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HER Stories: Edith Cavell

Edith Cavell was a British woman who worked as a nurse in German occupied Belgium during the First World War.

Edith worked as a governess in Belgium before she trained as a nurse in London. 393 more words


DAY 90: DEATH...

I choose ‘Death’ from my list today because it feels fitting, having preceded with ‘Babies’ and ‘Marriage’.

You see, I have a long-held suspicion that one driving factor for getting married, and also having children, is motivated by death. 502 more words

100 Days Project...

An Uncomfortable Confession

I had the privilege of working with some incoming first-year students this summer for a bridge program. The students were low-income, first-generation college students. Most were also first-generation Americans. 620 more words

It is so hard being a pacifist

When all around you, the world is burning. When you lose friends over suggesting that violence does not beget violence you do start to question your stance on such things. 980 more words

Feminist Friday with... Jess Willby

Feminism is… Listening to other women

This is a guest post by Jess Wilby, a Manchester based lifestyle blogger who writes for philocalist.co.uk.

“My only brief is write about what feminism means to you.” This was my only guidance from Chloe and it really got me thinking. 594 more words


Women with chronic pain

how can i climb to the top

when i cant even walk towards ladder


Sister Soju

I was recently in a Southern food restaurant where I noticed that all their cocktails were made with soju.

It’s cuz they didn’t have a liquor license. 198 more words