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Week 46

Had a cold, and a nasty lingering cough. I should have gone to a couple of galleries (Dulwich for Tove Jansen and the Tate for Rachel Whiteread), but didn’t really feel up to the effort. 160 more words

Little What?

     Challenged to define, “What constitutes a ‘Little girl’?” my off-the-cuff answer would be, “Seven and under.” I think this is a satisfactory answer but let’s look at how I came up with it. 362 more words


Call for Papers: Beckett's Faces

Beckett Research Group in Gdańsk
The University of Gdańsk, Poland
16-17 May 2018

Beckett-poet, Beckett-novelist, Beckett-short story writer, Beckett-filmmaker, Beckett-playwright, Beckett-director: Samuel Beckett’s oeuvre comprises an impressive array of works of various forms, conventions and genres. 422 more words



The sound of a pin drop!
A vacuous threat
of calm
before the storm
time worn

and up until now

Strangling in the yarn… 58 more words


Why it's time you stopped supporting the notion of the Sexiest 'whoever' alive.

By Editor, John R. White.

To all the people who are up in arms about who was named Sexy man Alive;
Seriously, just seriously?

TIME TO FACE FACTS… 3,421 more words