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"I am the queen of war. I am the queen of the thunderbolt. I stir up the sea and calm it. I am the rays of the Sun."

Think ‘Warrior Queen’ and what words come to mind? What image does the phrase conjure up? Majesty, anger, rage, vengeance – a woman who is singular in that she is hard, tough as nails, clad in armour in a previous age (maybe black leather in this one?). 1,812 more words


A Report on the Women in Various Professions in Nebraska, 1883

July 5, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 2nd page)

Review: Nebraska has one woman minister, one woman lawyer, six women county superintendents and ten women physicians. 23 more words


Why feminism still matters

Dear Dad,

I just got home from a really wonderful panel on intersectional feminism. There were old and young women, of different races, sexualities, abilities, socioeconomic factors and walks of life, discussing intersectionality, or the concept that feminism must cover not just gender but the “intersections” of each person’s many identities. 334 more words


Calling London-based Geekgirls and Bluestockings

How I wish I could be in London on Saturday for this! And what a gorgeous poster.

Text: Knowledge is our superpower. Feminist Library 40th Anniversary Salon, Saturday 31st January 2015… 35 more words

Gender & Feminism

The Gentleman's Daughter by Amanda Vickery


REVIEW: I thoroughly enjoyed my second venture into the historical research of Amanda Vickery, and found this book to be absolutely fascinating in terms of addressing the lives of middle- to upper-class women living in England in the Georgian era. 253 more words

Women Surrealist Artists and Writers

I just finished reading Subversive Intent: Gender, Politics, and the Avant-Garde by Susan Rubin Suleiman, and realized I was woefully ignorant about the women artists and writers associated with the SurrealistĀ movement. 217 more words