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Daria: A Character Development Masterclass, Part 1

In last week’s blog entry, I discussed the commonly-used film and TV tropes used to depict female characters in replacement of actual character development. The result of these cliché’s is two-dimensional characters and the alienation of much of your potential audience. 1,813 more words

Feminist Theory

On Micro- and Macrofeminism

I have been confronting issues, for which macrofeminist and microfeminist issue alignment, or more precisely, the lack of a means to align these spheres, makes feminists miserable or saps our agency. 1,758 more words

Don't Watch Movies With Me

I am an impossible person with which to watch movies. Unless I am totally blown away by a film, it is very difficult for me not to wind up critiquing it. 1,776 more words

Feminist Theory

Sophia - Spirit - Mary

Sophia Compton’s latest book, Sophia-Spirit-Mary: Sergius Bulgakov and the Patristic Roots of a Feminine Spirit, is about the communication of properties among these deep realities of Christian spiritual tradition. 1,051 more words

Feminist Standpoint Theory and “What's for Dinner, Dear?”

Standpoint theory says that your point of view is influenced by your life circumstances and creates a unique perspective based on social, political, cultural, sexual orientation and gender identity.  576 more words

What Does The "F" Word Mean To Me?

*This blog post is part of the curriculum of Thinking from Women’s Lives- An introduction to Women’s Studies (WGST 266) that I am currently enrolled in.* 306 more words

The Historical/Social Context of ‘Patriarchy’, and an Account of my Own Understanding of the Term.

What is ‘the patriarchy’? One of the most misused words on the web, a lot of anti-feminists and self-proclaimed ‘meninists’ seem to be under the impression that patriarchy refers to a conspiring group of men who work together to come up with ways to oppress women. 1,676 more words