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Each year the month of April is set aside as National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft.  Of course, since this is Feminist Friday, I decided to explore women poets.   308 more words


WOCO hosts annual march for women’s empowerment against sexual violence

by Nina Campli, Staff Writer

Last Thursday WOCO, the Women’s Concerns house on campus, held their annual Take Back the Night march, an event that “… marks our refusal to live in fear and be controlled by the threat of violence perpetrated against us (women).”  Keiran Wilson (‘17), a member of WOCO, explained, “This event is an important and long standing feminist tradition that is not limited to the Drew community. 225 more words

Student Life & Arts

My Person: Where are our female friendships?

I want to preface this post by giving a little bit of insight about me. I haven’t always been a social butterfly and growing up I had a small central friend group that broke entirely around the time I was in 10th grade. 2,183 more words

To Sinead McCarthy: Apology & Commentary

My apologies to Sinead, and also my commentary on her responses to various Mystery Meat female misogynists (her video named “Special Snowflakes of The Alt Right”). 17 more words

Marina Orwell

This Note's For You

I have this note that’s about six years old, and it’s been with me through four different house moves and about a million different purses. It looks like this: 1,747 more words

Mira Grant is thoughtful, even when she's killing her best characters in Feedback, a Newflesh novel

Mira Grant is a thoughtful writer. Correction, well-established, respected Seanan McGuire is a thoughtful, caring writer. So thoughtful that she created a pseudonym when she started writing a new book series—because it was drastically different from what she had already written—she didn’t want to alienate her fans, confusing fairy-loving (magical creatures) readers who picked up her gory, bloody, virus-laden zombie books. 453 more words