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Way back in September, while I was in Portland to give a talk at XOXO , I had the opportunity to sit down with Anita Sarkeesian for an interview with… 47 more words


On Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Related to The New Batman Adventures, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman was only relatively OK.

One of the main problems I had was with the motivations of Kathleen Duquesne, Detective Sonia Alcana, and Dr. 1,139 more words


Name a Movie That Passes Bechdel Test

Thanks to @femfreq, I've learned about Bechdel test. https://t.co/vvyb77Kp60

— Igor V. (@codeic) September 18, 2016

Named after Alison Bechdel, author of comic strip 

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My Nine year cousins experience with Feminism and Social Justice at school.

So three nights ago, my cousin came over to my house. She looked so sad, and more quiet than usual, normally she is straight through the door trying to find me, so e can play with superheros and karate barbie. 240 more words

Adult Content Not Shown

See also: bigots; announcing that a product is halal


Female Body Diversity in Video Games: Another Consideration

In its latest episode, Feminist Frequency, anchored by Anita Sarkeesian, examines the inconsistency in representation of female body types as compared to male characters in video games. 1,456 more words

Video Games

All the Slender Ladies: Body Diversity in Video Games — Feminist Frequency

Anita, is this all you can whine about?

Why aren’t you helping women in your community, instead of whining like a little entitled brat about women in video games?? 89 more words