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Shaking up Academia

The St Hilda’s Feminist Salon founder on why she set it up.

Feminism is not only about theory. Feminist artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, novelists, journalists, activists, campaigners and everyday resistors all produce knowledge about what feminism is and how it should be practiced. 344 more words

Badass Bitch of the Day: Rose McGowan


I’m not even going to pretend that I thought anything more coherent than DAMN, as I read the treatise newfound love, born-again Badass Bitch Rose McGown penned in response to the unforgivably presumptuous shit written by infant Mansplainer Owen Gleiberman, “Renee Zellwegger: If She No Longer Looks Like Herself, Has She Become a Different Actress?” (and no, I’m not adding a link…that asshole doesn’t deserve even Fuck You kind of attention). 644 more words

Woman Noir: Black Women in Media

When coming up with an idea for my activist project I thought about what kinds of ideas and issues I am passionate about. Since we are in the age of technology I knew that I wanted to do a social media based project. 563 more words


Activist Project: Am I An Activist?

In early March I attended the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference. There I networked, learned how to utilize media in activist campaigns, and gained more knowledge about discourse. 367 more words


The Cult Of The Sanitary Bin

Initially, the title was a spontaneous “for fuck’s sake”, changed only to avoid click-baiting.

Remember that sitcom, Married With Children, in the 90’s, when the mere concept of MRAs as a reaction to feminism was a funny exaggeration? 1,957 more words

Social Engineering