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25 Things You Only Understand If You Have a Girl's Mind In a Guy's Body

First of all, sorry for the hiatus everyone! I’ve been sick for quite some time, and moving into a new place. But I’m back and ready to tackle the latest trash on the Internet. 453 more words

divine feminine 

my mother says I sit like a man

at some point after living reckless

and breastless

early on,

my bones started to shift

and fat started to amass… 224 more words

i'm a feminist, but i don't...

fem-i-nism (noun)– the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities

when did feminism become such a dirty word, and why does it make people feel so uncomfortable when they hear it? 308 more words


Shivering with cold
on my morning walk
in a Canberra fog.

It is less than a week
until my birthday;
another diary page; 108 more words


Wednesday watch: Hidden Figures

Who doesn’t want to see Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae portray groundbreaking women who worked as mathematicians and engineers for NASA in the 1960s? 34 more words


How Donald Trump makes me a better feminist

September 28, 2016

I had a really great “a-ha” moment in my intro sociology class my freshman year at Oxford College. Professor McQuaide was discussing a classroom study that found that young male students will raise their hands to answer questions they have no idea the answer to while young female students, who know the answer, will remain quiet. 870 more words

Donald Trump

other ways to say (fuck you)

(for rc)

all hail the gods of petty cyber stalking, forgive me for hating every girl who flirts with you online, they know not the misogyny you hold beneath your suave leather jacket, do not realize that to earn your devotion means to become your property, when I confessed our friend warmed my bed months before you returned, you mourned the loss of my body to another like I was a used tissue or sock, a thing to be blown into and discarded, through tears you cried… 378 more words