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This is the best thing I've read all day

“We need to be braver – Women challenge ‘gender identity’ and the silencing of feminist discource” … an article by Meghan Murphy from Feminist Current … A GREAT READ. 15 more words

> has penis gagging become the new standard in porn?

So, I’m watching this porn clip on xHamster starring the lovely Summer Carter, who is basically serving as hands-on entertainment for a birthday party attended by about a dozen black dudes. 351 more words


Hijacking FGM won't help anti-circumcision activism

First things first, and I know some people are going to get upset about this because I’ve already upset some of them.

It is wrong to make changes to another person’s body without their consent. 929 more words

English Utopia in the Art of Helen Allingham

On the 28th of September 1926, Victorian water-colourist and illustrator Helen Allingham, born Helen M. E. Paterson, died in Haslemere, Surrey, England. Her career… 720 more words


A feminist class; a first blog

There are some things that people believe inherently, and without question. It comes naturally to you, almost like a breath. I have always believed in being a feminist, even when it was presented to me as ugly, shrill women ranting and raving about the awfulness of man while waving their hairy arms and legs everywhere. 949 more words