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Speak up and stay safe: starving the oxygen from online harrasment

by Joshua Piercey

It’s a tedious and tragic irony: women who speak up about violence towards other women incur – almost without fail – violence towards themselves. 823 more words


What I love about The Force Awakens

When I watched the Feminist Frequency video on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I was pleasantly surprised to find I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it more than its predecessors, and for much the same reasons as Anita Sarkeesian. 650 more words


Caution: Tweeting While Female May Cause Unprovoked Outrage

This is not my first rodeo. I have dipped my toes in the sludge of the Interwebs before and have felt the rage of men-children who feel disenfranchised by women. 242 more words

The Truth is In There.

The X Files is back! *waves arms manically like Kermit*

A friend of mine posted this photo of two tip jars in Hollywood. One is labelled Mulder (David Duchovny) and the other, Scully (Gillian Anderson). 110 more words

Hollywood Spinster

Tropes vs Women: Feminist Frequency in the Classroom

I questioned this lesson plan several times. I took it on and off the syllabus. It was the most nervous I had been to teach in years.  862 more words


Oh my God! Look at her Butt!!! Look at her Butt. . .

Anita Sarkeesian actually produced content, guys! Like, real, honest to God content that she said she was going to produce and was given an egregious amount of money to do. 3,881 more words

DP On Activism

Feminist Frequency cries over video game butts, silent on women's yoga pants addiction

It was only a matter of time before feminist Anita Sarkeesian worked her way into my Facebook feed. The last time this blog mentioned her was when Stephen Colbert was… 405 more words