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best feminist songs

  1. Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child http://bit.ly/1H3Zs2F
  2. Crimson Wave by Tacocat http://bit.ly/1H3Zvvf
  3. Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony http://bit.ly/1H3ZwPN
  4. Salute by Little Mix http://bit.ly/1H3ZCH4
  5. Run The World (Girls) by Beyoncé http://bit.ly/1H3ZFmq…
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Embracing Labels

There are people who study how words have meanings, and how where you live or what you’ve experienced affects how you interpret certain words. I am not one of these people, but I know this: A word has its definitions, but not everyone will interpret those definitions in the same way. 712 more words

"Gift;" my first foray into creating an online dating profile...


Here I come, flying
On wings of cardboard
Crafted in my most creative moment
To rise and soar and rise again
On currents of exhaled… 155 more words


Guest Blogger Spot!!!

The Myth of Joss Whedon’s Strong Leads by Lydia Mondy 

And why he still can’t seem to get this whole equality thing right.

“They’re called breasts, and yes, they are exceptional. 1,426 more words


Feminism: Another Word For Equality?

For thousands of years women have been considered “things”, and men have been considered “those who get things.” It wasn’t until the 1970s when the Second-wave feminist movement pushed to finally outlaw marital rape in the United States. 690 more words


Love Letters: Body Image & 'Puberty The Remix'

‘Love Letters’ is a Petal + Sass blog feature that regularly asks a group of diverse women in their 20’s and 30’s about their experiences with health, sex, emotional wellness, body image, college, careers – and what they wish they had known themselves as teenagers.  1,832 more words


Bias, not sexism

The wonderful contemporary surge in the visibility, coverage of, and attention given to issues affecting women and girls has all too often been accompanied by a corresponding surge in unwarranted, detestable backlash, purportedly in the name of… 694 more words