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Wes Craven, Horror Master, Dead at 76

The world lost a visionary tonight. Generations go by without any change to the status-quo leaving man uninspired. It takes an imagination to look at the sameness and step to the left. 492 more words


Hating Myself

Hating Myself

September, 2015

I have been taught to hate myself.  As a female I have been taught to hold myself to unreachable standards out of fear of being judged, different, not lady-like, or not good enough.   583 more words



noun: liberation; plural noun: liberations

•the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release.

•freedom from limits on thought or behavior. 161 more words


On Midwives, pay parity, gender and what DO we actually earn?

Today, midwives in NZ are taking a case around gender discrimination to the High court. We are challenging the payments made for LMC midwives care provision to pregnant and new mums in NZ.   1,668 more words

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Motto for the week

As someone who wants to be well liked, this has been a tough one for me throughout my adult life.  More recently as I have pushed myself and put my opinions out there I have found that I have grown more as an individual and inspired some around me…