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♡ Cumfurt 56: Technically Not Betrayal ♡

May 15, Weeb texted me, wanting to date me. I was so fucking livid acknowledging how a month ago he seemed happy I was hurting over Dude. 1,480 more words


♡ Cumfurt 55: Suddenly Sabotage! (Part 3) ♡

May 14, I avoided really looking at him or speaking to him in class. This theater class was over, and people were saying their goodbyes and acting like it was so amazing. 1,712 more words


♡ Cumfurt 54: Suddenly Sabotage! (Part 2) ♡

May 13, it was the final performance.

I was in the green room waiting to go home. We had to stay the whole time despite us being one of the first plays to perform. 1,161 more words


♡ Cumfurt 53: Suddenly Sabotage! (Part 1) ♡

May 9, I had a fucking aneurysm because I lost my USB, meaning five months of work. Fuck. Me!!! Seriously, I asked my mom to help me and I was looking for it for hours. 1,411 more words


♡ Cumfurt 52: It'll Never Be the Same (Part 3) ♡

So I slept like shit two night in a row (again). I missed him and thought more about dropping out.

During rehearsal, he kept glancing at me in a dress I hadn’t worn before for the end of the play. 1,194 more words


♡ Cumfurt 51: It'll Never Be the Same (Part 2) ♡

May 4, I had trouble sleeping yet again. Normally, I sleep around 11-12. Apparently I was so upset I didn’t fall asleep until 6 something in the morning, then woke up at 12:04 PM. 1,527 more words