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Protect Drunk Girls

Women have always been regarded as the sole source of all their suffering, and no one more than the drunk girl.

In her stumbling and fumbling, through her tears, and in spite of her laughter, we know her to be immoral and gross. 1,042 more words

Feminist Friday


I happened upon this gorgeous flower the other day when out for my walk –

I did some research on the flower and found out that its name was Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and found the most interesting woman who is responsible for giving the world this beauty.   278 more words


What Feminism Means To Me

I know it’s late. I’m sorry, I had homework then got distracted at the gym by a friend’s birthday and drinks. (Of course. :)).

For… 829 more words


Man-hating (Feminist Friday)

I listened to this podcast, and it made me angry. I mean, not the podcast itself, but now I’ve been thinking about what they said for over a week and they’re right and it pisses me off. 242 more words



Women in sports have long struggled for not only acceptance as equal competitors and athletes but have always been grossly underpaid.  Like their predecessor in the fight for equality, Billie Jean King, the USA Women’s Hockey team took up the fight for equal pay for equal work.   459 more words


Newsflash: If You Don't Want To Watch The Dirty Dancing Remake, You Don't Have To.

So, Abigail Breslin is starring in a remake of the iconic 80s movie, Dirty Dancing.  Now, Dirty Dancing is a cornerstone of my childhood.  For good and bad.   399 more words


Did you join the march on Washington?

Usually my Feminist Friday posts are depressing, anger filled, and very opinionated. Today however it’s pleasant and encouraging. :)

Did you Join the march on Washington? 294 more words