other 19th Century Reform Movements

When women’s liberation arises, it does so as a companion to industrialization, urbanization, and the rise of the nuclear family, all aspects present in the United States in the period after the War of 1812. 2,972 more words


Our Mother Who Art in Heaven

This is a social experiment.  A social experiment that I will probably forget about because I get these grand ideas and I always fall back into the swing of the norms that I grew up with and was cultivated by.   978 more words


Mormon Stereotyping

I’m tired of the LDS Church stereotyping members and non-members alike?

  • If you are female, you are a nurturer and a homemaker.  You cannot have a major decision-making position in the Church.  
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Over easy

Am I hard to love?
I get quiet. Quiet could be translated as angry, hungry, thoughtful, or empty. I get busy. With my own things. 150 more words

I'm Not A Prude, But..... (Part III)

Anyone walking through Times Square knows how busy and crowded the streets are. Among the hustlers and costumed characters begging for your attention are women wearing nothing but a thong… 178 more words


#IfIWereABoy - First thing I would do is pee standing up! Feminism and Feminazis- How does it fit into todays society?

First of all, I would like to thank those in the past who did empower women and stared the feminist movement that gave us the right to vote, the right to work and a push towards equality. 458 more words

I’m not here for Miley Cyrus

Content warning: racism, rape jokes The VMAs were last night, and by now everyone’s heard about Nicki Minaj calling out Miley Cyrus. I’ve seen a depressing amount of people, including feminists, who immediately took to Miley’s side against Nicki’s “angry black woman outburst”. 19 more words