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Ego, the Rashomon Effect & the Inconsistency of Memory in The Affair

The Rashomon effect: contradictory interpretations of the same event by different people. (Derived from the 1950 Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon, where the accounts of the witnesses, suspects, and victims of a heinous crime are all different).

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Responses to Sexual Violence Within the British Criminal Justice System Pt 2: Problematic Views

Trigger Warning: Rape and Sexual Assault, Victim Blaming

In the study held by Professor Lesley McMillan, 140 cases were withdrawn by the survivor themselves, 88%, or 123 cases, were withdrawn at the policing stage. 1,027 more words


You’ve Got Mail From Lena Dunham

Twice a week, you can now get Lena Dunham’s words delivered directly into your inbox. Actually, hers and Jenni Konner’s, who’s her producing and writing partner on the… 386 more words

Joëlle Paquette

The Niceness Lie

It’s peculiar to Western social mythology that we are supposed to be “nice.”

While the actual definition is contextual and all over the map, we all have learned to recognize that undertone — “you’re supposed to be nice” — in much of today’s verbal noise. 823 more words


Hanging Dresses from Trees

I walked down the length of my driveway, eyeing the trees lining either side like a movie director looking for the best shot. I carried my Ralph Lauren red dress on a black velvet hanger, holding it up above my shoulder so it wouldn’t sweep the ground which was littered with acorns and twigs from the giant Maples shading our property. 897 more words