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The High Cost of Mothering

I’ve just read an article in The New Yorker about a rich and famous mommy blogger; it inspired me to post this expanded version of one I wrote a few years ago. 1,527 more words


Why Frida Kahlo is just like you (I.)

Growing up I thought I was the only one that felt such a deep connection to Frida. Later, I encountered a whole generation of women who thought they were unique for this exact same reason. 160 more words

Flower Crowns

Vulgar Feminism- Do we need to be ‘vulgar’ to be equal?

On my daily journey through the internet for my day job as a social media manager, I come across a lot of things that evoke emotion in me. 798 more words

The Importance of Girl Groups in Feminism

By Eoin Martin

Back in the 90s spice fever hit the world as the Spice Girls became the poster girls for ‘girl power.’ But they did little for actual feminism by prancing around in short dresses and being defined by the stereotypical roles of woman such as the sporty one or the cute one, literally making their names become unimportant. 582 more words


A Woman

I am a woman,

a warrior,

a poet,

I am a tale from

ancient times.

My mind is an

intricate maze,

and I have no… 10 more words



Through the process of become aware of the gender inequality in our society, I feel a lot of guilt I feel guilty as I remember through my past and realise I must have spoken over a women to get my point across when I wouldn’t have done to a man, I feel guilty when I think that some point in my past I will have reduce a woman to nothing more than a object by using the word “It”, I think that all men have this as the conditioning is so effective. 131 more words


Body Shaming

I recently got a lot of abuse on Twitter for discussing the issue of body shaming, fat shaming,  skinny privilege, and feminism. I was called a fucking moron and stupid, and told I must be fat and ugly otherwise I wouldn’t get offended by fat shaming and skinny privilege doesn’t exist. 1,135 more words

Body Image