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Damsels in Distress and Luce Irigaray

Everyone knows what a ‘Damsel in Distress’ is, we’ve all seen at least one movie where a female lead is kidnapped and used as bait or blackmail against the male hero. 739 more words

Feminist Theory

Gender Trouble; Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Further, the feminine could not be theorized in terms of a determinate relation between the masculine and the feminine within any given discourse, for discourse is not a relevant notion here. 74 more words


Why I'm No Longer Scared of the Term "Spinster"

I’m thirty-one years old.
I live on my own.
I do not own a cat.
I am not in a relationship.
And up until I read Kate Bolick’s memoir, I have feared that I will become a spinster. 858 more words

Who is 'Allowed' to Speak for Whom? A Question of Charitable Politics

Who is allowed to speak for whom? There is no doubt that not all bodies are permitted to speak equally and it is true that many bodies are spoken for whilst others are permitted platforms from which to speak. 691 more words

Feminist Theory: The Logical/Emotional Binary in Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra is known for its paradoxical feminism. It casts a woman of color as the “Chosen One” (you know, one that actually does… 502 more words


Mulvey on Morocco

You’ve read Laura Mulvey’s analysis of Sternberg’s Morocco (1930).  Now take a look at the film’s trailer.  Where do you see examples of Mulvey’s arguments about narrative cinema?  36 more words

Extra Credit

What Can Money Do?

Christina Research Seminar Lisa Adkins, What Can Money Do? Feminist Theory in Austere Times

Time: 7.4.2015 14-16
Place: University of Helsinki, Topelia building, lecture hall D112… 219 more words

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