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Delirium Deliria

My wife and I took a short drive Saturday from our home in Tennessee to our favorite beer haven, Asheville, North Carolina. We bummed around the city shopping, eating, and having a few beers. 366 more words


ESPN reporter Britt McHenry suspended after dehumanizing video emerges

After being towed, Britt McHenry decided to play her “do you know who I am?” card while interacting with the towing company’s employee. Because you know she’s in the news, so she is obviously superior. 104 more words


Here’s to You, Women: the Transformation of Gender Roles in the Sixties and Seventies

During one of the gloomiest times in American history, women in the United States broke away from their oppressive housewife roles of the “Sixties” and progressed into an age of liberation and sexual freedom in the “Seventies.” Unlike the Sixties, married and unmarried women of the Seventies gained reproductive rights, such as the right to an abortion and access to birth control, and with more women acquiring professional jobs that were traditionally held by men, the Women’s Liberation Movement demanded equality in the work place. 914 more words


From Sappho to Abigail Ulman: Part one - Sappho

I love to write, write, write. For many years I wrote poetry, but then began writing short stories and later a novel.
My journey to creative writing began many years ago when I was a voracious reader as a young child. 709 more words


My stance on feminism

Feminism is frequently regarded nowadays as a negative movement with people misunderstanding what feminists aim to achieve. It shocks me that people aren’t feminists and still do not strive for both sexes to be equal however sometimes I think people struggle to recognise when people are being treated differently because they are used to it happening everyday. 434 more words


Who wakes up like this

Women, how much silly you could count as charm. Juxtaposition shall explain more: Jealousy as care; violence, protection; distance for the future career that you Both long and how long – indeed – do you quiz yourselves… 49 more words

Men's Rights Activism isn't a supremacy evil cult

There is this negative association with MRA or Men’s Rights Activists floating around. When we talk about feminism (before the 3rd wave nonsense era at least), it is always taken as something good, a movement to resolve injustices towards women. 636 more words

Political Correctness