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Friday Hoydens: Women in Theatre

The Irish theatre scene is currently in an uproar of the best kind.

In 1904 the Abbey Theatre in Dublin was co-founded, with W.B. Yeats and Edward Martyn, by… 1,982 more words

Gender & Feminism

Bearcats HQ

A few of you may remember me posting about a side project of mine, Bearcats & Jezebels (along with a few bios from the site… 114 more words


Why Meryl Streep Ain't Gettin' My Money for Suffragette

I admire Meryl Streep.  She has made my Best Actresses of All Time list quite often in my life. She made it when I saw  1,917 more words


Catch It While You Can- The Ascent of Woman, BBC2

Factual documentaries on TV can often get quite frustrating when looking through a
feminist lens. Far too often they seem to feature a man (normally white and middle-aged) walking gently towards the camera as he tells us about History, Science, Philosophy or Art. 346 more words

Bearcats & Jezebels: Anita Loos

As some of you are probably aware, I recently started running a site called Bearcats & Jezebels, publishing bios of women from throughout history. In fact, I wrote about it in another blog post… 2,014 more words


Bearcats & Jezebels

As promised (and on time, my gosh!), today I’ll be talking to you all about Bearcats & Jezebels, one of the things that I (perhaps foolishly, given how busy I’m going to be) am working on during this… 709 more words