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Friday Favorites #4

Love Letters from Helen of Troy

You always feared god-born Achilles
The most of all your fellows.
His divinity wove him taller,
Better, quicker, stronger. 80 more words



So friends, I have made a breakthrough.

My dad has been the bane of my veganism. Coming out to him resulted in a furious jumble of words including “cancer” “idiotic” “hippie nonsense” “bullshit” and that we will never be able to share a meal again. 203 more words

Jeremy Clarkson, Oisin Tymon, and the Disposability of Men

Several of my Facebook friends, along with the rest of the Internet, have been lamenting the death of Top Gear. Top Gear is not actually dead, but it is losing its biggest star in host Jeremy Clarkson. 1,069 more words


I wish Feminism didn't exist

I think it’s disgusting that we even have a need for the term “feminism”. Equality and equal rights are so entrenched in who I am that I cannot believe that there is any other way. 221 more words


what i don't care about

here is a v true thing: i am a feminist. i can spot a misogynist or someone who internalizes misogyny from a state away. i don’t tolerate anyone telling me what they think of my nude modeling ANYMORE. 342 more words

Ferociously Love Yourself

What is needed is healthy families and communities, not looser women.

One blog that I always read is Vox Popoli, written by Vox Day. Sometimes I agree with Mr. Day and sometimes I don’t, but I always find his posts thought-provoking and worth reading and considering. 722 more words

Sunshine Thiry

Meetup in Vegas. Hangover style.

Da Man asked me to check out an email trail from his college-group mailing-list. I did and was amused. The first email (verbatim except for name of the sender) in this trail reads as follows: 489 more words