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"Queer about Comics": A Selected Reading List

Today we’re featuring a selected reading list on the intersection of queer studies and comics studies compiled by Ramzi Fawaz, co-editor (with Darieck Scott) of “ 1,015 more words

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The Then and There of Transmasculine Pregnancy

Alicia Andrzejewski  //

A midwife? By this light, the boy’s with child!
A miracle! Some woman is the father.
The world’s turned upside down. Sure if men breed… 2,755 more words

A look at Station Eleven through the Feminist Theory Lens

As the novel Station Eleven matured and adapted to the evolving characters and growing post-epidemic civilization, a very complex literary theory became present. The protagonist of the book continuously flips from Arthur to Kirsten, giving the reader an initial sense of equal attention on both a male and female character; until it is realized that the character of a dead man still holds the same attention and significance as a young women currently alive throughout the text. 515 more words

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Thoughts and Reflections on Walker’s Definition of Womanist

Kat Odina Ali is an artist and writer. She spends a lot of time singing old jazz songs and wandering around London.

Womanist (Alice Walker):

1,116 more words

Feminist Theory and Lullabies for Little Criminals

Within the novel, women are constantly being viewed as lesser beings than men. Even the protagonist, who is only 13, is viewed as just a sex object to many. 589 more words


Judith Butler: Gender What Now?

Judith Butler believes that gender is the result of one’s actions or performance. It is not the same as sex, because sex has to do with one’s physiology and gender has to do with one’s performance. 304 more words

Lullabies for Little Criminals: Feminist

Feminism is a common idea in our current society, however, to be clear, feminism describes the belief than women should have equal rights and opportunities as men. 1,015 more words