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Feminist Friday - Salute to Jane Addams

Jane Addams
Philanthropist, Women’s Rights Activist, Anti-War Activist (1860–1935)

Jane Addams, known prominently for her work as a social reformer, pacifist and feminist during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was born Laura Jane Addams on September 6, 1860, in Cedarville, Illinois. 227 more words

Fearless Female Travelers

In the days of old, men explored the world and founded the new territories. They conquered the uncharted waters, crossed deserts and got friendly with the locals. 863 more words


Musing About Sisterhood

In an effort to be more disciplined about my writing, I am trying to start what I think of as weekly writing  features.  Posts that will contain writing on specific subjects.   249 more words


Emotional Maturity through Feminism

It is easy to objectify women when the only thing you are focusing on is the body. Women are more than just bodies though. This may sound like an obvious statement, but it is by far one of the hardest messages for men to truly internalize. 399 more words



Today is the first post in a series honoring women.  I hope to share with you stories of women who are famous and not so famous.   160 more words


Feminist Friday Summer Wrap-Up

This week we wrap up our longest run of Feminist Friday discussions so far. We’ve had discussions for eleven consecutive weeks on nine blogs, and this project is still going strong. 447 more words


Objectifying Females in Fighting Games

After the success of Street Fighter II, the fighting game genre became extremely popular, particularly in the arcade scene. Prior to this, most games in the genre were based around hand-to-hand combat. 697 more words

Video Games