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Women as Reward - Tropes vs Women in Video Games

Anita Sarkesian, feministfrequency, posted another video! Yay?

It’s troubling that one of the the first videos youtube suggests for me afterwords is a rebuttal video by a bald white dude wearing a white shirt in front of a South Park poster, next to a white board in an all white room… there’s just too much white in his video, over all. 75 more words

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New Feminist Frequency video addresses “women as prizes” in games

Anita Sarkeesian — the famous media critic and founder of “Feminist Frequency,” which emerged during the height of the GamerGate controversy —  just released the latest video in her Tropes vs. 185 more words

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A Special Look at: The Vampires of Venice

This particular episode takes place right after Flesh and Stone, in which Amy expresses a desire for the Doctor.

And so the Doctor shows up at his stag party with the unfortunate news. 1,355 more words

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A Special Look at: The Snowmen

In a previous post, I mentioned Clara being the Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope (see Feminist Frequency‘s #1) in The Snowmen, but this post will not be about Clara. 643 more words

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Anita Sarkeesian vs. Dollhouse

Anita Sarkeesian is the founder of Feminist Frequency, a video series that takes a critical look at the portrayals of women in video games. She is a polarizing figure, particularly on the subject of feminism. 897 more words


Video Criticism and the Cultural Movement of #GamerGate

In 2014, Anita Sarkeesian found herself embroiled within a cultural clash concerning the gaming industry, the role fans play within this institutional construct, and the shifting geo-landscape of gender politics in the U.S., much of the Western World. 205 more words

The Best and Worst of Doctor Who: The Specials

As we are heading into Series 9, this will be the first of nine posts on, as the title suggest, the best and worst of Doctor Who. 3,453 more words

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