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The Pop Culture/Western Feminism Situation 

“A feminist is anyone who recognizes the equality and full humanity of women and men.”
Gloria Steinem

I am a believer of feminism. I mean, why shouldn’t I be?

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“Masculine Literature” -- Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“Masculine Literature”


Charlotte Perkins Gilman

(from Our Androcentric Culutre; or, The Man Made World)

When we are offered a “woman’s” paper, page, or column, we find it filled with matter supposed to appeal to women as a sex or class; the writer mainly dwelling upon the Kaiser’s four K’s—Kuchen, Kinder, Kirche, Kleider. 3,399 more words


Pro Woman: An In Depth Opinion on What It Means To Be Pro Choice

After attending an event held by the Illinois health council on the very controversial topic of abortion, I have been reflecting on what was told to me, and how it challenged what I already believed.   406 more words

FGM cutter: 'When you're cut you won't be a slut looking for men like a prostitute'

Women who carry out ‘female genital mutilation’ operations – which in extreme cases can involve sewing up the vagina – have spoken out about why they do it. 708 more words


Feminism: It's not a dirty word

Women across Nottingham are reclaiming the ‘F-word’ by taking their campaign to the streets. Hollaback! is an anti street harassment campaign encouraging men and women to support feminism. 425 more words


The pace is always relaxed over here, but I’m reading and writing as much as I ever do and should have some fun things to share soon enough. 166 more words


Raves. ruin and cockroaches

Dearest Reader,

What a tumultuous time it has been recently; not only have I failed to meet the man of my dreams but, I had to endure one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. 621 more words