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Bearcats & Jezebels: Anita Loos

As some of you are probably aware, I recently started running a site called Bearcats & Jezebels, publishing bios of women from throughout history. In fact, I wrote about it in another blog post… 2,014 more words


Bearcats & Jezebels

As promised (and on time, my gosh!), today I’ll be talking to you all about Bearcats & Jezebels, one of the things that I (perhaps foolishly, given how busy I’m going to be) am working on during this… 709 more words


Asian Suffragettes

One can be forgiven for thinking that all the women in the Suffragette movement were white British. Any mentions of women of colour are few and far between, with the most well-known activists being Emiline Pankhurst and Emily Davidson. 520 more words

My Life on the Road, by Gloria Steinem*****

Feminist heroes are everywhere, but if I had to name half a dozen women that were at the core of the feminist movement that followed closely on the heels of the Civil Rights movement and the movement to end the US war in Vietnam, Steinem’s name would be among them. 659 more words

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How Feminism Saved A (Fictional) Life

Over the weekend I watched the director’s cut of one of my old favourites; ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ (1992). (Who doesn’t love Daniel Day Lewis?!) However historically accurate in setting, costume and dialogue, Michael Mann’s film is actually very different to the novel upon which it is based… 687 more words

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Hydna – fl.480 BCE – Scione, Greece

A deep sea diver responsible for bringing down the Persian Navy

Hydna (sometimes Cyana) of Scione fought in the same war as Artemisia of Caria… 170 more words

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Artemisia I – fl.480 BCE – Caria, Anatolia

A naval commander who advised the most powerful man in the world and brought Athens to its knees…

She was a capable ruler, formidable admiral and the only person who dared to contradict the King of Persia; Artemisia I of Caria stands out not only in her own time, but in history as a remarkable woman. 635 more words

Women's History