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In Defense of the Selfie

I had an interesting conversation with my colleagues in a group discussion today about the discursive qualities of the ‘selfie.’ Needless to say, there were some mixed reviews about the idea of capturing oneself on camera. 510 more words


Getting On

Last watched 2015


I tried to write a summary about this show, but it is too much like Arrested Development in that the plot doesn’t really go anywhere so it’s hard to explain without giving a detailed blow-by-blow. 220 more words

Why Everyone Should Be Pro-Choice.

Abortion is a touchy subject, I’ll admit. But I strongly believe in the pro-choice side of the debate. Here is why:

If you’re pro-life, you are taking away someone’s freedom of choice. 226 more words


How Preventing Students from Taking Advil in Schools is Belittling Girls' Educations

I have many high school memories of sneaking Advil or ibuprofen from one girl to another at school because of period cramps, clandestinely because we could get in trouble if we were caught with Advil or ibuprofen or any pain killing medicine of the like. 463 more words


Dads Matter Too: Why We Need More Paternity Leave

Equality in the workplace is not yet complete. Legally, you can’t fire a woman for being pregnant, and you can’t not hire her for being pregnant or of “child-bearing age”. 547 more words


Story Time: Law Class

OK. So I’m currently in high school and I’m taking a law class and my teacher has this thing where every Friday is a “hot topic Friday” which is where he splits the class in two groups and he comes up with an argument like the first week we did was “should marijuana be legalized?” And then the two group basically battle it out. 379 more words

Story Time