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In a zombie apocalypse, we're all damsels in distress

Dying Light has a Damsel in Distress storyline. Dear game developers, it’s 2015 aren’t you embarrassed by this yet?! pic.twitter.com/0CW4mHRvEk

— Feminist Frequency (@femfreq) February 1, 2015…

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Thoughts on Liana Kerzner's Feminist Frequency critique

Liana Kerzner’s recent excellent five-part article series on Feminist Frequency and the work of Anita Sarkeesian spurred me to think on previous writings, and I thought I would revisit some of them in the context of Kerzner’s work. 1,163 more words

Is Anita Sarkeesian Really That Bad?

Who is gaming’s biggest villain? Bowser? The Los Santos Police Department? Big Daddy? Alas, no. It seems gaming has itself an adversary larger, scarier, deadlier than any other foe we’ve seen before. 1,191 more words

Video Games

#GamerGate lampoons the Orwellian nature of social justice warriors [Photoshop]

Anita Sarkeesian the founder of the blog Feminist Frequency and the”social justice warrior” (SJW) bent on using the hammer of radical feminism to attack to force the video game industry into politically correct compliance. 204 more words


Misogyny, Sexism, and Too Many Others

This post sort of goes in hand with my previous post, The Banana Theory. If you haven’t read it yet, go here: https://southpaw7writer.wordpress.com/2015/01/25/the-banana-theory/

We all know that there’s an issue with equality in many if not all aspects of the world. 2,240 more words


One Week of Harassment on Twitter


Ever since I began my Tropes vs Women in Video Games project, two and a half years ago, I’ve been harassed on a daily basis by irate gamers angry at my critiques of sexism in video games.

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Tuesday Freebies: the edition with infinite class

Well, folks. I’m hard at work on another paid post, and it’s an art post! And it will be glorious. (And maybe a bit NSFW.) Unfortunately, it’s not done yet and I won’t get a chance to finish it until tomorrow. 961 more words