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On Crash Bandicoot

Another fantastic game I had the enjoyment of playing was Crash Bandicoot, one of the best selling PlayStation video games of all time. In… 435 more words

Feminist Frequency

Feminist Frequency and Youtube: Greasy Palms and Reach Arounds

Ohhh boy. So, if you didn’t know, Feminist Frequency’s Youtube Channel got taken down much to the joy of many gamers. Now wait, I can hear you screaming “SEXIST!” already, but there are a lot of damn good reasons to hate Anita’s shit-pile of an account. 235 more words

Feeling the chill: summoning the trolls

A recent video I produced and presented for the HitFilm channel was all about editing gaming videos. Pretty simple but useful stuff, presented in a nicely relaxed manner. 447 more words


Episode 152: Anita Sarkeesian is Just Trolling Us Now, Isn't She?


So, last week, I talked about how much I dislike the new WWE Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Honestly, I don’t think I said anything new from what others have said before. 1,292 more words

Robin's Adventures

Do You Think Women Find Nothing Sexual? (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

Why does this idiot keep making these videos that are so blatantly stupid?!  It’s so frustrating!  I don’t want to respond to this idiot.  But then I remembered that she is making more of these “Tropes vs. 1,067 more words


Support Feminist Frequency's Ordinary Women

Have you seen the crowdfunding campaign for Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History? It’s a new video series by Feminist Frequency “about challenging stereotypes, smashing the status quo, and being defiant.” And I really, really hope it gets funded. 43 more words

Feminism & Equality

You Are Actually Fighting Against Helping Real Women?! (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

The First World problems bar of modern feminists never ceases to amaze me.  It really doesn’t.  See, they don’t have any actual problems, so they choose to make what victims they are the entire narrative.  1,151 more words