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Not Sweating for the Wedding

Pre post disclaimer: I am really aware that there is a lot more to feminism than body image and body acceptance, but right now this is what I have experience with. 1,235 more words


Meet the Blogger

Hello world indeed!

If you are reading this… well if you are reading this, to be honest, that scares me a just little bit. But welcome. 170 more words


Blogger Highlight: Exgynocraticgrrl

Ex GynocraticGrrl runs a tumblr blog which has an amazing wealth of resources. Including humor, academic quotes, essays, mini-rants (as tumblr is a microblogging platform). 11 more words


You're A Woman Now - A.K.A My First Period. . . (02/09/2015)

I was fourteen when I got my first period.
As I ran through the house crying over blood stained sheets my mother said:
you are a woman now. 224 more words

Prostitution - Should it be legalized?

**For my readers outside of the U.S., this is really about legalization in America. There are other countries that have already legalized it. **

Ahh, prostitution. 937 more words


“We shouldn’t be telling women they aren’t ‘Feminist enough.’ The desire to do right by other women, promote gender equality, & set an example for women to support other women are all good things.

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