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The Christian Hostility To Becoming Attractive

Modern Christianity is broken.  While I could detail a lot of specific points, it all boils down to attitude.  The modern Christian really doesn’t care what the Bible says, they want to do things their way.  3,628 more words

Messages To A Young Man

I think this Fury's name is Feminism.

I broke up again, this time ending an emotionally manipulative, controlling dating experience.

I could have chosen instead to be a doll in a rich man’s dollhouse. 623 more words


Real men

It is still dark when the utes rush by,
Each one going faster than the other,
Fuelled by diesel and testosterone;
Cigarettes glowing red, lighting eyes… 97 more words

Creative Writing

Proud to be a Lebanese woman?

The Lebanese community is known to be an angry one. Though they have the right if you think about it, with the trash crisis going on and the corrupt government playing citizens for fools… they are treated as though their voices don’t matter. 643 more words

Trump vs. Hillary, sure makes for good television.

Every direction I turned today I saw the faces of the US of A’s presidential candidates. Every screen in every lobby, shopping centre and train showed footage of last night’s first debate. 1,003 more words


Best Articles of the Month: September 2016

  • Héloïse Letissier – better known as Christine of Christine and the Queens – is my current heroine. Or hero, whatever. It’s all the same. Anyway: everything about her is wonderful, but the dance moves on display in…
  • 810 more words