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Gender Bias in the Meeting Room: How Democracy is affected by Conversation

Author: Katie Van Horn

Women in 2016 are becoming more and more empowered. Women are business managers, engineers, CEOs, and candidates for president of the United States. 2,067 more words


Where do we Draw the Line on Hate?

“Twitter abuse was a grand-scale normalisation project, disseminating libel and disinformation, muddying long-held cultural givens such as “racism is bad” and “sexual assault is bad” and “lying is bad” and “authoritarianism is bad”, and ultimately greasing the wheels for Donald Trump’s ascendance to the US presidency. 218 more words


The Time Has Come

The time has come to get serious about what the women’s movement is asking for and how to achieve it. No more weeping. No more gnashing of teeth and hurt feelings. 869 more words


The Vital Work of Pragna Patel

By Hamsa Rajan

Since the 1970s, domestic violence has received a lot of attention from activists, charities, policy makers, and journalists. Huge strides have been made in raising awareness and providing… 540 more words


Intersectionality in Real Life

By Elroi J. Windsor

What is intersectionality, and what does it look like in real life?

Sociologist Zakiya Luna explored these questions as they relate to the national coalition, … 728 more words