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Let's Answer 11 Sexist Things a Feminist (of .Mic) Says Men do on Dates

Well, because I am wonderfully original, and I have just now seen this post kicking around my anti-SJW circles, I thought I would respond to an article where a feminist lays out 11 things that she sees as sexist that guys do on dates.  2,094 more words


Why Tina Belcher is the Hero We Need

I watched the first episode of Bob’s Burgers when it aired, and I was not impressed. It seemed stupid to me, with too many jokes about itchy crotches. 531 more words


Thoughts on Going Too Far

Every joke has a point where it goes too far. But what is that point and how do we react to it? (I’m speaking specifically of the differences between men and women here, of course.) Well, let me tell you a story. 697 more words

Saturday, We March!

On Saturday, following the inauguration of the worst mistake America has ever made, thousands, if not millions of women, will take to the streets in marches from Washington DC to state capitals to cities around the world. 242 more words


The Secret Hijabi

I first wore hijab when I went to the masjid to say my shahada. I had come to the decision I was going to embrace Islam… 1,262 more words


womanhood... pride.

Displaying pride in your womanhood should not force you to succumb to being pigeon-holed into a self-deprecating pit of remorse and embarrassment.  Lady, listen to your desires and do whatever you please. 28 more words


"Dear, Beth. I am a fuckboy."

I got a rather hilarious email from a reader last night. It was a strange combination unexpected and revolting yet charming to some degree? With his permission, he let me talk about it on here. 2,473 more words