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A note, to Clouds, on balance.

Dear Clouds,

I’m sorry to tell you this but balance is bullshit.

*read this article. it’s full of slap you in your face truth — which i think is some of the best kind of truth there is. 778 more words


Feminism: Epistemology and Society

By Cassie Greenwald

“Would the world seem entirely different if it were pictured, felt, described, studied, and thought about from the point of view of a woman?” … 919 more words


That time when I (accidentally) realized that I was proud of myself

There was nothing different about that day, nothing at all. I woke up as sleepy as any other day, dealt with misbehaving kids at work like always, and sat at home to write in an common cold afternoon in the middle of winter. 441 more words

Human Nature

Only Submissive Girls Like Jerks

There’s a popular idea that girls are attracted to jerks, which to me is as accurate as the suggestion that men are attracted to submissive girls. 302 more words


The Newest Battleground Against SJW’s Is #MetalGate

The Enemies of Metal

Since I was in high school, I’ve always loved to rock out to Manowar. For those of you who don’t know Manowar, they sing songs about… 214 more words

Start A Riot #4 - The Franklys

In episode four of Start A Riot, we chat to all girl garage rock band The Franklys. Hailing from Sweden, America and Milton Keynes, this international outfit have been impressing audiences around the world for just over two years, and their punky sound has drawn attention from Clash Magazine and NME. 84 more words


Going where? on MGTOW & how F**king stupid they sound

A while back, I wrote an article for the website “Beyond Black & White” about street harassment from the angle of how men are more or less conditioned to look at women with a sense of entitlement & essentially dehumanizing them in their minds. 1,461 more words