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Geralt's stoicism and love in Witcher 3 [Spoiler Warning]

Before we start take note if you haven’t played Witcher 3 or Nier: Automata do not read this article from feminist frequency! It contains massive spoilers for both games, and this article will contain spoilers for Witcher 3. 1,530 more words


Is Breath of the Wild Sexist? No, It's Empowering.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) for Nintendo Switch and Wii U is one of the highest-scoring games of all time on… 1,204 more words

Anita Sarkeesian

Anita admits it was never about making video games better

Most people like myself who have debunked Anita Sarkeesian garbage videos (see what I did there?) countless times would agree that this is not really news to most of us. 353 more words



Well it just keeps on rolling.

But .. well after the videos I watched .. yeah t was always going to keep on rolling.

This VidCon 2017 things is still going and the number of videos I have seen on it is mind numbingly staggering in number and more appear all the time. 1,822 more words


My way is the only way,

To me even facts bow,

Security takes questioners out,

Do exactly as I say,

Parrot my opinions now,

Mine is the most important clout. 186 more words

Weighing in on Boogie2988 and Anita Sarkeesian

So this concerns a very well known user called Boogie2988 who was on a Q&A panel at VidCon 2017. One of the other panelist included feminist… 609 more words

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Boogie why are you justifying Anita Sarkeesian's actions?

Before I start I am still a fan of Boogie despite everything he said in his latest video, and him justifying¬†Anita Sarkeesian’s actions and bully tactics towards himself and Sargon. 596 more words