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Michfest (1981)

“Eight thousand women descended upon the wooded expanse of Hesperia, Michigan for the 6th Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival (MWMF) on Auqust 13-16. Although the festival eschews “star” billings, the performers most familiar were Meg Christian, Alix Dobkin, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Terry Garthwaithe, and Alive! 109 more words


Tomyris – fl. c. 530 BCE – Eastern Iran

“Now hear what I advise, and be sure I advise you for your good. Restore my son to me and get you from the land unharmed… Refuse, and I swear by the sun, bloodthirsty as you are, I will give you your fill of blood.” 542 more words


Praxilla – 5th Century BCE – Sicyon, Greece

“My friend, look out for a scorpion under every stone…”

Praxilla was a famous lyric poet who wrote hymns and drinking songs (scolia). She was enough of a celebrity that a bronze bust was sculpted in her honour, and her songs were sung at parties for over three hundred years. 212 more words


Timarete – 5th Century BCE – Athens, Greece

“She scorned the duties of women and practiced her father’s art…”

Timarete is the first woman painter in recorded history. We know very little about her life, other than a short note about her from Pliny, a later Greek historian. 183 more words


Alice Hawkins Suffragette

Sarah is Head of History at a secondary school. Inspired firstly by her own interest in the subject, and then by the revelation that Vera ‘Jack’ Holme (chauffeur to the Pankhursts) was in her father-in-law’s family, she’d wanted a feminist history tattoo for a while. 480 more words

Alice Hawkins

Telesilla – fl. 510 BCE – Argos, Greece

This woman was renowned for her poetry, but also legendary for her bravery as a warrior…

The life of Telesilla was distinctive in many ways. As a young woman, she suffered from ill-health and travelled from her homeland Argos to Delphi to visit… 328 more words


Tanaquil – fl. c. 616 – 579 BCE – Rome, Italy

This Roman queen’s shrewd political decisions were so successful that it was believed she was a prophetess…

Raised as the noble daughter of a powerful Etruscan family in modern day Northern Italy, Tanaquil expected great things for her future. 360 more words