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Anna Campbell - New York, New York & Grand Rapids, Michigan

Briefly describe the work you do. 

Across a range of site-specific practice that mines sites both physical and imaginary, I use installation, sculptural and found objects, and video projection to expand the possibilities of representation for queer bodies and what forms of embodiment count as “heroic” vs. 1,088 more words


Culture not Costume

Festival season is here – remember to be respectful and think about the cultural implications of what you wear! And of course, have fun, be safe and look out for one another! 9 more words


Lilia – Fertility Experiences Epilogue: Kink and BDSM

During our last conversation, Lilia talks about BDSM and how the media (take a guess of which movie I’m talking about) is failing to create accurate representations of this lifestyle and those who practice it. 416 more words

Feminist Art

It's Okay to be Girly

by Esperanza M

I often hear people saying some women aren’t good examples of strong women because they’re really shy, feminine and sensitive. And I just felt like I had to say this to all my cute feminine girls out there: 112 more words


school: A Poem About Growing up Gay in Abu Dhabi

third grade blue skirts and young lady collared shirts
first day hearing stories about getting lost on the way to class
trying not to meet the eyes of the scary fifth graders… 283 more words


Lilia – Fertility Experiences 3: Sexual Abuse

Content Warning: sexual abuse. This entry might upset or trigger certain audiences, please read at your own risk.

This is the third and (almost) last volume in the Fertility Experiences series. 524 more words

Feminist Art