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Water-Boarding or Free Ponies?

NH has been quite the place to be the last week or so… I’m proud of our state and I have enjoyed the buzz around town. 813 more words


Feminism vs. Egalitarianism: Big and Little Measures

First off, let me declare that I do indeed consider myself a feminist. I am a feminist not because I choose to be, but because of Feminism’s definition. 877 more words


Women Who Support Other Women

In the beginning… little girls everywhere are expected to have high goal and achieve them. What happens when though when you are a specific type of girl? 347 more words


#smoothsmoothies: the kim kardashian

a quick recipe post! maybe part of a series???

(inspired by the billie lourd hashtag #beinsmoothwithmysmoothie)


The O.G. This smoothie has been around since like, 2009, when her reality show first hit the airwaves. 202 more words


If It's Not Intersectional, It's Not Feminism

Before I came to the University of Michigan, back when I was just a naive, little high schooler, I didn’t have a word for what I was feeling–anger at being belittled, looked down upon, a burning passion to change the small minds of others. 1,281 more words


A Womanist Rant: Ms. Independence

I remember growing up, listening to my mom tell me that I needed to be an independent woman. I also remember, growing up and hearing about how successful women’s independence drove men away. 501 more words