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Alice in Instagram: A Young Girl’s Fall Down the Rabbit Hole
by Danielle Grimaldi

I am a young woman in the twenty-first century with an all too real understanding of what such a title demands of me in our culture. 6,529 more words


Making space for messy urbanisms: in and out of the public eye

(upcoming September 2017)

Presenting at: European Geographies of Sexualities, Barcelona

City-building is only partially the result of urban planning and the story of the city is only partially narrated by urban planners and the public they plan for. 257 more words


Combining Perspectives: Poststructuralism and Feminist Criticism

Using what you’ve learned from our unit on Post-Structuralism and our unit on Feminist Criticism, discuss what is going on in these tweets (compiled by Grace Spelman for Buzzfeed). 47 more words

Extra Credit

Mulvey on Morocco

You’ve read Laura Mulvey’s analysis of Sternberg’s Morocco (1930).  Now take a look at the film’s trailer.  Where do you see examples of Mulvey’s arguments about narrative cinema?  36 more words

Extra Credit

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Click here to be taken to the Feminist Ryan Gosling blog I’ve given you a sneak peek of in class. Now that you’ve read some feminist theory and criticism, what do you make of the blog?  29 more words

Extra Credit

K-On! and Tamako Market: Expressions of Mutual Aid and Kinship

This analysis will carry more weight if you have experienced the shows beforehand.

Concepts of community and friendship are often discussed in the discourse surrounding  the works of Yamado Naoko, director of the K-On! 1,594 more words


Newer is Not Always Better: Skepticism in Your Research

I’m going to be honest, this post is inspired by the latest redesign on a social media site I use—LinkedIn. Now LinkedIn is not exactly the sexiest, coolest social media site on the net. 618 more words