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Badass Bitch of the Day: Rose McGowan


I’m not even going to pretend that I thought anything more coherent than DAMN, as I read the treatise newfound love, born-again Badass Bitch Rose McGown penned in response to the unforgivably presumptuous shit written by infant Mansplainer Owen Gleiberman, “Renee Zellwegger: If She No Longer Looks Like Herself, Has She Become a Different Actress?” (and no, I’m not adding a link…that asshole doesn’t deserve even Fuck You kind of attention). 644 more words

Reflections on Gender Equity in Higher Education: Intergenerational Feminism Starts at Home

This is the third post in a series contributed by Susan Albertine, Senior Fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U).

This blog post started as a conversation with my daughter. 1,375 more words


Woman Noir: Black Women in Media

When coming up with an idea for my activist project I thought about what kinds of ideas and issues I am passionate about. Since we are in the age of technology I knew that I wanted to do a social media based project. 563 more words


Activist Project: Am I An Activist?

In early March I attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. There I networked, learned how to utilize media in activist campaigns, and gained more knowledge about discourse. 367 more words


The Cult Of The Sanitary Bin

Initially, the title was a spontaneous “for fuck’s sake”, changed only to avoid click-baiting.

Remember that sitcom, Married With Children, in the 90’s, when the mere concept of MRAs as a reaction to feminism was a funny exaggeration? 1,957 more words

Social Engineering

Lindy West: Shrill, Fierce and Fighting Back

When: Wednesday, May 25 at 7:30pm
Where: Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave
Cost: $5, buy tickets here

Freedom of expression combined with the vast scale of the internet can be a beautiful thing, spawning artistry, social awareness, collaboration, humor, and even revolutions. 113 more words

Author/Book Event

Woman Is Not Anonymous by Vanessa Rivera de la Fuente

Lately I have been reflecting on this quote of Virginia Woolf: “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” Here she points out the deliberate invisibilization of women’s contribution in all areas of human endeavors. 1,000 more words