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Living Life After Detransitioning :The Early Stages

It has been two weeks since I have fully detransitioned and feel, well, fantastic. I am fully embracing my truth, and disregarding the untruth that lead my life for the past 13 years. 329 more words


The Damn Indian Wedding Season: 8 Excuses To Pressurize & Manipulate Single People To Get Married...

I have seen Reese Wither-spoon and Katy Hie-gel romantic comedies as much as the next person. Sharukh’s romantic gestures and Hugh Grant’s soulful eyes  bring tears and choke my throat as much as the next persons but that doesn’t mean I must jump into marriage with the next Melvin that asks me out. 185 more words

Kadınlara şiddet uygulanması sonuçları

Kadınlara şiddet ve engellenmesi 
Kadınlara şiddet uygulanmasına karşı bilinçlendirme yapan kurumların yanı sıra, şiddet görmüş kadınlara barınacakları bir ortam sağlayan kurumlar da var. Kadınların insan haklarından faydalanabilmesi için birlik olmak gerekiyor. 16 more words

Your Muse

I am a girl
I am a feminist
I am a mama
I am a teacher
I am an activist
I am a strong womyn… 69 more words


Apple Music: That's what he said!?

‘Ladies! Let’s rejoice now that we can finally have a soundtrack to our perpetual moaning over boys and periods whilst we paint our nails at slumber parties!’ 718 more words

That's What She Said

Guest Post - Cognitive Dissonance and Internet Feminism

The internet can be a great place to study cognitive dissonance and personal bias. Most people become a whole lot braver when they are safely tucked behind a keyboard and more uhm, dedicated to arguing for their point of view. 403 more words


Confessions of a Reluctant Feminist

My town is one of those that counts among one of the most developed ones in India today. With a literacy rate touching more than 95 percent, negligible slums, one of the highest per capita incomes in the country, broad tree lines boulevards, it is comparable to cities in the most developed nations. 1,546 more words