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Herself.com: feminist or bullshit? Or both?

Let’s play a game: Go to the website of Page 3 and to herself.com and spot the differences.

How many did you find?

This is the description of herself.com: 881 more words


0213: Rape in the Fields

Extra-credit response to PBS documentary “Rape in the Fields” for Feminist Activism.

I was horrified not only to learn about the prevalence of rape and sexual assault in fields run by large agribusinesses (in 2013!) but by the futility of pursuing legal justice against the perpetrators given the sheer number of women who had experienced abuse at their hands. 192 more words

Feminist Activism

0212: The Necessity of Using Intersectionalism as a Force to Combat Domestic Violence

Feminist Activism assignment.

It is imperative to use political intersectionality as a factor in effectively handling domestic violence directed towards women of color, who are, as of yet, not wholly represented by the demographic groups they belong to. 786 more words

Feminist Activism

The Bridge

Radical feminists hate sex work. They see it through a lens of complete and overwhelming oppression. There is little room for shades of meaning and for them it is clear – prostitution must be eliminated and those imprisoned by the system of male sexual right must be rescued if women are to enjoy equal rights and full empowerment. 937 more words

Sex Work

Women activism and political impact

“Becoming political activists is extremely empowering.”

I heard this statement last night from Michal Barak, an Israeli lawyer who is among the founders of the new organization Women Wage Peace. 637 more words

Great Hera! Wonder Woman and Taking Women’s Power Back from the Mainstream Media by Carolyn Lee Boyd

When I was a teen in the 1970s, Wonder Woman was everywhere. A feminist cheerfully determined to right the world’s wrongs, especially against women, she boldly sprinted onto the cover of… 1,010 more words