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Artist Spotlight : Caitlin Keogh and Gender performance

 Pretty complacent torsos being picked apart.

Caitlin Keogh is a New York based graphic painter, who’s work is characterised by two dimensional, mannequin-esque depictions of the female form being divided with rope, wire, armour, scissors and even snakes. 373 more words


Putting your Heads Together

The latest exhibition: Speakers, created by Nicholas Party brought some much-needed colour to the December days.

In entering the discretely fronted Oxford City centre Modern Art Gallery then making your way up to the first floor, then slipping into the Piper Gallery you encounter an array of colours. 291 more words

Chaos in the Brothel

Womanhood dances on one foot while crushing patriarchy with the other… But the shame refuses to go away.

Art & Photography

Returning to the Fun of Photographing the Sun

Today at Liberty Island I published a post featuring a series of Sunset images I shot on Saturday. Here are two more from Sunday:

This evening’s #sunset beginning…

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Creative tributaries

1. a river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake
2. historical: a person or state that pays tribute to another state or ruler. 974 more words

Self Reflection

Musings on Femin • Is

The journey is not yet complete and new paths may still emerge, but November marks the eighth month since the Femin • Is project debuted, so it seems a good time to take a look back, even as I look forward in seeking a venue for the project for Women’s History Month in 2018. 1,337 more words

Screening & Reading: Transgressive Cultures Conference, Paris

Our film ‘In The Dark, Dark Room’ will screen in Paris next week for the Transgressive Cultures Conference.

We will be travelling to Paris for the  220 more words