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#VerticalSlice S01E15

In which we chat with Evan Delshaw, creator of “Tropes vs. Women in Breakfast Cereals” and Feminist Frequency.

VS S01E15

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#VerticalSlice S01E13

In which I play Crypt of the NecroDancer live and chat some about Shovel Knight and start the long convo regarding Feminist Frequency.

NOTE: for many episodes after this one, Feminist Frequency becomes either a main topic or side topic. 12 more words

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Josh McIntosh is one (or two) steps away to become a Men's Right Activist.

Jonathan McIntosh, banished co-creator of Feminism Frequency and the inspiration for the “Never go full McIntosh” meme, has decided to start his own uh… I never know how to describe these things, video series, I guess? 1,024 more words


So you agree with me? His man baby tantrums at feminism have nothing to do with science..
Relentless attack video’s about Anita Sarkeesian, injecting her into countless other un-Anita Sarkeesian related videos, Jumping on every and any thing she does net wise, encouraging the dumbfuckery to attack, threaten and abuse her is, if not stalking then some evil shit.

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Feminist Fracas: The Debate over Gender Roles in Video Games

Yep, we’re getting into this again.

Back in October of 2014 I published a post about Gamergate, that controversy that brought issues of sexism within video games to the forefront of the debate.   1,569 more words

Dylan Nordberg

Feminist Frequency: Gender breakdown of games at E3 2016

So recently feminist frequency released a gender breakdown of the games displayed at E3 2016 and you can only guess what they found, which in all honesty is not really that surprising.  834 more words


Critical Examination: Sexy Armor as Expression

Now that Anita has finally cut the last of her shackles loose (Jonathan McIntosh), she’s making new videos about the stuff she was already making videos of, and there’s a noticeable drop in quality.  1,462 more words