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#Growing Up Between

By Reggie Anderson

Growing up biracial was a problem. While I was not barred from entering schools or restaurants, the problem was a matter of self-acceptance, the impact of adults and role models on my life, and the expectations I formed for myself. 865 more words


She - Volume 4

She appeared so lively,
yet she was dead inside.
She forgot how to live,
yet she always had a facade for the world outside.

She kept expecting, 85 more words


Weekend reading

Machine bias: there’s software used across the country to predict future criminals. And it’s biased against blacks.

Even female Supreme Court justices get interrupted a lot by men… 34 more words


Houston, Can I Talk To The MAN In Charge?

So, I’ve heard of the famous sci-fi writer James Tiptree, Jr. before, but I’d never read any of her stuff. I say her because, if you don’t know, she was actually a woman using a male pseudonym to write under so that she didn’t have to take any crap from male critics. 678 more words


Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Commentary

A day ago, I stumble upon a little B-movie horror called Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. The title instantly grabbed my curiosity. I mean, who wouldn’t be curious to just how bad this slaughter fest could actually be, right? 291 more words


Power Of A Woman

It is natural to tremble when you finally come out of your shell but don’t expect it to be as easy as sewing a torn pocket back in place. 186 more words