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A bad poem about having a reason for everything

Too smart to ignore but too black to mention
Or maybe it’s because I identify as a christian
Or perhaps because I tend to sound misogynistic… 121 more words

Feminism from 1800's to Present Day

Really enjoyed writing this paper for my Literature class, even though it was pretty emotionally and physically exhausting. We’ve all had papers like that I’m sure! 371 more words


Fifth Harmony Tries a bit too Hard

Fifth Harmony’s new video is supposed to advertise for feminism, but all it really does is show off all their bodies.

In the background of the five girls, practically naked, are phrases like “glass ceiling” and there was another about “Feminism is…” but you couldn’t see the rest because it cut to a scene of one of the girls rubbing her scantily dressed body all over a desk. 187 more words

Adventures with my not so Memorable Sexual Education

I grew up in the upstate of South Carolina and attended Mauldin High School. I have many memories of it being a great school, offering opportunities for its students to grow and prepare for college and the real world. 409 more words

Learning to Become Beyoncé-The Greatest Lesson of Soapbox Inc.'s Feminist Working Weekend

Over the summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Soapbox Inc.’s Feminist Camp. I spent a week indulging in many thought-provoking discussions and workshops surrounding feminism, learning from the great Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner and even getting to spend an evening in the legendary Gloria Steinem’s home. 471 more words

Widening My Sassy Online Presence

In order for me to reach my goals of being the Leslie Knope, Meryl Streep, Gloria Steinem superhuman of the Public Relations world, I felt it was time for me to embark on my adventure into WordPress. 42 more words

We're Not There Yet: A Feminist's View on Catcalling

Let me preface this with a warning that may cause some of you to close out of this post immediately: I am a feminist.

All the haters gone? 528 more words

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