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Three Poems -- Poetry by Diana Sharp

Derrida’s Dilemma

Over the course of our certain attachment, I suppose the attraction was …

that I saw you as a text to be read… 675 more words

feminist mythbusting, part II

Last time on Feminist Mythbusting, we busted myths such as feminists’ hatred of men, their lack of a sense of humour, and their “whining”.  Of course, there are many more myths to bust, so let’s get to it! 2,292 more words

Everyday Life

Let's Have a Jello Fight

It’s a common image – two women wrestling and creating large amounts of sexual tension for a male audience. Lesbians, as a whole, are sexualized by men. 664 more words


My Bird Hates Me

My Bird Hates Me

My bird hates me
I feed her, water her
give her treats and clean her poop
I do all of the things… 211 more words


New Publication: What Can Money Do?

Lisa Adkins’ article, ‘What Can Money Do? Feminist Theory in Austere Times’ has been published in the special issue of Feminist Review on ‘The Politics of Austerity’ (2015) 109, 31–48. 213 more words


Margaret Mead: Worth Consideration, But With A Few Caveats

In the Margaret Mead Selection, From Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies, taken from Feminist Theory: A Reader, she looks at the justifications for gender roles.  1,911 more words

Society & Sociology

Home, Home on the Range

The pet peeves are at it again, whining, clawing, scratching their way out of my desk drawer. They won’t give me any peace until I recognize them and call them by name. 2,063 more words

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