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Women Crucify Christ at Home


Do you read the Bible?

Do you know who Jezebel is?

Do you know who you are in the eyes of Jesus?

Do you know how much he loves you? 251 more words


What Is A Woman?

What is a woman?  What makes someone belong to the female of the species?

Biologically that’s easy.  A woman is someone with a vagina, a cervix, a uterus, ovaries.   1,620 more words


Bare Faced Prejudice, And Why It’s Not Brave To Go Without Makeup.

I can think of a lot of times in the last few months when I was brave to show my face. I was brave to show my face at work the day after my breakup. 678 more words


The 'Inferior' Woman

Do you ever wonder why men see women so inferior to themselves? Do you ever wonder where it came about that women are weak, frail creatures that need protecting? 801 more words

Good Girls Revolt... again

As I am sure you know in the modern age we live networks aren’t the only ones who create new television series anymore, Netflix and Hulu pick up show ideas and produce them all the time. 463 more words


Why do we march on Washington? [Part One]

For many of us, election night 2016 will be one of those occasions that, for the rest of our lives, we’ll remember exactly where we were and exactly how we felt as we watched the states, one by one, trickle in with results that horrified and disgusted us. 453 more words