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The next time someone irks you...

Challenge them. and Vocalize it.

Three themes I’ve resonated with in my life up until this point, and particularly this year:

  1. People are the way they are because no one ever told them or showed them otherwise.
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Velo Races Kickstarter: Last Call!

Today is the final day to support the Kickstarter for The Velocipede Races.

Need more convincing to support? You can read my blog series about the Kickstarter and the book: 88 more words


Is Oversexualization Of Women Another Form Of Feminism?

I’ve quite recently developed a heightened interest in the oversexualization of women. I have gone ahead and done some considerable amount of reading on the subject, just to find out what other people think of it in relation to feminism and I must admit that, the opinions are varied. 1,046 more words


Little Ol' Me

Being a girl means being many different things at once. It means that at a certain age you discovered the joys of covering things in glitter and colourful stickers. 1,726 more words







Feminism is for everyone.



Feminism at the dinner table

Earlier this week I had the privilege of travelling to Canberra to attend the official Endeavour Scholarships dinner; an incredibly wonderful experience. At the dinner, I was seated next to the Vice Chancellor of research from my faculty at my home institution and my primary research supervisor, both senior male academics. 549 more words


Important for Everyone

Hello everyone,

This post is sort of a public service announcement. Recently, a fellow co-teacher has been sexist, racist, and unprofessional towards me. The breaching point was a couple of days ago and I have notified school authorities. 81 more words

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