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Introducing New AF Writers

AF is thrilled to welcome on board two new feminist writers from Uganda, Godiva and Tricia, whose short bio’s are shared below. We look forward to sharing their thoughts and experiences among our growing community of… 246 more words

African Feminism

Let's Not Celebrate Our Periods, We Need To Learn About Them First

As a gender questioning person, menstruation is something particularly concerning to me, and with certainty, is deemed to ultimately become a centrepiece in my identity. Nonetheless, the rising tide of modern fourth-wave-feminism that lauds the monthly gift, sells pictures of it on badges for 50p a pop and struts free bleeding has definitely no relation to my identity whatsoever. 637 more words



Zeina is a book by Nawal El Saadawi an Egyptian feminist writer, anti female genital mutilation (FMG) activist  and medical doctor. She is popular in the literary world for her writings which have themes of feminism, religion,  FMG amongst others. 624 more words

About Ama Atta Aidoo

Reading has been my hobby since i discovered books had the power to make us travel around the world without a ticket. Mum had loads of books the first book i remember was one that had Monkey Dey Walk Bamboo Dey Chop written on it. 417 more words


Living Twice Squared: Stevi-Lee Alver Observes Eileen Myles at Sydney University

Eileen Myles performed at the Footbridge Theatre at the University of Sydney on Thursday 26th May 2016

Experiencing Eileen Myles perform at the University of Sydney last week left me floating in an indelible cloud of… 321 more words


Sirens Go For It: Pumped Project Planning

Do you want more support in achieving your creative and professional goals–especially if those dreams meet with discouragement from the people around you and the culture at large? 246 more words


The unstoppable force of influential women; a personal piece.

Whether it was the unnatural lowering of a purple haze across the horizon, or the flickering artificial lights, as I stared out beyond the shuddering window of my train carriage, I drew myself back in time. 973 more words