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Free the nipple; Instagram account host for 'The Nipple Effect' tells us more about her work

Michelle Perry, mortgage consultant, first started her Instagram account ‘The Nipple Effect’ in April this year and already has over eleven-thousand followers. She advocates strongly for the ‘Free The Nipple’ campaign and decided to start her account when she realised that Instagram had such biased views towards nudity. 616 more words


The Face of a Woman

But what will you do, my dear,

When the day of reckoning is here?

For in this world, on lies and deceit you’ve thrived,

And let truth venture nowhere near. 93 more words


The Myth of Female Purity

I keep seeing articles in the news of women demanding power or powerful positions, not because they deserve it, not because of their ideas or qualifications, not because anything about them says they’d actually do a good job, but because they are women. 1,372 more words


Dinosaur in Waiting

You, my friend, are a dinosaur in waiting
small-brained, lizard-skinned
just begging to be fossilised.

You are a remnant of a dreamt-up era
short arms, grabbing claws… 78 more words


Daughter of the Ebon Flame- Eric Syrdal

in the beginning
there was dark
the only sound
was the thrumming
of the blood in my ears
a primordial rhythm
a fanfare and funeral march… 140 more words


Day 7 - wife duties

Monday 11 December 2017

Kid’s Christmas party in the office, plus last minute client presents. Two flustered, busy women given the tasks of wrapping presents, sticking addresses on cards, and providing a spread for kids visiting the office that afternoon. 14 more words


The A word (ambition)

I always find it strange how the word ‘ambition’ has different meanings in education depending on the gender of the person who displays it.

With males, to be ambitious is seen as a positive trait. 567 more words