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It's okay to lay down

As a woman in the professional world, I am accustomed to being the target of feminist, “girl power” messaging, while also being subjected to the realities of gender inequality in the workplace. 388 more words

Life As She Knows It

It's Called the RIGHT to Vote...

Here’s a blog post that I’m expecting may cause at least a bit of discussion- I hope so because the view points of others are genuinely fascinating to me, whether I agree with them of not. 435 more words

dancing as an adult.

A conversation I have quite frequently is about my dance troupe.

“I see that you’re doing burlesque now!” folks will say to me, usually with one eyebrow raised. 704 more words

Everyday Feminism

(written by Helen Jones, views her own)

So, everyday feminism.  It isn’t just my idea, various other people have had it and talked about it as well but it is an idea that has been kicked around in the back of my mind for a while now.   749 more words

The "F" word

(No. Not the dirty one.)

What I’m thinking of ladies and gentlemen is Feminism which may or may not illicit the same response anyway.

But moving along. 581 more words

Queen Amina of Zaria

Queen Amina (also known as Queen Aminatu), was the elder daughter of Queen Bakwa Turunku, the founder of the Zazzau Kingdom in 1536. Some scholars date Queen Amina’s reign to about 1549, as heir apparent after the death of her mother. 496 more words


A Marginal Geopolitical site: The Inuit Female Body

Author: Hannah Dickinson

“Women have been a footnote in [a] male defined system. And if women are the footnote, then Aboriginal women are the footnote to the footnote.” … 910 more words