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So Many Stories.......

A new head of an elder woman for my blog this evening. I’ve been stuck doing work on the computer all day so it’s nice to do some drawing. 73 more words


No Means No

by Esperanza M

You’re not entitled to anyone’s body, and no one is entitled to your body. Others’ boundaries are valid and so are yours. Please don’t forget: consent and respect are everything. 14 more words


They're Fab!

I am carrying on with the 10 minute sketches of heads of older women, this is the seventh and I’m relaxing into it. I’ve chosen to focus on women of advanced age because it’s a group of people that doesn’t seem to appear much in visual cultural references. 222 more words


A Currency of Their Own

In my wallet, there are only imprinted legacies of dead white men. Every coin I’ve ever exchanged or found has reminded me that I’ve never possessed a relic of spare change embodying a woman. 158 more words


Aged Grandeur

I’m really getting into doing these 10 minute practice studies from photos of elderly women. It’s a big departure for me to work from photos as I love drawing from life so much. 136 more words



Through this piece and upcoming series, I’m attempting to shine a brief light on the infinite complexity that is gender and identity. Gender is a tough subject to tackle. 141 more words


Girl Gang 

‘Girl Gang’

U L T R A V E N U S is a great word with even greater letters… The following photos document the piece I painted with the help of my good gal pal, Howl. 24 more words