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Weekend Reading List: Dystopian warriors and exotic others

  • Okay stop whatever you’re doing and go watch Grimes and Janelle Monáe’s “Venus Fly” video. Trust me on this one.
  • In very much the same vein, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Neon Bunny’s psychedelic techno-dystopia in her video for last year’s “
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Weekend Reading List

Responding to Feminist Frequency's "Not Your Exotic Fantasy"

It seems it is time again for Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency to release another episode in their Tropes Vs Women videos. And yes I know it is painful to watch but bear with me to properly pick apart her arguments she puts forward we need to watch her video in its entirety. 1,058 more words


Happy New Year. 2016 is Finally Over for FemFreq, yet they still did nothing for women. — Questions for Feminist Frequency

Anita Sarkeesian, what have you done for women this year?

How much money have got from retweeting articles?

How much money did each episode of Ordinary Women cost? 58 more words

Game Theory - Feminist Frequency

When viewing videos by Anita Sarkeesian I feel she can be quite biased against games and how they portray women. Although I don’t agree with most things she discusses she does have some valid points of interest so I decided to analyse 2 of her videos. 389 more words

Semester 3


Way back in September, while I was in Portland to give a talk at XOXO , I had the opportunity to sit down with Anita Sarkeesian for an interview with… 47 more words


On Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman

Related to The New Batman Adventures, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman was only relatively OK.

One of the main problems I had was with the motivations of Kathleen Duquesne, Detective Sonia Alcana, and Dr. 1,139 more words


Name a Movie That Passes Bechdel Test

Thanks to @femfreq, I've learned about Bechdel test. https://t.co/vvyb77Kp60

— Igor V. (@codeic) September 18, 2016

Named after Alison Bechdel, author of comic strip 

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