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Who Runs the World? Girls.

After reading through The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, I have realized that analyzing the novel from a reader’s response, archetypal, and feminist literary perspective, I believe that the feminist literary theory has given me the most insight into my text. 475 more words

Planning my Portfolio

To begin my portfolio, I will construct a persuasive essay that argues that women are not treated as equals to men, which in turn fuels Aminata’s determination to take control of her life. 208 more words

Critical Response: Will the Mistresses Tools Dismantle the Master’s House? Dr Tina Kinsella on Prof Griselda Pollock

Across our programme this year there is a focus on exploring human sexuality, gender and identity growing from core themes in several of our exhibitions, including most recently  … 1,519 more words

The Undoing of a "Fairly Decent" Essay: Thoughts on Writing as an Unsettling Process

I spent a good part of today revising what was, in my mind, a fairly decent essay to begin with and because this essay was fairly decent to begin with I imagined that my revision process would be a matter of fine tuning some little details. 399 more words

Feminist Visual Culture

The private and public are like inseparable lovers, they know each other too well. The feminist theory about toxic masculinity that you read in your room for your gender studies class does not protect you from the sneering old wrinkled man who undresses you with his shrunken eyes at a coffee shop. 421 more words

Dancing in the Rain

When was the last time that you danced in the rain? I mean truly danced with all your heart while raindrops poured over you? When was the last time that you ran through the rain laughing with all of your heart or stood outside and let the rain pour over you? 712 more words


The Haunted House of Being: Ghost stories, Ghostbusters, and Feminism.

Ghostbusters has some virtues and limits. Let’s start with it’s limits. The films way of dealing with issues of race and racism is far from laudable. 1,301 more words