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Digital Diversity: A Web Comic How-To

When it comes to creating a comic that makes an impact, there’s one thing that every author needs to keep in mind. It isn’t art style or length or even ingenuity: it’s identity. 1,763 more words


an open letter to adam's sons from womankind

tell adam that i never asked for his
ribs in the first place.
tell him he can take back all this crookedness
if he wants to hold it against me like this: 451 more words


Late Night Thoughts: Can I be a Fat Dance Instructor?

I hear a ping oncoming from my phone and impulsively I open the notification. Behold, there in the subject with bold letters of for an interview and audition. 226 more words


Better, Not Bitter

If you had told 10-12 year old me, when I was going through my first struggles with frenemies and real life mean girls, that I would still be dealing with this crap as a grown ass woman I would have been floored. 508 more words

A poem about my pal, Anxiety.

I’m sitting on the riverbank,

The grass between my toes,

This is my secret sanctuary,

Not even God would know.

And on that subject I do wonder, 349 more words