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Ep. 21 - Roberto Esposito, Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy

In this episode, John, Emily, and B get down to the brass tacks of an affirmative biopolitics in Roberto Esposito’s  book Bios: Biopolitics and Philosophy. After exploring what Esposito’s project and method are, generally, the team wonders: Is it Nietzsche-the-ironist (ahem…B) and/or Nietzsche-the-dark-eugencist who offers a more generative analysis of biopolitics’ beginnings? 234 more words


Rants of a Feminine Feminist

Wait, who’s a feminist?”
“I said I am a feminist.”
“Oh. But you’re not the butch kind so you’re not really a feminist.”

Feminism is one of those words that literally no one understands.

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"Faith and Feminism": authentic living

My thoughts on someone else’s thoughts about writers’ thoughts.

I picked up Helen LaKelly Hunt’s book Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance because of the last tag line in the title: “Five Spirited and Spiritual Women Throughout History.” Spirited women! 1,093 more words


Download our Fall 2015 Catalog!

Our Fall 2015 catalog is here! Download it and check out all the great new titles we’ll have beginning in July.

Here are some highlights from the new catalog. 439 more words

American Studies

The Alpha Bitch and The Male Gaze

Mean Girls is a movie made in 2004 and known to everyone to hold the crazy female leading character of Regina George. To those of you who aren’t familiar with this all-American, outrageously quotable blockbuster, the storyline revolves around a young girl who arrives at her first day of high school and is met by a powerful teenage girl named Regina George and her female clique. 462 more words

Feminist Theory

Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions

Title:   Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions

Author:   Gloria Steinem

First Published: 1983

These essays from Gloria Steinem’s first three decades of work offer a portrait of a woman who was not only one of the savviest leaders of the women’s liberation movement, but also a profoundly humane thinker with a wide-ranging intellect and irresistible wit. 69 more words


If I Wrote What My Daughter Would Read

How well do I know Sunshine, my daughter, my little ray of warmth and hope? Do I know her well enough to write a novel she would read? 901 more words