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The Purple Line

Six Indian women from diverse backgrounds as different from each other as chalk and cheese. What could they possibly have in common? What could a childless performance artist who likes inflicting pain on herself have in common with a young Muslim house wife who was taken out of school the day she had her period and married to an older man? 258 more words

Book Talk

No Regrets

Dear Reader:

The woman at the Clinique counter turned out to be right. The day I visited her, I was 7 months pregnant…feeling a bit fat and looking for a “feel good” purchase. 601 more words

From The Pink Shed

feminist mAles

Yes, you read it right! I’ve, in fact, we all must have came across Feminist Males! Lets see a dummy case study:

Scene 1:
Ana: 860 more words


FLR - punishments

Like with children and puppies, you cant just be nice about infractions.

If you break the rules, it needs to have meaningful consequences.  Some of the blogs talk about spanking , corner time and removal of privileges and other things, but my wife was clear – she wasn’t going to be the parent or teacher in our marriage.   331 more words


To Grin, or to Bare it?

There are almost a hundred different approaches to understanding feminism, and expressing support for it. With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer bearing all in the name of confidence, whereas Ellen DeGeneres and others prefer to take a subtler approach. 161 more words

My issue with Tim Winton's Breath

The rhetoric that women are either saints or temptresses is not anything new. However, in the 21st Century should we not be beyond the dangerous and toxic narrative that authors need to sentence their sexually active female characters to death. 1,580 more words

Book Review

Feminist fatale

Am I getting hypersensitive these days for whatever reason  (adolescent daughther, perimenopausing body…we can always blame the woman, you see), about the rampant and abject misogyny in India, or has India indeed gone from bad to worse? 786 more words