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Tell Me So

I might linger a bit on self-identity.  I am a rocker, an artist, a drummer, a writer, a photographer, a feminist, a doula, a mom and a lover.  538 more words


When Passionate Really Means Bitch

I don’t think I have ever, nor will I ever be described in any of these following words; Demure, Meek, Quiet, Unassuming, Wallflower or Ordinary. That’s a good thing. 674 more words


SlutWalk L.A.

Sin, from a WMST 205 class, shared images from the October 3, 2015 SlutWalk in L.A.  Thanks, Sin!


DCI Jane Tennison Quote

“No, if you want me to leave just say so. I wont actually go but I know saying so will make you feel like a big boy. ” – DCI Jane Tennison


Ego, the Rashomon Effect & the Inconsistency of Memory in The Affair

The Rashomon effect: contradictory interpretations of the same event by different people. (Derived from the 1950 Akira Kurosawa film Rashomon, where the accounts of the witnesses, suspects, and victims of a heinous crime are all different).

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Pro Choice - Lady in Red

Today’s post for me is one of those issues that is neither black or white. There is a constant debate between the Pro Life and Pro Choice movement. 328 more words

Work From 2015

A Woman of Action (act series pt. 2)

I want to be a woman of action.

A dreamer who looks back wide-eyed at the tangible evidence of vision.

An individual motivated by an innate desire to bring about change. 112 more words