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3 Reasons You Must Stop Listening to Sad-Ass Love Songs If You Ever Want To Be Something In Life

Before you judge me for being a prick, let me tell you, I’m a hopeless romantic by nature.

Writing poetry in the rains sitting on my front porch, 68 more words



If Feminism was a person, it would the saddest person on earth

People refuse to understand certain simple things in life, it’s like having common sense it not cool anymore. 910 more words

How to Deal with Your Sexist, Racist Family Members

Family gatherings can be kind of a pain. There are a million questions to answer. Someone invariably asks the significant other question and you give a less than satisfactory answer for one of your family members. 295 more words


Feminism Saves Lives

If you’re a man, I want you to imagine you’re walking down the street (day or night, it doesn’t matter) and I want you to allow yourself to feel… 486 more words


The (White) Girls

Terrorism has really put cult crimes on the back burner as far as media and films are concerned these days. And who can blame them? The world has gone bat-shit crazy with hate crimes, extremists, and mass shootings that it’s a wonder we can still be horrified by violence. 762 more words

A Day in Life of Triangle

Day 4 of writing challenge asks me to bullet my hole day

  • Wake up
  • Fuck the patriarchy up
  • Go back to sleep