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Friday Hoydens: Women in Theatre

The Irish theatre scene is currently in an uproar of the best kind.

In 1904 the Abbey Theatre in Dublin was co-founded, with W.B. Yeats and Edward Martyn, by… 1,982 more words

Gender & Feminism

Bearcats HQ

A few of you may remember me posting about a side project of mine, Bearcats & Jezebels (along with a few bios from the site… 114 more words


Why Meryl Streep Ain't Gettin' My Money for Suffragette

I admire Meryl Streep.  She has made my Best Actresses of All Time list quite often in my life. She made it when I saw  1,917 more words


Bearcats & Jezebels: Anita Loos

As some of you are probably aware, I recently started running a site called Bearcats & Jezebels, publishing bios of women from throughout history. In fact, I wrote about it in another blog post… 2,014 more words


Bearcats & Jezebels

As promised (and on time, my gosh!), today I’ll be talking to you all about Bearcats & Jezebels, one of the things that I (perhaps foolishly, given how busy I’m going to be) am working on during this… 709 more words


Asian Suffragettes

One can be forgiven for thinking that all the women in the Suffragette movement were white British. Any mentions of women of colour are few and far between, with the most well-known activists being Emiline Pankhurst and Emily Davidson. 520 more words