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Japanese Yaoi Fandom Culture and its Vulnerabilities to Australian Child-Abuse and Child Pornography Laws

This blog will explore the cultural, social and symbolic significance the Japanese Yaoi fandom culture has played for its female audience. I will examine the way in which the difference in cultural normative frameworks between the Japanese culture and western culture renders…

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Michelle Payne a one race wonder!

They do this dumb broad a favour and she spits it back in their face and now she wants another ride in the big one. Michelle Payne life wasn’t meant to be easy, wake up to yourself.

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Hillary is threescore and ten-give us a break!

Hey folks, Hillary’s seventy (70) years old; older than Martha Washington. Come on, do ya really believe this geriatric can run a Presidency?

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On Meeting Angela Davis!

So this happened:


I was truly blessed to be invited to attend a private dinner with the incomparable Angela Davis on Tuesday evening; an event organised by… 397 more words


Playlist: When the Patriarchy Has You Down

By Lauren Linhard – moxie.lauren@gmail.com

If the only song that comes to mind when thinking of “Girl Power” music is the Spice Girls (no disrespect, everyone should spice up their lives), it’s time to expand your musical perspective. 121 more words

Healthy Relationships: Internal Systems

Internal Interpersonal Systems

Now that we’ve explored human patterns within the individual, let’s see how these patterns contribute to patterns in relationship. No man is an island, and much of our time as human beings is spent in interpersonal relationships. 364 more words