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Tuesday Recommendations

Feminist FBI Centric Shows:

  1. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior(2011)
  2. Quantico(2015-)
  3. The Blacklist(2013-)
  4. The X -Files(1993-)
  5. Fringe(2008-2013)

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Modern Day Ignorance

Our world is so very ignorant. So, let me tell you about today. At football practice the boys got introuble and had to run. Of course, they didn’t stop running until everyone made there time. 262 more words

Stand Ups

Rant for the day

If you claim to be a feminist then please educate yourself in what we really stand for. Feminism does not mean we want to be better than men. 157 more words


A poem by Lydia Melville: From a distance

Sometimes I miss your hand to intertwine mine into.

The feathery laced finger-like twigs, so delicate and thin, sit alone, fragile as glass and just as cold. 620 more words

That's What She Said

Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte heads to SF Sept. 11

Calling all Californian wine lovers!

Suzanne Hoffman, author of the recently penned Labor of Love: Wine Family Women of Piemonte continues its official book launch in the fine city of San Francisco in conjunction with the San Francisco Wine School. 281 more words


31. We should all be Feminists 

This sneaky little volume has crept into a very quiet month of reading. I’m afraid I have abandoned Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth… 651 more words


Feminist EcoPolitical Linguistics

Multicultural dialects

speak through diverse healthy thru pathological rhetorical climates,

reflecting ecopolitically shared mindbody gestalts.