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Summer Courses/Objectives

I am excited about my double major in Urban Ecology/Planning and Gender Studies. I just declared my majors this month, and I have only taken introductory courses for each subject. 568 more words

Feminist Theory

Have You Been a Good Boy? The Monstrous-Feminine and Gaze in A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night


In her analysis of the horror genre, Carol J. Clover outlines gender differences between the representation of male and female characters which operates as “function positions” whereby certain narrative roles such as the monster, hero/heroine, and victims are filled based upon gender: the hero and monster are male whereas the victims tend to be female (1992, p. 3,487 more words

Andrew Murray

Support Australian Films - Watch The Dressmaker

I am ashamed.

I am a proud Australian writer, a proud Australian woman and an avid believer in supporting our unique Australian culture and stories. Yet I have not discussed any Aussie works in my blog. 1,719 more words

Suicide & Kate Chopin

Many of the characters in literature—and many of the authors who created them—meet their ends via suicide. Their motivations, philosophies—their real or imagined lives, all lead to one common end: the taking of their own lives. 3,635 more words


Girl Up by Laura Bates

As a feminist, I’ve never felt the need to read feminist theory. I didn’t think that I needed persuading to be a feminist. Now I realise reading this sort of writing isn’t just about being persuaded, it’s about awareness and arming yourself with facts.   740 more words


Films Within Films, Tropes Within Tropes: The Final Girls Movie

Just when I’m about to get detached retinas from rolling my eyes at yet another misogynistic piece of pop culture, fate hands me some relief (and blog material). 1,729 more words

Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) Roars With Wit and Humour

Co-presented with The Shakespeare Company and Hit & Myth Productions, Handsome Alice Theatre, formerly known as Urban Curvz Theatre, makes its debut with Anne-Marie MacDonald’s 1988 play Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet). 855 more words