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Differences: Anna Couani reviews 'Haifa Fragments' by Khulud Khamis

Haifa Fragments by Khulud Khamis Spinifex Press 2015

Haifa Fragments is a novel written by Khulud Khamis, a Haifa native, and so has an authentic Haifa ‘feel’. 991 more words

Issue 14

Featured Friday | We Want YOU!

We want feminist writers/artists! 

Every Friday we post an interview with writers we want to showcase. So far we’ve interviewed Sheila McMullin, Caseyrenée Lopez… 62 more words

Featured Writers

The Problem With Writing About Feminism

Countless beautiful stories have erupted from people who are brave enough to share their feminist experiences. Dialogue is powerful, a weapon that is more deadly the more you sharpen it—but try to break a glass ceiling by “sharing experiences” and you’ve got another thing coming. 526 more words

Ophelia Writes Her Own Suicide Note

men like you have a name
and it isn’t Love,
no matter how much I tried to believe it was.
see, I wasn’t created for Love; 220 more words

Creative Writing

A Love Letter to Jane Austen

Dearest Jane,

Words cannot describe what you mean to me, but I will try. I can almost guarantee you there isn’t a writer alive today – including myself – that hasn’t been inspired by your courageous attempts to challenge convention. 85 more words


Sinker and floater

Viola pastures,
Cooks under the stars.
Night liquor and cheese,
Blooming Betula
And booming onions.
Erect and compact.
Rectangle filled with,
Fecal splattered ring.

African American

feminist writers are so besieged by online abuse that some have begun to retire

Just over a week ago, the Washington Post published this article on the kinds of threatening and pervasive backlash that online feminist writers face. Throughout the article, Michelle Goldberg draws on several examples that showcase both the online barrage of sexist, racist, and highly sexualized threats leveled at women who choose to share their personal experiences and understandings as well as times when those threats manifested themselves outside of the internet. 108 more words