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Why Are You So Angry? Innuendo Studios Explains The Psychology of Gamer Girl Hate

My wonderful friend Gabriel (who was involved in the aforementioned discussion about Anita Sarkeesian’s legitimacy as a gamer) pointed out this incredibly detailed and well expressed video series exploring why people are angry at feminists, female gamers, and specifically Anita Sarkeesian. 120 more words

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In Defense of Anita Sarkeesian: Why I Love Feminist Frequency

June 30, 2013

In honour of World Social Media Day, I chose to write a post about one of my favourte social media users, Anita Sarkeesian. 97 more words


Deus Ex, SJWs, and 'Mechanical Apartheid' (A response to Gilles Matouba)

This E3 was awesome, for gamers like me.  I got to see The Last Guardian come back into the light of day!  I got to see… 1,382 more words


June 19, 2015

I think by this point Anita Sarkeesian is just looking for shit to complain about. I mean, she was already just looking for shit to complain about, but it’s even more blatant now. 421 more words


I Guess You're a Full-Blown Hypocrite Now? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Remember all those stories in the news where Anita came out against this idea that she’s like the Jack Thompson of the new generation?  All those endless statements about how she doesn’t want to change or censor video games.  966 more words


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Feminism

Ok now before I get started here, just let me quickly explain my reasons behind this post and what I want to gain out of it.   3,786 more words

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